Do a little entertainment experience entertainment website

do a picture of a time station movie station, please note that I did not earn much money, his stand is relatively bad, but summed up the practical experience to make more money with the least IP, willing to share.

movie station and image station probably belong to the garbage station, but the garbage station also has the IP quality problem of the garbage station, if you Baidu to flow is high quality IP, if less, is low quality IP.

talk about the high quality IP earned before the method

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Tai Chi eBay CPC product line

respected Webmaster:

should be the main requirements of the ad, eBay CPC products to stop the launch, we will temporarily switch to eBay CPC advertising word-of-mouth advertising CPC.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide more excellent advertising projects, I hope you will continue to support us!

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

Online shop where to find low-cost sources ‘ll tell you.

many want to shop or novice sellers began to consider the most probably on the supply of convenience bar. Since the open shop, the purpose is to make a profit, but also want to make a big shop in addition to price concessions, but also must have the best quality assurance. Then, the search for the right supply is certainly a headache for the seller

personally, I just started to set up shop, the purchase of the problem is very troubling me, check a lot of information, do not know how many places to run, and finally the yellow sky is not the heart. I found a lot of good purchase channels. Here, I have only one word for novice sellers, "there is no best, only the most suitable for their own". That’s good, nonsense not to say, here is my summary of the various methods of supply, we must choose their own kind. read more

One of the six major strategies of website promotion

Although the search engine promotion is only a small part of the network marketing, but it is the most effective means of network marketing. To spend money to do the ranking in the portal site, everyone can do, as long as the money, but there are a lot of good ranking is not to spend money to buy, many personal site economic conditions are not allowed, so how to make use of the principle of the website itself resources and search engine, it is particularly urgent and necessary.The design of

a maximum of not more than 25.Optimization of

2 page label

in addition to the title, many search engines will be search engine to your label, the label is a comprehensive description of the text, it mainly describes the main keywords, "used in the phrase, if your site keywords frequency is not enough, you can label design, appropriate to his high repetition keywords frequency, increase the chance of your web site search engine search.Navigation design reasonable

4 for some very important keywords specializes in several pages

because a page containing the keyword is limited, Google allows 1.5 to 2 words about 100 words, this is google. read more

The second tier city entrepreneurial quality Relativity fight or Sike line

Tencent science and technology reported on May 21st

The so-called "

is mature, but not all." Zhao Siming’s words accurately describe their entrepreneurial process.

he has worked in Taobao and Shanda, after experiencing the first line of Internet Co’s product operations decided to leave the business, returned to Xi’an in 2010, did a lot of listening to FM.

the same year, Xin Xiaochen because of less investment, entrepreneurship in Beijing can not be the following. Under careful consideration to return to entrepreneurship in Xi’an, three years, with only a team of 8 people to make the user tens of millions of instrumental applications – file master. read more

How to make garbage can earn money

may use garbage station to name websites some mistakes, what is rubbish? Dictionary explained as follows: dirt or throw away the rubbish. The value of things that have lost their value or have adverse effects: spam, removal of social waste. But we’re talking about the garbage sites and what? I think so: one is the website of the unhealthy; two is to rely on the collection site; three is not update the site; four there is no traffic conversion website, five is not profitable project website. I will analyze. Any similarity is purely coincidental. read more

Google Adsense can not change the fate of the site

Adsense can not change the fate of the site, why do I say that? First of all, Adsense positioning for small and medium sites. Most rely on the Adsense website is the station to eat. The number of the single station traffic is small, but add up to very large. Prior to the launch of Adsense Google, no one company can effectively use this resource. Because these sites are different themes, messy content and small flow can not support the confidence of advertisers. At this time, only Google with technical strength and innovative spirit of its strong launch of the Adsense, and can effectively solve the above problems. It should be noted that the location of Adsense is small and medium sites, although we see NetEase also put Adsense, but always appear in the bottom of the article, NetEase in a three stream of the location of the worship of the buddha. read more

Hackers hijacked Google organized 6 CN domain network has been reported

On the evening of 23 June 26th, all and DNS abnormal event said that this is an organized and premeditated hacking activities, the network has been reported to the police. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said that from a global point of view, the domain name hijacking occurred last year,.Com domain name hijacking occurred more than and 10 cases, and CN domain name hijacking is still very rare.

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Who is in favor of the network of the loss of home

network towards commercialization, focused on making money, technology is difficult to break! This is not a new topic, only recently seen such things Trinidad and Tobago, so also to share with you my views. What do you do for the network, we will not hesitate to say, to make money, yes, when you are very embarrassed life, no doubt the money is the most important,

on the current development trend of the Chinese, indeed money is the most important, no money, almost anything is impossible, no money to the car, the house will not ignore you but if from a technical point of view, these are undoubtedly detrimental, pay attention to the technology innovation, said is fine, but not only to make money so simple, read more

Golden Wangzhuan network marketing if you understand

with the progress of the times, from the traditional newspaper, television marketing, the network has become the current marketing. However, with the increase of the network virus, but also make the network marketing lost the original color, so our marketing strategy should also change. To explore the customer’s psychology, cater to their tastes, both to make their click rate rising, the golden Wangzhuan simply to introduce a few points.

first: Seduction psychology

I remember the time I received in the Internet, want to send me a red window suddenly, I think of possible fraud messages, look into it, then point into a look, really want to send a red envelope, and it is 10 yuan, I ordered "receive", he put it in a virtual wallet in hindsight, sent 10 yuan without pity, then pick a nice coat, there are added paid envelopes, the originally bought 108 coats, 98 I can get. Later, I would like to think that this is my bait, I could not go to buy clothes, as a result of the 10 yuan to send a red envelope, which is the same with the promotion of the truth! read more

Startups that have failed to get a lot of money

all happy families are like one another; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. – Anna –

venture company is the case, the success is nothing more than to create or seize the pain points, access to financing, after the introduction of the product has been sought after by the market, success, and ultimately may also be a high acquisition."

but the loser is not the same, CB Insights compiled so far is the 72 largest and most costly "business case from the database startup stall" (this excerpt 16), they first have gained considerable investment, but ultimately failed, or is unable to enter the market, or in the investment unable to successfully quit: forced to sell assets, the acquisition price is lower than the amount of investment etc.. There are many cases of failure in the early part of this century when the Internet bubble burst and rupture, there are a lot of recent events, the reasons for their failure is not the same. Can be described as "taking history as a mirror, one can know." read more

Et shoes network CPC advertising online, welcome to delivery!

