No flow of new sites did not GG how profitable

I have just finished building a new station, Baidu is not included, only 100IP but also to achieve a little bit of their own profit and I hope to help the novice webmaster.

finished the first thing to do is to stop the search engine, but the submission included too slow, general webmaster forum took the spider way, it worked for Google, but now Baidu did not like what effect. So want to let Baidu as soon as possible on the best content to ensure that the original content of the site to be higher than 50% and updated every day, but also to join the Baidu alliance to speed up the site included, which is very useful ~~~~ read more

Phoenix Li Ya to encourage entrepreneurship, good people, money, speed

May 28, 2014, sponsored by the IDG capital wholly owned, venture capital magazine co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship contest will be held at University of Science & Technology China, twelfth. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate school, aimed at mining talented developers and technology geeks on campus. Phoenix FM chairman and COO Li Ya believes that the experience of failure after success also has very great value, especially in the mobile Internet environment, are provided for each person with equal opportunity. And for USTC students, entrepreneurship is very suitable, because science and engineering students can create disruptive technology and products. read more

Ali mother within three years does not consider profitability, can let the owners make money


group chairman of the board Ma in 2007 "Chinese computer IT NPC and CPPCC" Internet World annual meeting for the first time publicly about the founder of the online advertising trading platform Ali mother’s mind, called for a Thanksgiving year support Taobao and Alibaba in a small site, without considering the profit problem within three years, that year can win in the competition the blockade, give thanks to the countless small site support.

Ma said three years does not consider the profitability of the problem, but in the past three years, whether the owners can make money, the problem will be deeply printed in the small and medium-sized among them, but according to the current situation is probably more difficult. We observe Ali mother, the current relatively low quality advertising everywhere, accounting for 5 of the proportion, it is understood that an ad can sell a minimum of $1. And can be settled at any time. But think carefully, if such advertising to sell for a year, there is no interruption in the middle of the package week advertising, it is estimated that only 48 yuan a year to earn a webmaster. Perhaps many people will ask, do not increase the site traffic? Of course, if calculated on a monthly traffic rose 10 times a year, can only get 2644 yuan, 220 yuan per month, of course, this does not include the cost of space and domain name. Mom in here most advertising is small owners, if the long-term development of this model according to the present situation, combined with the China (national policy), is estimated to have really able to earn money, may have a certain amount of time to run. A little bit more careful webmaster all know, to search the way to open any area in Ali mother, found the real flow of website advertising after all is not much, and large flow site also basically do not have to Ali mother here to sell advertising, advertising on the site itself was on a pin. Many of the ads placed there can not sell, the price is high, Ali mother itself will not be purchased, the price is low, it is proved that the site itself does not flow, less gold, fewer buyers. After all, Taobao advertising in different commodities, the lower the price, people buy more, whereas the higher commodity prices, people buy less, after all, Taobao is similar to the grocery store to pick up a few things cheap. After all, advertising is a virtual value location on the network, the webmaster can make money, also worth to weigh, perhaps Ali mother just to provide such a platform for you (the equivalent of the vegetable market) I am only responsible for the rent, you can sell the tube, you also see vegetables grandma eloquence and sell food is fresh. read more

The first step join the entrepreneurial company

if you wish is to own a sushi restaurant, your first step is usually the first to go to a very bad sushi shop as an apprentice, until the rice vinegar, making sushi, raw fish, miso soup, cook, Che Rob S, and the guest observation expression conversation, remember a good many joy etc. The master must have the ability to practice for sushi almost, and then out to open his own sushi.

if you want to be a doctor in addition to opening, medical examination, read medical license, usually have to go to the hospital, when the hospital doctor practice, followed by great physician learning, until the doctor, interrogation, drugs, surgery, observe the patient’s reaction, talking with the patients, the patient’s mind the special status of numerous physicians must have the ability to practice almost, and then out to open their own small clinic. read more

2005 of eight sites on the die

  behind the beautiful always seem to have a calm sea deep regret, perhaps simmering. The Internet is in rapid development speed of geometric level, Chinese network 2005 would be a leap year, is also the rapid growth of the number of sites of the year, when everything is beautiful and comfortable, countless young Jiyang indulge in network bubble like beautiful dream, I was from the south, and scholar hear extremely harsh discordant voices, so today I will tear these bleeding wounds, let everyone to learn a lesson. read more

