Malaga clings to its fortress in La Rosaleda

first_imgDespite these numbers, the good performance of Malaga as a local comes from further back. The blue and whites add eight straight games without knowing defeat at home, in which he has won four wins and four draws. 16 points of 24.The last time Málaga lost at home was on October 26, three and a half months ago. And he did it before Cádiz (1-2). Since then La Rosaleda has been impregnable. And to that strength as a local Malaga is seized to progress in the classification. The blue and white team was penultimate after the visit of Cadiz to Martiricos on day 11 and currently occupies the seventeenth position. This progression also has protagonists at the individual level. The level of players like Antoñín or Sadiku in these months has been decisive. EI Málaga has recovered the smile. And he has done it in the heat of La Rosaleda. The situation remains delicate, but under Sergio Pellicer’s tutelage the team has added eight points out of 15 possible and maintains a two-point mattress on the relegation points, one more than when the club dismissed Víctor Sánchez del Amo. Of those eight points, seven have arrived in La Rosaleda. Two victories and a draw against Mirandés in a match that Málaga had to win make up the blue and white balance at home with Pellicer in command. The team has added 12 points as a visitorThe life of Malaga at home is another story. Málaga won in Santander on the first day of the League. But then he has only added nine points as a visitor. Their numbers far from La Rosaleda are quite discreet, having garnered a total of 12 points in 13 home matches. In his 12 starts he has achieved two victories (against Racing de Santander and Deportivo), six draws (Mirandés, Zaragoza, Numancia, Extremadura, Oviedo and Fuenlabrada) and also six defeats (Girona, Albacete, Huesca, Ponferradina, Alcorcón and Elche). Despite these records, there are up to five Second Division teams that have added fewer points than Malaga as visitors at this point. Pellicer and his soccer players are very clear that a very important percentage of the permanence happens to conserve their power in the matches that are played in La Rosaleda.Cádiz gives 400 tickets for Sunday’s derbyMalaga will not be alone on Sunday at Ramón de Carranza (4:00 pm). The yellow club has given a consignment of 400 tickets at a price of 15 euros. From them, Malaga will today sell 140 for its subscribers that can be purchased at the ticket office from 10:00. Each subscriber can buy a maximum of two locations. The rest have been allocated to trips organized by the clubs. The Bokerón Front, Malaka Hinchas, the Malaguista Peña de Benamiel, the Peña University and the Malaguista Peña del Guadalhorce Juanmi have already confirmed their presence in Carranza. The derby between both Andalusian teams has been declared high risk.last_img read more

Hubert Lawrence assesses ‘The Felix Double’

first_imgThe mission Allyson Felix has chosen to accept is still difficult. When the superb American ran the 200-400m double at the 2011 World Championships, the schedule was perfect.Now, even though the overlap between the 200m and 400m has been eased for the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Felix still has a tough road to travel.In 2011, in Daegu, South Korea, the 400 metres and the 200m were separated by a day of rest. At the 2012 Olympics, the 200m started the day after the 400 metres ended but with the 200m heats and semis on the same day.Overlap between the two sprints appeared at the 2013 World Championships, and even though the gap between the 200m heats and the 400m final has been extended from 75 minutes to 13 hours at this year’s Olympic Games, they are still on the same day.WAY TO GOLDIt would be far better for the 30-year-old American if the Daegu schedule was reintroduced. In fact, when US superstar Michael Johnson fought to do the same double in the 1996Olympics, he insisted on a day to rest in between the 400m and the 200m. Not only is that rest day absent for Felix, but the elegant American still has to run a 200m and a 400m on the same day.In other words, if she does qualify for both events at the US Olympic Trials, she will have to run once on day two and three; twice on day four at 9.30 a.m. local time in her 200m heat and in the 400m final at 10.45 p.m. local time; and then once on both days five and six.As good as the four-time individual World Champion is, she obviously doesn’t have the clout Johnson had in 1996 when he was the undisputed king of athletics. If she got her way, it would be a good guess that others might try the double.Bahamian Shaunae Miller, second to Felix in the 400m last year at the Worlds, is nippy over 200 metres. If the overlap remains, Miller might be best advised to skip it to save all her energy for the 400 metres.That event could have the last two Olympic winners, American Sanya Richards-Ross and Christine Ohuruogu of Great Britain and a likely Jamaican trio from the quartet of World bronze medallist Shericka Jackson, Christine Day, Stephenie McPherson, and Novlene Williams-Mills in Felix’s way to gold.In the meantime, Daphne Schippers of Holland and the Jamaican pair of Elaine Thompson and Veronica Campbell-Brown, who went 1-2-3 at last year’s World Championships, and the rest of the world’s best 200-metre runners, are probably breathing a sigh of relief. Instead of facing the reigning Olympic 200m champion when she is relatively fresh, they will face Felix in the final of the curved sprint on her sixth consecutive day of action.Add 2012 Olympic runner-up Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and young British star Dina Asher-Smith to the mix and the task for Felix gets tougher.Given that they will all have rested after the 100m ends on day two of the Olympics athletics programme and before the 200m starts on day four, they still hold the advantage.n Hubert Lawrence has made notes at track side since 1980.last_img read more

