Zhang Shunkai declared an annual income of 2 million

Chinese pasta is an important staple food, each local pasta taste there may be some differences, but Chongqing pasta can always make more people in different fields are met, Chongqing noodle reputation in Chinese is very famous, there is such a young man, started the Chongqing noodle shop, business is hot, a there are 2 million years!

28 year old Zhang Shun is Jiangsu Wuxi, graduated from Communication University of China, after Suzhou TV news reporter, in the mainland have the necessary visibility. Although Zhang Shun entrepreneurial idea has been brewing for a long time, but until last May and June, he had to eat a bowl of Chongqing small noodles in Chongqing after the real implementation of entrepreneurship.

Bush opened on the first day the employee run away spicy flavor was not optimistic about the />

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Locksmith shop what to do


Doors are unbolted at night. in the current society, it is too dangerous to go out a lock, door lock, which has become a very common thing in the current. Because of the market demand for various locks, therefore, will undoubtedly have a locksmith shop related conditions. However, it is necessary to do more work to do business success. Then, the locksmith shop to do?

1, a qualified locksmith, is about to sit, first, to South range (or sitting in front of the West), no pillars, trees and other objects affect vision, in front of the store is the best road dual carriageway, from the door to the vehicle line more than 8 meters, the shop no step. Such a position is hard to find. read more

Meng Fei Yang Lan at the bottom line without deceit public derivative

circle of friends is now filled with micro business advertising, many of whom are recommended by celebrities propaganda. Recently, Meng Fei Yang Lan at micro-blog at micro business, said he and the company does not have a cooperation, will encounter false marketing rights.

2 21 Meng Fei issued a statement on micro-blog, its content is: "[] I solemnly declare and Keti (Chinese) Commodity Co. Ltd. no intersection, recently the company’s staff to use the circle of friends and other public media rumors, out of thin air, to deceive the public, the nature of the bad, I have been a lawyer investigation, will take legal rights. Appeal to the media and the public do not believe and spread this rumor, do not be deceived! Thanks forwarding!" Subsequently, Yang Lan also forwarded, and wrote: I have never joined the company, really bad!" read more

Pesticide ten brands list

China is a veritable agricultural country, nature also has a very large demand for pesticides. Because of this, China will have a lot of pesticide brands. Next, let Xiaobian for you to disclose the top ten brands of pesticides, so as to provide more consumers with a better reference, can choose a really suitable pesticide brand.

pesticide ten brands list NO.1, Dacheng:

big brand belonging to the Shandong Dacheng pesticide Limited by Share Ltd, the company registered capital of 1, 8 billion 600 million yuan, more than 3600 employees, with an annual output of 20 thousand tons of pesticides, 100 thousand tons of caustic soda capacity national pesticide chemical enterprises, the main products of trichlorfon, dichlorvos, Omethoate, three dicofol, phosethyl Al, fenpropathrin pyrethroids, bladex, chemical products, diaphragm liquid alkali ionic membrane caustic soda, synthetic hydrochloric acid, two chlorobenzene, two para ortho chlorobenzene marketing across the country and more than a dozen countries and regions. read more

Western rural electricity supplier platform to achieve the dream of entrepreneurs at home

The emergence of

electronic business platform, changing the traditional business model, greatly reducing the cost of goods, sellers and buyers have become a favorite choice. Now, the electricity supplier platform came to the rural areas, to the vast number of agricultural products to open a new market.

1 9 days, 39 days of rain added a bit cold. But in Guanling Autonomous County Longtan Village jichangping inland red pickled products factory, the reporter saw a busy scene: just pickled meat fresh, workers are busy packing products. read more

Wu Yi open husband and wife to understand communication is very important

since it is a husband and wife shop, it seems that there is no contradiction, after all, are the family, what is good communication. However, if it is a husband and wife store, understanding communication can really be very important, Wu Yi has a very profound understanding of this. I think it is not easy to open a good husband and wife shop, the key issue is to do a good job in communication between husband and wife, to achieve a unified opinion is more important.

my wife and common management, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of them, and find some solution methods: two people of husband and wife shop, no difference in power generation, disagreement, conflict, conflict in the use of funds and the purchase of goods will be too emotional may be brought to the table, easily lead to family conflicts, it will inevitably be brought to the shop, it is also bad for customerrelationshipmaintenance. read more

UNQLO share success for 30 years

now mentioned UNIQLO, the influence of people no longer stay in public events before the hot issue, is more concerned about the new UNIQLO store in winter if there is a suitable one, passed through 30 years, it is how to do it?

if is TOYOTA’s Akiotoyoda Sun Zhengyi, the financial oligarchy is understandable, but, in charge of UNIQLO Yanai from 2009 promotion to Japan’s richest man, after 4 consecutive years, in addition to the 2011, have maintained Yanai Japan’s rich position. read more