Two college students open shop net income over 100 thousand a year

a year ago, two Chongqing University senior business net, Taobao shop to open shop, clothing retail. A year later, the business is getting bigger and bigger. The two is not only in the area of Pedestrian Street opened two clothing stores, online business is booming. At present, has been more than 10 yuan net profit.

was originally a monthly income of 3000 yuan

"we are fashion, we do fashion leader!" this is the pedestrian street of Shapingba Wangfujing department store building 13 floor of a wholesale clothing shop in the advertisement, the 24 year old college student Zhang Pengxiang is the clothing store owner. Reporters yesterday in the clothing store to see, in addition to a superb collection of beautiful things clothing and accessories, three computer placed in the clothing store in the corner of the computer screen kept flashing display, online business is ongoing. read more

Eight golden rule to make money online

network needs some criteria, you can be found throughout the higher, some network master who were with the following golden rules.

one, dare to show themselves, is the so-called popularity is money, cohesion of the people, you will succeed. Network is the highest realm of money to make money for you.

two, the optical show is not enough, but also have enough background, continuous learning and improvement, can see the Wangzhuan master to pay back.

three, the network is to make money can be copied, there is a skill to copy other people’s profit model, you can make detours. read more

Lu Songsong Wangzhuan can copy flourishes mentality is not desirable

suggests that the use of the Internet to make money online. When I see the XXX, XXX was acquired by monthly income of tens of thousands of webmaster excited, how we hope it happen to us. Some people say that the Internet is a copy of the industry, what other people do, I follow a copy of it, the same can be successful, in fact, too, Taobao, Tencent is not it?

night or day and night to do the mentality is not desirable

The current

owners used the Wangzhuan way: website construction, website advertising, selling the domain name, SEO optimization services, PPC and so on, which can be subdivided, such as advertising, advertising alliance can be divided into direct advertising, subdivided in many areas, but most of the webmaster is confined to "free Wangzhuan" – the read more

GG AD what kind of advertising you put the highest click

official GG BLOG inside a sentence called " " " " good, also is we usually put ads try to put 336*280, 250*250, 728*60 in different sites do 336*280 this ad click rate will be much better. Why click rate is high, I think the most important is the keyword and content matching. Displayed in the focus place in addition, instead of the mouse central place so as to reduce delays, because this is the effect of price, the lower the delay you click on the unit price will be more and more. read more

10 Y Combinator incubator project is a very promising but failed project

Y Combinator can be called the incubator of the boss, it has invested hundreds of entrepreneurial projects, many have been successful, such as Reddit, Dropbox, Airbnb, Wufoo and so on, but also some looks very promising, but later failed.

1, Flagr

Flagr is the most promising Y Combinator incubator project in the second batch of projects, this is a LBS project (when the concept was just emerging), you can place the video, photos and descriptions of embedded map, so that your friends will know you’ve been to these places, but it is for you those who have not been to these places and friends have what meaning? Perhaps Flagr is the lack of social elements, so that people can find some new interesting places and invite their friends to. At the same time, there is no way to organize these places so that people can choose where they want to go. Foursquare did a good job in these areas. read more

Bold Zhou Hongyi the power of product subversion from 90

has been, Zhou Hongyi with "cannon" identity of the show, bold style, stunned is always the old label of the week. Old rival Lei Jun seems to be "born to young people" slogan has been part of the old week, while the tide in the development of the mobile Internet today, in the world was a grass root of the Chinese Internet market, the old week quietly began 360 Reboot, a field experiment of 90.

Zhou Hongyi at the annual meeting in 2014 to Reboot company, so that the company to stay young, so that all people do not have no experience of the burden of young people, to stand now look at the future. After 90 as the representative of the new generation is becoming a microcosm of Reboot360, in 2014, 360 began Zhou Hongyi’s 90 after the experiment. Old week hope to stand now look at the future, hoping to make the company more youthful and more dynamic and innovative ability to young people space, so that young people do what they like, do young people like products. read more