“My Blood Pressure Is Up; I Cannot Appear”

first_imgThe Senate plenary and dozens gathered in the gallery of the Senate Chambers yesterday erupted into laughter when Health and Social Welfare Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale, informed that body by letter that he was unable to appear because of “high blood pressure and mild headache.”The Minister was requested last Thursday to appear with his lawyer before the Senate plenary during yesterday’s sitting to give reasons why he should not be held in contempt as recommended by the Senate Committee on Gender, Health, Women and Children Affairs, and subsequently approved by the plenary.In his communication to the Senate plenary dated October 17, Dr. Gwenigale said he was unable to appear “as requested by the honorable house of the Senate due to health reasons which could not permit me to travel along with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf today.“After my appearance before the Senate last Thursday, my blood pressure went up, and it is still up with mild headache. Appearing before you again tomorrow will further increase my pressure.”Dr. Gwenigale letter’s continued: “I kindly request that you reschedule my reappearance to a time when my health condition has improved. I thank you for your understanding and cooperation…”  Proffering a motion, Sinoe County Senator Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan asked his colleagues to accept Dr. Gwenigale’s letter of excuse, while those expressing unreadiness to vote on the issue, suggested that a time frame for his reappearance be decided on.For his part, Bomi County Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson asked that the Minister be given up to next Tuesday to re-appear with a medical report to substantiate his illness.“After seven days if the Liberian Senate is not serious, the determination will be made on Tuesday and the Liberian people will know by then,” Senator Johnson declared. Bong County Senator Henry W. Yallah, stating his un-readiness, said; “I am detecting that this Senate is not ready to receive the Minister. My amendment is that if the mover can agree that we dismiss the issue we have with the Minister, taking into consideration his health, and the very important role he is playing, and the critical condition our country is in now, there is no need to [maintain] this path that will yield nothing.”Yallah’s position was buttressed by Senator Dallas A.V. Gueh, who expressed the belief that Dr. Gwenigale will have his way; “so let us dismiss any charge against him and let him go free, and we can continue with our business as usual,” said Senator Gueh.Speaking with her usual vigor, Montserrado County Senator Geraldine Doe-Sherif declared that for the sanity of the Senate an amendment be proposed to allow “Oldman Gwenigale to go so we can continue to be disrespected, because to even delay his appearance for next week Tuesday is a waste of our precious time. Let’s find something better to do and do it appropriately that will save our character.”Maryland County’s outspoken Senator H. Dan Morais warned his colleagues that the Senate was on the brink of redeeming itself or continue to be in the abeyance of history. “This Liberian Senate will take the excuse with evidence of the sickness of Dr. Gwenigale; he being the one sick, will not write his own certificate.”Senator Morais then suggested further that the excuse of Dr. Gwenigale be accepted, but that since the Senate operates on records, a team of medical doctors should examine the witness to show his readiness or unreadiness to appear.Commenting on what he described as the facts, Senator Joseph Nagbe reminded his colleagues that the Committee on Health submitted to plenary a report dated October 15, 2014 with one recommendation “that the Senate is acting upon today, that the Minister of Health be held in contempt for accusing the Liberian Senate of being supportive of the strike action by health workers.”The Sinoe lawmaker said it was upon this recommendation “that we are citing the Minister to appear to show cause why he cannot be held in contempt.   The Minister’s letter of excuse to us is contrary to the report of the committee. The letter is based on the politics in the streets, not on what we have before us.”In his final motion, Senator Nyenpan moved, “that the communication from Dr. Gwenigale be received by the Liberian Senate, and that his request be granted to the effect that he appears before the Senate next Tuesday, and that he brings along a medical certificate indicating his state of health during the period of his illness; and that the Secretary of the Senate communicate with him as to the decision of the Liberian Senate.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgThey tussle and hustleEach with his own methodThey were meeker than the poorest manBecause they wanted favor for the great positionThey got it, they took over it, they move like giantsEach in his own comfort zoneThey appear in luxuries and belong to another classThey wore attires their ancestors never dreamt ofThey rented elegant mansionsThey flew to the Queensland to soak up the sunThey lavish thousands on the earthly princessesAnd saw the great position like the Atlantic oceansThe lightning strikesThe clouds cover the moonThe cock crowsIt’s a new dawnRome was not built in one dayHence, Rome has many engineersThe great position is no moreThe luxuries have disappeared over nightLeaving their pockets emptyThey roamed the streets in search of buyers for their valuablesThey lived the rest of their lives in shame and frustrationAfter the great positionShare this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more


