Webmaster will use some of the tools

Site correlation check


online translation



note: (simplified and traditional), English, and Korea language translation, the effect is good.


note: the famous script station, the content is extremely rich. As long as the patient is not difficult to find a good program.

WHOIS and Reverse IP


view site history



note: the first domestic WEBFTP, upload speed fast. Simple and practical.


note: the famous WEBFTP, IP blocked the breakthrough limit, the upload speed is fast.

whois query


DNS detection


note: to detect the DNS domain name, email and server status.


note: the domain name is not in force, according to the space business NS, detection of the IP. of the server domain name

note: domain name. read more

Data China website plan

first, the core content of the website:
A,   China’s most authentic personal data center
B,   China’s largest
C,   and the reality of the social network society

two, Web2.0
A, beyond form network network above the real person (blogger), and most of the reality of life in the face of different
B, therefore, the network above intangible assets, there is no way to get – in exchange for fame and fortune in real life in real life.
C, due to the virtual society is not the real basis of information, resulting in the convenience of information exchange, far from being developed. "Jiayuan" just because there is some truth, has made great achievements. But for its members, this resource is only a certain degree of security of the spirit of communication, but also can not be used to participate in the exchange of goods. read more

Golden Wangzhuan website promotion can not be too dedication

in the early days of the construction of our website, we have to go through less traffic, the low number of registered process, the main reason is that our website is too low visibility. Not many people know or care about our website. At this time there will be many novice webmaster, always have to ask not to mind taking the trouble of promotion methods and efficient what ah, can not let traffic between soaring method and so on. I as a bit of deep capital owners, these ideas I can understand, who do not want to enjoy ah, the problem is the reality and dream is definitely different. read more

Search for the son of VS network

"Where are you, my son? Your parents are going crazy!"

– baby home to find the subnet

"Dad beat me, mom, I really want to run away!"

– Baidu post bar

recently, in the two network group network, quietly become the focus of attention of many users, there is concern and anxiety "subnet", the child parents call, people worried; and on the other hand, a lot of life in the warmth of family in the child, but in the Internet issued a variety of "leaving posts", claiming to be away from home, disturbing. read more

64 kinds of rhetoric of the old driver


creative training methods according to the "teacher Liang Zuolin

on his giraffe example

collected the well written copy and ad

look at what rhetorical devices they use

There are 63 main categories of

rhetoric, and the 78 category is

today to give 64 kinds of

do not understand the meaning of each of the rhetoric of the students please own Baidu ah

: a giraffe across the street.

1, simile: a giraffe like a rag, slowly walked down the street.

: 2, metaphor through the streets, the giraffe became a philosopher. read more

How to promote new sites and content related

We all know that

do want to rely on search engines it is best to keep original website. So do you know where the original website includes? Content, structure, program, column, classification, website name. These do stand friends have attention?

we all know that it’s easy to make a garbage station and do a good job in a day. Stand up quickly, in fact, this is just for you to create garbage network. Content, structure, procedures, columns of the repeatability of the development of your station. A type of search engine where there is a high degree of authority of the station, these stations have been identified by the search. And you go to copy them, the search will you? Of course, you can make your station do better than him, or you and search a relationship should be regarded as a different matter. read more

Sixth 99% derivative seckill derivative SOP process than the dry cargo building you blind Shuabing s

new, six said "please don’t do so without taking the micro level 99%" seckill derivative derivative SOP dry cargo, construction process, value w does not deceive

sixth do micro business training, but to do some micro business team has done in-house, with a beautiful hand and beauty lecturer’s words, you haven’t done a micro business people give me derivative traders carefully, let me feel then?

I just want to send on behalf of the Tucao, the gang do micro business is very bad, there is no level of stupid, upgrade under B grid…… read more

Drug safety net promotion plan

drug safety nets promotion plan

website promotion basic steps:

 : first step: site diagnostics, including

      Web site structure diagnosis: the site’s structure is reasonable, whether it is efficient, convenient, whether in line with the user access habits, whether it is suitable for search engine habits;

      Web page diagnosis: page code is streamlined, whether the page is clear, the page capacity is appropriate, the color of the page is appropriate, to see whether the layout is reasonable, properly handled; read more

From a taxi to sell cars, from the vertical to the ecological, bit by bit travel giant Road

in holding 300 million users, after winning the car market share of 87.2%, Didi about travel is "a BAT" can be heard without end but until the day before, and drops travel finally stepped out of a key step in giant Road:

January 6, 2016, drops announced business data: after the test drive on the line of business 2 and a half months, covering 19 brands of 93 models, 1 million 400 thousand cumulative orders. And announced following the test drive business, the future will gradually launch a number of car manufacturers and dealers based services, such as electric cars, advertising and other business. read more

America grapefruit announced the completion of 1 billion demolition of VE back to the domestic capi

news August 15th, the U.S. grapefruit today to billion state power network that has completed 1 billion yuan financing recently, and completed the demolition of the VIE architecture, the official return to the domestic capital market.

Beauty grapefruit

said, because the profit scale has been achieved, in the domestic capital market is the scarcity of investment, so the financing progress soon, investor subscription is very positive, almost all of the old shareholders are involved with the cast. Financing in addition to the withdrawal of capital to undertake the withdrawal of the United States, will also be used to support the development of the company. read more