Hello everyone! Shoes online CPC advertising on the line, welcome to actively put in line with the owners! Interested parties please contact the customer service opened. Customer service qq:183288818 319035197
                  2, type: female class, business class, life information website
                 ; 3, no cheating. read more

Webmaster experience on current Wangzhuan authenticity

I search in Baidu keyword found a lot of Wangzhuan forum, website, general understanding of it, and found about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Forum Network advertising! The conclusion is: 10 Wangzhuan station 10 are all hanging advertising, resulting in slow browsing, advertising authenticity has not done the investigation, most beginner deceived. Wangzhuan experience and my personal views here I go on to the next


Wangzhuan experience:

I was in contact with the network in 2000, when it was just playing the game, and then gradually like to do a web page. In 2005 when I made my first page, then I found the light "is not enough, I cannot bring revenue to the fundamental, I slowly learned to contact the advertising alliance advertising to make money, but advertising revenue to 100 yuan will not always has not paid the money later I met a friend who taught me to promote web pages and web technology to make money. I have gradually entered the Wangzhuan career! (there are many of my friends asked me now, a month can earn much money? I can only answer, in more than 4 digits, how much it can not be released.) read more

The fierce competition in the network, how can Taobao off the new A new force suddenly rises.

fierce competition in the network, how can Taobao off the new A new force suddenly rises.

when many people learned that Taobao customer is to make money, but do not know to enter this industry before the one hundred day is the most difficult, which we experience a "choice" "selected" Keywords "domain name" "space" "program" a "site" and "adjust the site" "update" and "promotion" and so on, many people found in these sorts of experiences after all, this is a lonely and arduous process, but this is not the most important, many new Taobao customers at the outset to choose the wrong direction is a fatal disadvantage, for the selection of new people with the following the Taobao customer orientation. read more

Personal webmaster will disappear in the long history of the network

webmaster, I believe many years ago, the name has been sought after by many people. Now the Internet hype has become quarrel, the Internet bigwigs are participants in the homely food, the war has become the major network media headlines, various media have broadcast the reprint, the result of speculation is a win-win situation. But in front of the Internet hot news, grassroots webmaster are only spectators, lively stage, can not find the grassroots webmaster figure. A series of accidents and policy reasons, the network enclosure movement has been the major Internet bigwigs, let hundreds of thousands of personal websites disappeared, the ideal is good, but the reality is cruel, income is the hard truth, no ideal income are empty. Under severe pressure to make a lot of money has not yet earned the grassroots webmaster to go online from the line, leaving the grassroots webmaster industry, into the industrial army. read more

Foreign lead market analysis is still a big cake

Hello everyone I am little, before the A5 to share a lot of knowledge about foreign Wangzhuan, some friends from childhood fly blog understand and learn foreign Wangzhuan, some people have earned a lot of dollars formally entered the foreign Wangzhuan industry. To bring such a big harvest is really little pleasure, today I give you analysis of foreign Wangzhuan prospects.

when we do Wangzhuan abroad mainly do is foreign lead, a foreign lead article before the boats had many of the analysis, we can also go to your blog to learn foreign boats. read more

The president of the rich for money

He agrees with the idea that "rich is not the three generation". He said he did not consider the money left to his children, but to provide generous benefits for each employee. The first is to let the staff, sales staff to get rich, so he advocated the "river water river with" rather than "river water river". He believes that employees rich, rich will be rich. As a boss, he has always been in the enterprise to implement the policy of "possession of wealth".

There is no luxury decoration

with the shareholding system reform of Shanghai tape factory, along the way from the state-owned enterprises in Yuan Li, the establishment of modern enterprise system in the germination of the realization of self value idea. However, the reason he decided to quit to talk, so far, still make him angrily. That year, 43 year old Yuan Li decided to quit the job will be listed in Shanghai tape Limited by Share Ltd, began to build a large company. During this period, he found the house, recruit employees, cover 14 stamp, riding a motorcycle tire broken, finally successful establishment of Shanghai and Hong Kong joint venture Fuda tape products Co., as chairman and general.

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n the face of T publicity personality

IT people are seeking development, the market is advocating " flow on the value of ". In the position of human resources manager, performance pressure, cost constraints troubled, nurturing, retaining talent has become easier said than done.

free thinking is the source of innovation. In order to maintain the vitality of IT and the power of R & D, I do not know how many IT companies want people-oriented.

The Central Committee of SASAC director Wang Zhongming said:


see soft.
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Solve the problem of Google Adsense ads only show English

previously mentioned in the page to insert the Google Adsense code, advertising will appear in english. Although your application is the choice of the Chinese, but the persistent display Ads by Google, it is very annoying.


is built with a Gblog2.0 in my Blog, I was suspected of being encoding problem, but now I got this MT Blog didn’t, all show the Chinese advertising, now in retrospect, mostly because I have not finished the estimation of Gblog, resulting in the page display too much English, so be English misjudge ", of course will only display the English. read more