first_imgNext Sunday, March 20, 2016, is Palm Sunday, next week Friday, March 25, 2016, is Good Friday, and Sunday, March 27, 2016, is Easter Sunday. In other words, the remaining days and weeks of March 2016, give Christians, this year, the opportunity to commemorate and reenact the last days and weeks of the life of Jesus on earth. We propose therefore, that next three articles focus on these momentous events of Jesus and their implications for Christian living. What happened? What do they mean? How do they affect how we live today? This three-part series will proceed as follows. The first will delve into the Palm Sunday event of long ago and how it affects how our we live now. The second article will consider the Good Friday event and what it can teach us about the world of good and evil and how we can deal with both realities. And the third and final article will focus on the Easter event and how it may teach us to live a life of victory in spite of the difficulties and challenges we experience in life.Palm Sunday is traditionally observed on the Sunday before Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is the Sunday when some Christians march around with palm branches or leaves in their hands singing and shouting, “Hosanna, hosanna”. What happened? What does it mean for us? How does it help us live better now?Palm Sunday sets in motion a series of events that constitute the heart of the Christian faith, namely, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The week of Palm Sunday is called Passion Week. Passion in this context means the intense sufferings: betrayal, arrest, humiliation, false trials, insults and beatings of a good man, Jesus of Nazareth and his subsequent death and resurrection.On that first Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey in fulfillment of a prophecy and a pre-arranged event. As he came in, the ordinary people (the Masses) spontaneously cut palm branches and held them in their hands and went before and after him singing and shouting, “Hosanna, hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. The ruling authorities of both state and religion (Judaism, that is, the religion of the Jews) were disturbed and wondered, “What is going on? Who is this?” They then commanded Jesus to ask his disciples to shut up. But Jesus replied, “If they keep quiet, stones and babes will rise and shout the praise of the Son of Man” (Luke 19 and Mark 11).This Sunday evokes mixed events and emotions. On the one hand, Jesus is declared by the Masses as their expected King, to set them free from foreign rule and improve their lives. On the other hand, a few days later he will be arrested and treated shamefully and he would appear powerless before his enemies. It is a week when evil seems to triumph over good.What then does this event mean? The scriptural readings appointed give us a clue. Isaiah 42:1-9 declares God Almighty, Yahweh himself, as the only true Lord and Savior, there is none besides him; he alone is mankind’s righteousness and strength. In Philippians 2:5-11 Paul informs his audience that through suffering and service Jesus has earned the name that is above every name that every knee will bow to and every tongue confess him as Lord.The Passion Gospel of Luke 23 reminds us of the road leading to the cross of Calvary: the struggle of taking this hard decision of death for miserable sinners, the betrayal by Judas, the denial by Peter, the desertion by the other disciples, the arrest, the trials of travesty of justice, the rejection by the religious leaders and the crowd, the mocking the soldiers, and the worst form of capital punishment, crucifixion.The Palm Sunday event teaches or reminds us that people everywhere are yearning for good leadership but that they are not always reliable when it comes to selecting one if they have a choice. One day they say, “Hail him” and barely a week later they say, “Crucify him”! During election times people tend to swift loyalties unnecessarily. True leadership is about humility, using power and authority and resources to advance the greater good of all. It is about sacrificing self-interest for the greater good of all of society.If we accept and submit to the rule and reign of God Almighty in our lives, we must then be seeking the honor of God and the good of all our society (faithfulness, justice, sharing and investing in the good of others and the wider society). Palm Sunday is about praying for and working for good leadership around and in each one of us. It is a call for God to rule and direct our lives and for us to cooperate with him to make us and our society better. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Repeat offender charged for attempted murder

