What became of Maniche?

first_imgTo remember Maniche solely for his time at Atlético de Madrid would be an understatement. Portuguese dressed the red and white jersey for two and a half seasons, with half an intermediate course at Inter Milan after a great confrontation with Javier Aguirre, by then mattress technician and left the team separated by indiscipline. The irregularity marked Maniche’s stage in Spain, leaving droppers samples of a quality that in 2004 had served him to become one of the best midfielders in the world.Because such praise is not an exaggeration. Portuguese was a key piece for Porto to become champion of the Champions by Mourinho and for your selection to reach the final of the Eurocup where she started as an amphitheater. A wayward footballer, who needed an environment and a tailor-made coach to perform, but when he got his best version he was a fantastic player. With ability to command in the middle, distribution of the game, covering a lot of field, working in the recovery, managing the game long and with a fantastic arrival in the rival area. Currently, he has not separated from football, as he is the ambassador of FIFA and UEFA and is a television commentator.FRANCK FIFE & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Maniche celebrates a goal in the Champions League with Porto.FRANCK FIFE (AFP) Beginnings and turbulent exit of BenficaNuno Ricardo de Oliveira Ribeiro (November 11, 1977), his real name, began his sports career at Benfica at age nine, the great team from his native Lisbon alongside Sporting, where he would retire. The footballer collected the nickname of Maniche from his physical resemblance, with long hair included, which evoked the figure of Michael Manniche, a Danish center forward who played for Benfica between 1983 and 1987 and who won two leagues and three cups in the Lisbon team. Maniche, who had been rising step by step since childhood, debuted with the Eagles’ first team in UEFA on September 12, 1995 at the age of 17.His precocity led him to look for a club where he could accumulate experience. The humble Alverca, a Benfica satellite, took over his services for three seasons, beginning to demonstrate his abilities to channel the team’s game and his arrival from the second line. His good level led Benfica to recover the player in the 1999-00 season, where he scored 12 goals among all competitions, coming to play second striker. Powerful long shot, ability to step on the area where the defense did not expect and a lot of intelligence in the auction. His good level led him in the following season to ask for a raise. In the push and pull with Benfica, His rival for the title, Porto, appeared to reach an agreement with the player. An operation that the lisboetas took to the courts and that in their maximum anger caused Maniche to go to Benfica B until he decided to renew, which did not happen.Explosion in PortoOn his arrival at the dragons, without any payment for the transfer, he coincided with José Mourinho, the coach who marked his career. “Maniche only plays well with me because I know how to understand him” the technician declared. After a first season in which he scored nine goals in 44 games, his great year came, the academic year 2003-04. Porto began the Champions League with the intention of playing a good role after win the league, the portuguese cup and UEFA (beating Celtic in overtime) in a fantastic year, but nobody expected it to go beyond eighths, where it crossed Manchester United. However, the 2-1 victory at Porto was followed by a draw to one at Old Trafford that served the Portuguese team into the quarters. A team that sent for its strength in midfield with Maniche together with Deco generating game and contributing a lot of goal and with Costinha from behind acting as a stopper.JOSE MANUEL RIBEIRO & nbsp; (REUTERS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Maniche kisses the Champions after defeating Monaco.JOSE MANUEL RIBEIRO (REUTERS) In quarters, Porto passed over the Olympique Lyon (overall 4-2) and Deportivo was measured in the semifinals. A zero draw in Portugal and the Portuguese victory in Coruña by 0-1 led Porto to the final and ended the great dream of the Galician team, who experienced a surreal expulsion to Jorge Andrade in the first leg. In the final it was Monaco, the executioner of Madrid, who suffered the power of Mourinho’s team. A spectacular 3-0 that gave the Champions to the dragons, again champions in league.Not content with that, in the summer of 2004 Maniche became a benchmark in the Portuguese team. A team that it had Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Deco, Carvalho… for the Eurocopa that played at home and where Maniche was apparently going to be a second sword. But he became indisputable in the middle and beyond the goal against Russia in groups, qualified Portugal for the final with an extraordinary goal in the semifinals against the Netherlands that slipped through the entire squad after a short corner kick. Finally, Greece took the title and left Portugal with honey on her lips. FRANCOIS GUILLOT & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Portugal bested the Netherlands in the Euro Cup semifinals with a goal by Maniche’s squad.FRANCOIS GUILLOT (AFP) Departure from PortoAfter a last season in Porto without Mourinho on the bench, Dynamo Moscow paid 16 million for its services. In Russia he played only half a season before Mourinho claimed his services to Chelsea on loan. In the Premier League he crossed out his First major league on the map and lifted the Premier League title. Although it had been almost two years at a lower level than the Euro Cup, in the World Cup in Germany a great version of Maniche appeared again. Again it was the executioner of Holland, in this case in eighths, getting the only goal of the match. Holder throughout the tournament, Portugal fell in the semifinals against France with a solitary goal from Zidane’s penalty.Land at AtléticoHis great tournament led Atlético to take over his services for 9 million. The rojiblanco team had been interested in Maniche for several summers, but it wasn’t until 2006 that they got it. As the rojiblanco, the dominant midfielder of years ago could not be seen and interspersed pills of his troubled talent for his strong character, in addition to a fame that accompanied him for being too nocturnal. Although he was not the best Maniche, he consolidated himself as a starter in the same course where they had landed on the banks of the Manzanares also his ex-partners Costinha and Seitaridis, without meeting any of them expectations.PHILIPPE DESMAZES & nbsp; (AFP) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Maniche, during a match with Atlético.PHILIPPE DESMAZES (AFP)center_img Maniche today.@maniche_official In his first season he did four goals in 30 games. However, in his second year, still being an important piece in the eleven, he had a direct confrontation with coach Javier Aguirre who It led him to leave on loan to Inter Milan after seeing six consecutive games from the stands by decision of the Mexican. Thus, Maniche played in England, Spain and Italy in just three seasons. On his return from Inter, where he won Serie A, the midfielder was again important in an Atlético that with Forlán and Agüero returned to the Champions League. In their first match in the top European competition after so many years absent, the Atletico team won 0-3 on their visit to PSV with a goal by Maniche himself in addition to Kun’s double.But since March he did not have a participation with the team again, showing his bad relationship with Abel Resino, who he called the worst coach of his career and in April he was fined 50,000 euros and removed from the team with Seitaridis for not attending Atlético-Sporting, something mandatory for all players despite not being called. He did not put on the Atlético shirt again before set course for the colony and he stayed 16 games away from having a plate in the Wanda Metropolitano.Withdrawal in PortugalManiche played 30 games and scored two goals for the German team before returning to Portugal for a final year of his career at Sporting, Benfica’s greatest rival. At the end of that 2010-11 season (27 games and four goals), the midfielder hung up his boots. In his trunk of memories was a historic Champions League with Porto, where the best Maniche was seen, the participation in the three great teams of Portugal, his name in the Russian, English, Spanish, Italian and German league, and the league titles in Porto, Chelsea and Inter, a baggage that few players can boast. Currently Maniche, who was physically compared to actor Jim Carrey, He is an ambassador for FIFA, UEFA and is a television commentator in Portugal. In addition, he has published a book with his memories as an elite athlete, ‘Maniche 18’, the number that accompanied him for much of his career. A book that reviews his career and where several of the great players with whom he shared costumes participate: Deco, Cristiano, Figo, Casillas, Torres or the technicians Mourinho, Scolari and Villas Boas. A player who confronted his talent and character and who left almost the same great football moments with anecdotes and confrontations against technicians who tried to tame him without success. If at Atlético his role as Mr. Hyde was seen more, at Porto, Dr. Jekyll left his name etched in the history of the club.last_img read more