The construction of entrepreneurial team do you want to do a hundred responses to a single call

we live in a cross resource and information society, in more than a decade ago, you may be able to rely on their own ability to do something, but in the modern market pays more attention to the ability of team cooperation, that is we often say that one plus one is greater than two. Entrepreneurship is not a personal journey, but a group of people struggle, but also not everyone can be a very good command of a team, for a team of entrepreneurs, the development needs of individual entrepreneurship for the future structure and management skills, to allow entrepreneurs to achieve the effect of a call one hundred. read more

Do a little entertainment experience entertainment website

do a picture of a time station movie station, please note that I did not earn much money, his stand is relatively bad, but summed up the practical experience to make more money with the least IP, willing to share.

movie station and image station probably belong to the garbage station, but the garbage station also has the IP quality problem of the garbage station, if you Baidu to flow is high quality IP, if less, is low quality IP.

talk about the high quality IP earned before the method

High quality read more

Tai Chi eBay CPC product line

respected Webmaster:

should be the main requirements of the ad, eBay CPC products to stop the launch, we will temporarily switch to eBay CPC advertising word-of-mouth advertising CPC.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide more excellent advertising projects, I hope you will continue to support us!

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

Online shop where to find low-cost sources ‘ll tell you.

many want to shop or novice sellers began to consider the most probably on the supply of convenience bar. Since the open shop, the purpose is to make a profit, but also want to make a big shop in addition to price concessions, but also must have the best quality assurance. Then, the search for the right supply is certainly a headache for the seller

personally, I just started to set up shop, the purchase of the problem is very troubling me, check a lot of information, do not know how many places to run, and finally the yellow sky is not the heart. I found a lot of good purchase channels. Here, I have only one word for novice sellers, "there is no best, only the most suitable for their own". That’s good, nonsense not to say, here is my summary of the various methods of supply, we must choose their own kind. read more

One of the six major strategies of website promotion

Although the search engine promotion is only a small part of the network marketing, but it is the most effective means of network marketing. To spend money to do the ranking in the portal site, everyone can do, as long as the money, but there are a lot of good ranking is not to spend money to buy, many personal site economic conditions are not allowed, so how to make use of the principle of the website itself resources and search engine, it is particularly urgent and necessary.The design of

a maximum of not more than 25.Optimization of

2 page label

in addition to the title, many search engines will be search engine to your label, the label is a comprehensive description of the text, it mainly describes the main keywords, "used in the phrase, if your site keywords frequency is not enough, you can label design, appropriate to his high repetition keywords frequency, increase the chance of your web site search engine search.Navigation design reasonable

4 for some very important keywords specializes in several pages

because a page containing the keyword is limited, Google allows 1.5 to 2 words about 100 words, this is google. read more

The second tier city entrepreneurial quality Relativity fight or Sike line

Tencent science and technology reported on May 21st

The so-called "

is mature, but not all." Zhao Siming’s words accurately describe their entrepreneurial process.

he has worked in Taobao and Shanda, after experiencing the first line of Internet Co’s product operations decided to leave the business, returned to Xi’an in 2010, did a lot of listening to FM.

the same year, Xin Xiaochen because of less investment, entrepreneurship in Beijing can not be the following. Under careful consideration to return to entrepreneurship in Xi’an, three years, with only a team of 8 people to make the user tens of millions of instrumental applications – file master. read more

How to make garbage can earn money

may use garbage station to name websites some mistakes, what is rubbish? Dictionary explained as follows: dirt or throw away the rubbish. The value of things that have lost their value or have adverse effects: spam, removal of social waste. But we’re talking about the garbage sites and what? I think so: one is the website of the unhealthy; two is to rely on the collection site; three is not update the site; four there is no traffic conversion website, five is not profitable project website. I will analyze. Any similarity is purely coincidental. read more

Google Adsense can not change the fate of the site

Adsense can not change the fate of the site, why do I say that? First of all, Adsense positioning for small and medium sites. Most rely on the Adsense website is the station to eat. The number of the single station traffic is small, but add up to very large. Prior to the launch of Adsense Google, no one company can effectively use this resource. Because these sites are different themes, messy content and small flow can not support the confidence of advertisers. At this time, only Google with technical strength and innovative spirit of its strong launch of the Adsense, and can effectively solve the above problems. It should be noted that the location of Adsense is small and medium sites, although we see NetEase also put Adsense, but always appear in the bottom of the article, NetEase in a three stream of the location of the worship of the buddha. read more