The marketing line Haagen Dazs gives its sense of mystery and modesty

Valentine’s card business, often have a high rate of return. Valentine’s prototype can be interpreted in a variety of human emotions, from the love of parents, friends to love the love of lovers, but the most important thing is romantic love. The desire for intimacy, the desire to be loved, to be understood and respected, the desire for unusual experiences and experiences, and the desire to share with each other. Any brand that appeals to beauty, romance, and sexy appeal is likely to develop into a lover’s brand. read more

What are the characteristics of the specialty coffee shop

before the small series to introduce you to open a coffee shop should be how the location of the problem, today Xiaobian tell you want to open a taste of the unique characteristics of the coffee shop and how the site. Stores open at the early stage of the specialty coffee, the location is the key research sites asked the investors more consideration, looks good investigation around the market big.

suitable for the opening of specialty coffee shop address:

shop near upscale community. Reason: the upscale community is home to many foreigners, they advocate the natural way of life, the pursuit of quality, the coffee is essential, these foreigners accustomed to coffee stores to relax, investors need not deliberately propaganda. read more

Eight key in the venture capital market

entrepreneurial mind most is to make money, want to have in the business market rapid Denver eight key points, which can not be ignored in the eight small series have been sorted out for everyone, I hope everyone can master all.

1, the most important thing is character. Soros attaches great importance to the character of the partner, he believes that financial speculation takes a lot of risk, and immoral people do not want to take risks. Such a person is not suitable for engaging in responsible, aggressive and risky ventures. In any business adventure but can’t face the consequences, are not. In his team, investment style can be completely different, but the character must be reliable. read more

Home color collocation good to give you a fresh feeling

in fact, careful calculation, we remove the work time, almost all the time will be at home. It is also very important for us to have a beautiful family environment. Home color collocation is good? Give you a fresh feeling!

in fact, the color of the interior home is very particular about the match. The collocation of color is closely related to people’s personality, temperament, habits, hobbies and interests. Youth type. Mainly using lemon yellow, green and red, in order to show enthusiasm and lively, but also contains a quiet. Heavy duty. White or light green, mostly used for quick temper, emotional impulse. Elderly type. Mainly with some gentle and quiet tone, the role of a more comfortable temperament. Modernity. read more

Doing business should treat every customer with heart

customers wearing different, the attitude of the owner of the service may be different, the price of the sale of the product will be different, which is currently a lot of shopkeepers will encounter things. Shop to engage in business, as a businessman, we treat customers must be treated equally, the most important is that don’t go. The shops are open, we have to treat them equally with the same eyes.


is in a recent morning, one about 60 years old aunt walked into my store, I want to buy a little bit to the old man would be friends a little smoke, back to the old man and chattered smoke, old man smoking fast, almost a pack of cigarettes a day, at this time, I’ll give her unhurried presents a 5.5 yuan a pack of Baisha shop selling the fastest (hard) and smoke (hard), the king aunt saw in the Baisha (hard), happy to buy. read more

How to open a flower shop to teach you five strokes

this Valentine’s Day flowers to sell crazy, not only is the Valentine’s day, even other festivals, flowers are the best-selling product, it is understood now people a year to over more than and 50 festivals, which shows how popular flowers. In view of this, there are a lot of entrepreneurs have played a fresh flower shop. So how to open a flower shop? Here to teach you five strokes.

A, master

TechnologyHow to open

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Do you know how to open a toy shop

toy store is now very popular among investors in the venture, but to operate smoothly and is not an easy thing, businesses need to understand the skills from many aspects, thus a good foundation for the long-term development of the future lay. How to open a toy store, we through the experience of the previous shop to provide some suggestions for the business.

observation of emotional investment you can put yourself in for the sake of customers, through the customer’s eyes to observe, understand the needs of customers, so as to provide quality and efficient service. When different types of customers, employees need to provide different services, such as irritability treat customers, have patience, gently with his article about the dependent; treat customers, employees should be good for them, some useful advice, but don’t put too much pressure. read more

Health projects to join the popular business opportunities popular

now people almost every day is under pressure of life, but only to the deal between work and life, heavy mortgage, car loan is breathless. A lot of people’s bodies are gradually declining, so health began to concern. This also makes a lot of health project development is booming, investment money king vast.

What are the

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The hardware business a hot buddies, wake up!

now do not talk about wearable devices, smart hardware are embarrassed to say that they are mixed Internet circle. But when others are crazy, they have to calm down, and now the smart hardware business is also true. Today, I would like to talk about their own cold thinking, it is intended to engage in intelligent hardware business partners a little advice, only a superficial opinion on behalf of individuals.

investors only love high handsome rich

big economic situation is not good, there are downside risks, the real economy is weak, capital chain tension, the pressure to do investment is relatively large, more cautious. "Investment is investment", "high handsome rich" glamorous resume and entrepreneurial experience will naturally be more popular, the probability of success is greater. At the same time also reminded grassroots entrepreneurs to recognize the reality, do not put all the hope on the financing. read more