first_imgLisa Bobb — charged multiple times and arraigned in various Magistrates’ Courts in Georgetown for a series of offences — was on Friday arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on an attempted murder charge.This charge alleges that she, on February 14, 2018 at Royal Drive, Campbellville, Georgetown, wounded Christel Bobb with intent to commit murder.Lisa BobbThe court heard that virtual complainant Christel Bobb and defendant Lisa Bobb are cousins who reportedly have had several misunderstandings in the past. The Prosecution is contending that on the day in question, Christel Bobb had just returned home when she was pounced upon by Lisa Bobb, who dealt her a stab to her upper left arm. This attack reportedly stemmed from another misunderstanding the two cousins had had the previous night.Christel was rushed to the public hospital, where she continues to be a patient. Lisa Bobb has been remanded to prison, and the case will continue on March 2. The 25-year-old Lisa Bobb, of Lot 84 Campbellville Housing Scheme, was heard screaming, “If I had the chance to murder that b***h, I would!” as she was being led out of the courtroom of Magistrate Ann McLennan.On her last appearance at the Court, Lisa Bobb had been sent to be mentally evaluated. She has been a frequent offender since 2013.last_img read more

Essequibo Coast tomb raided

first_imgThe tomb that was raidedThe tomb of a woman who was buried in 1994 has been raided and her skeletal remains are missing.The discovery was made a few days ago by a cattle farmer at the La Belle Alliance Cemetery, Essequibo Coast. Enid Warner was buried there some 25 years ago.Upon inspection, relatives noticed that most of her skeletal remains were no longer there and they suspect that they were stolen by the raiders.According to the daughter, Gail Warner, there was nothing of value in the tomb.When Guyana Times visited the cemetery, it was observed that the skull and other parts of the skeleton were missing.Only a few small bones and the woman’s clothing were there.Residents living opposite the graveyard recalled hearing heavy knocking during the evening hours about a week ago.Calls are being made for the Police to treat the matter seriously.last_img read more

Grain producers invited to crop tour

first_imgBC and Alberta Grain Producers are invited to the 2010 annual BC Gran Producers Crop Tour.There will be a steak barbecue and tour of the field crops with a preview of a potential new crop for the Peace River region.The event will also include speakers who will discuss canola, cereals and peas.- Advertisement -The tour will be held on July 14 beginning at 4 p.m. at the Fort St. John research site at Cecil lake road and 101 Rose Prairie Road.For more information, contact 250-782-2557 or 250-785-5774.last_img read more

