Why do you need to do the drill shop promotion

train, drill exhibition, Taobao customers called Taobao pay flow even already old 3, micro Amoy, Amoy love free promotion way, but is still the youngest member has businesses seriously, especially made great achievement through the way of promotion is even more so.

from these three ways to promote the analysis, Taobao customers undoubtedly the highest price. Because it is a commission will be paid after the transaction, will not waste unnecessary promotional costs, so it is the preferred business. Although Taobao customer price ratio is high, but the conversion rate is the worst one in these three kinds of promotional tools, but this does not affect the degree of attention to the business for Taobao customers. read more

The new challenge mode – Taobao store experience sharing

December 12, 2012 is twelve date approaching, many businesses are already preparing for the twelve online shopping feast. As in previous years, the main businesses in twelve are mainly small and medium-sized sellers. But this year’s event has a lot of different places. There is news that Taobao will change the past twelve to big sellers and big promotion mode to buyers interaction, buyers and sellers interact as the main body, the official C2B test, found the good stuff, according to the order amount to the seller in the form of collective bargaining. In response to such changes, it is important to do interactive consumption. The interactive nature of the network has been reflected in many aspects, I believe this will be reflected in the increasingly obvious e-commerce. read more

Details determine the success of e-commerce marketing

now the market competition is fierce, everywhere said e-commerce is not good. Whether it is engaged in special industries or the funeral, the popular clothing industry, whether it is in the China Qingming net, or in the Alibaba, or in the. This kind of voice can be heard everywhere, but no matter how the market competition, the business will continue to do. There is a saying that the details determine success or failure, the same applies in the field of e-commerce. If you look closely at the good seller, you will find a lot of ways in your opinion is subtle, but in fact very useful. The following combination of analysis. read more

United States spent fifteen years to complete the listing of the audience had no interest

January 22, 2016, Gome (0493.HK) announced that the acquisition of the art of the agreement has been approved by the general meeting of shareholders". With the 590 stores of the art of Wei into the listed company, the United States finally completed the listing of the road lasted for fifteen years. Ten years ago, eight years, but this "big news Shuabing", but today few people mentioned.

was the Soviet hegemony with the rise of the electricity supplier, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed, Suning’s first Jingdong all grab the limelight, but at any rate and the market value of about 80000000000. Wong Kwong Yu loses freedom, "conservative" gradually "behind", the market value of Gome Suning has been less than 1/5 read more

Through the comprehensive analysis of the domestic electricity supplier industry day comes

a few days ago a disciple asked me how to analyze competitor SEO, I like him a list of some consideration, after Qiazhiyisuan it immediately to the singles, undoubtedly, singles has been the domestic electricity supplier industry heavy launch very good promotional opportunities now. Major electricity suppliers are eager for a fight, actively preparing for the mobile phone yesterday received a charge of Alipay Taobao mall promotions, Taobao mall in last year’s double 11 day to 3 billion 360 million yuan turnover, regardless of the vertical integrated electricity supplier electricity supplier or who are not wrong about this opportunity, in addition to this year’s domestic electricity supplier the industry ups and downs, some time ago the red child was acquired by Suning, and to the domestic electricity supplier industry has injected a stimulant, the electricity supplier in the field of industry consolidation also opened the curtain. My spare time is very focused on the development of electricity supplier, is now a summary of some of the data analysis elements to see the pros and cons of the development of the domestic electricity supplier industry B2C. read more

Poor webmaster are Bo silly (DC must see)

        early because I didn’t do for my website promotion, just on the web because of technical problems, so in the forum a few outdated message for help, and later because the exchange is not convenient, so I created a webmaster exchange group, through a week since the exchange. I don’t know "stationmaster" we are poor. In fact, the owners have been deceived, and participated in a IDC planning Bo silly game.

              who is the biggest winner of the information about the "garbage station to make money", is to make something happen by exaggerating it. IDC space, in order to host domain name sales continue to preach the various modes of profiting, makes many owners see the online "earn a month how much" grassroots "fortune" webmaster case "interview" etc.. We understand the webmaster industry to drill. But let’s have a scientific analysis. In fact, the Internet China people really are not many, a total of more than 100 million points, the average daily twenty million people online. Sina, NetEase and other large away parts, pornography, games and most go to find information, the real number of real browsing the garbage station has? I’m not here to fight against the owners, profit is still possible, but we have to know that these money is not to make us these people as competitors’ old webmaster who took out the example. I also don’t want to say that those who rely on their own hype hype stand of the webmaster, I said is the dumpster, garbage station of the various means of profit, all kinds of proof material, is the old webmaster themselves out of it? Are they stupid? How selfless are they? No, it isn’t! Low key is the unwritten rules of the garbage. Where did the data (not all) come from? If a batch of "new Adsense", especially the garbage webmaster constantly emerging, the biggest beneficiaries who? All know garbage station hardware occupancy is relatively large, the general minimum flat-share, almost all need hosting point". This is definitely not a small number ah. read more

Ali announced the integration of Taobao Tmall Zhang Jianfeng into a new person in charge of Juhuasua

original title: Tmall president was dismissed


Times News (reporter Zhu Jianhe) yesterday, the Alibaba within the group of personnel appointment announcement, Taobao president Zhang served as Alibaba China retail platform jiann Fong Li responsible person, in charge of Taobao, Tmall and Juhuasuan, and report to the Alibaba group COO Zhang Yong. While Tmall President Wang Yulei was dismissed, but the announcement did not disclose its new duties. This is the second in March last year, after a large change in Taobao Tmall executives, one year after another year of Alibaba electricity supplier system executives change. read more

Group DC statement on malicious attacks

recently, as the first stop of the Chinese host group IDC (www.tuanidc.com) occasionally inaccessible state, a lot of people involved in the purchase of deep concern. It is understood that this is caused by DDOS attacks, mission IDC operations without any changes and problems, we can rest assured. According to the group IDC person in charge since November 13th the web server was repeatedly malicious attacks, although it has been continuously improve the configuration of the firewall and safety measures taken, successfully resist most attacks, but there are still several attacks caused by the network and server failures, which occasionally appear unable to access the website. He said: "the group of IDC and the webmaster of malicious attacks detest, we are very sorry for the accident of all users and partners of the inconvenience, will increase the key equipment investment to improve the situation, continue to provide first-class group purchase experience for the majority of owners and partners, towards the first brand owners group purchase and emphasize the field of "" IDC called on everyone to stay away from the Internet non normal behavior, build a harmonious environment of electronic commerce qingping." read more

Beautiful said on the line, a shot that sell feature to create a social electricity supplier model

recently, based on the creation of millions of MM together with the practice of the United States to change the shopping community to share – beautiful said the official release of the 6.0.0 version, the biggest bright spot in the version of the one shot that sell function. "One shot that sell" function for the discerning fashion enthusiasts to provide the most convenient way to sell goods, cell phone camera, a shot that sell. In addition, at the same time taking pictures, you can also add voice description, geographic location, group chat features, to bring customers a new shopping experience. The feature has become a beautiful model of social electricity providers to create a model to strengthen the C2C business innovation. read more

Service should be the basis for the future development of B2C E-commerce


is a detailed introduction to the B2C shopping platform 2011 annual market share last year, the overall e-commerce sales for the first time more than six trillion yuan, and this is not only to the whole sales market share of four percent! Compared to foreign e-commerce market more than eight percent of the ratio, less than half abroad, and with the e-commerce has become more and more the more accepted by consumers, many experts estimate, in 2012, e-commerce market share will be more than eight trillion yuan! The market is so large, naturally attracted numerous B2C e-commerce platform to fight their own future! read more