Second keynote announced for Spark conference

first_imgSome of the sessions include aWomen In Leadership PanelGreat ExpectationsBlogging for BusinessHabitual SuccessSpeaking & CommunicationThe first keynote, Christopher Flett, who is the frontrunner behind the women’s leadership program Ghost CEO, was announced in February.The conference is from May 18 to 19. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A second keynote speaker has been announced for the Spark Conference happening in May.External Relations Director with LNG Canada Susannah Pierce was voted one of the 50 Most Influential Women in BC in 2015, and will be addressing conference-goers.“She has held many prestigious positions around the world – Vice President & Value Chain Integration for Shell Canada, Vice President Communications, Upstream International based in The Hague, Head, GR in Canada for Shell, and Head of US Public Sector Affairs for TransCanada Pipelines based in Washington, DC and New York City,” a press release reads.- Advertisement -Registration for the conference is now open, and reportedly filling up fast.The conference invites any female working, managing, or leading in small and large business, municipal, provincial or federal government, education, tourism and hospitality, energy sector, or home based businesses to come attend.Six concurrent sessions, two plenary sessions, two keynote speakers, and a lot more is in store at the Pomeroy Hotel.Advertisementlast_img read more

EPL scores own goal with transfer window early closing

first_imgThis has led to difficulties for the English clubs in dealing with their European rivals — whose window doesn’t close till August 31.“What you usually see is European prices sit up there and then 7-8 days before the window closes they start to come down a bit that is why you see a bit of a run to the line,” Smith said.Because of the early deadline in England, Premier League clubs this time round were seen as “desperate”, leaving foreign clubs asking themselves: “Why should we reduce our prices.”“That is where really it is a bullet in the foot,” said Smith, speaking ahead of Thursday’s closure of an unusually quiet summer transfer window.Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, who went through the transfer window without buying a player, said the sawn-off transfer window could hurt Premier League clubs competing in Europe down the road.“Personally I think it’s not right. I think it’s right if you agree with all of Europe and all the different countries,” he said.“To have 20 days less (than European rivals on the transfer market) I think is not a thing that is going to help you.”-‘Wait and see’ –Smith, who has just co-founded ‘The Fans Agency’ which for the first time allows supporters to become part owners of an agency investing in footballers, said that Manchester United, and rumours concerning their French World Cup winning midfielder Paul Pogba’s future, are a case in point.Pogba — who moved to United for a then-world-record £89 million  from Juventus in 2016 — is said to be attracting interest from Barcelona amid reported tension between the player and United manager Jose Mourinho.“United are sitting there, let’s say three days ago, and they know (Mino) Raiola (Pogba’s agent) is in Barcelona, and he is with Juventus,” said Smith.“So do they (United) go round trying to replace him in case he goes, or will they just take a chance on it and wait and see and maybe we can loan somebody if he goes.”For Smith, who initially forged a successful career in the music industry producing albums for the likes of the late American ‘Queen of Disco’ Donna Summer and Rhythm and Blues singer Billy Ocean, United have their hands tied now the window has closed.“So United now sit and think, do they have the intelligence to know whether Pogba is going to go or maybe go,” he said. “Barcelona could buy him till the end of August but United can’t buy a replacement.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000The uncertainty over France World Cup winning midfielder Paul Pogba’s future has not helped his club Manchester United with the English Premier League’s transfer window closing earlier than their European rivals leading agent Jon Smith told AFP © AFP / GABRIEL BOUYSLONDON, United Kingdom, Aug 9 – The decision by English Premier League clubs to bring the summer transfer window to an early close compared to Europe was equivalent to firing a “bullet in the foot”, super-agent Jon Smith told AFP Thursday.Smith, who numbered among his clients legendary duo Argentine Diego Maradona and Dutchman Ruud Gullit, said world governing body FIFA’s uniform regulations on the transfer window were due to come into effect next year, but the Premier League opted to change their system earlier.last_img read more