Nandlall raps Govt over Bank of America withdrawal from local banks

first_imgFormer Attorney General Anil Nandlall on Friday lambasted Government for one of America’s largest banksFormer Attorney General Anil Nandlallsevering ties with local banks and stated that if they do not rectify the deficiencies swiftly, the situation will worsen.With foreign banks, particularly those in the United States cutting relationship with financial institutions in the Caribbean over money laundering concerns, the Bank of America has penned its notice to sever ties with “indigenous banks” in Guyana.On Friday, Nandlall said that when a bank of such magnitude pulls out of a country it will have an impact on that nation, noting that the future between international banks and Guyana does not bode well.“Unless we rectify our deficiencies quickly, the situation will become worse. The government seems incapable of extricating Guyana from the problem they put Guyana in,” he said.Guyana Times was told that the Bank of America sent a notice indicating that it was severing its corresponding relationship with “indigenous banks” in Guyana. The notice was sent about a month ago.This matter was on the agenda for discussion at the 37th Caricom Heads of Government Meeting held in Guyana July 4 to 6, as Caribbean leaders try to tackle the cut-off of regional indigenous banks, referred to as de-risking – a situation that poses ominous costs for the Region, including crushing the wider economy.De-risking is when international banks withdraw from their relationships with indigenous banks because of fears of money laundering and questionable sources of funds which would cause the international banks to receive heavy fines from their regulators.Caribbean banking institutions rely on such relationships in order to allow residents to conduct international financial transactions. However, since last year, the Region has been facing the impact of de-risking and the issue has been occupying the attention of Regional policy-makers, following signals by international banks that they were unwilling to continue carrying the business of regional banks.Nandlall in a statement on Friday stated that during his tenure as Attorney General and Minister with responsibility over Guyana’s AML/CFT compliance regime, he had spent the greater part of three years battling with the Joint Opposition, in vain, to secure their support in the National Assembly to enact changes to our laws to make Guyana compliant with international standards in respect of Guyana’s AML/CFT regime.“We explained at every available opportunity the dangers to which our nation’s financial and commercial sectors will be exposed.We warned of the great volume of background information which will have to be supplied in relation to financial transactions both locally and across borders.We highlighted the unnecessary expenditures which will be incurred to do business across international borders.We emphasised the severance of relations that would take place between banks in other countries and local bank.We predicted that international trade and commerce between local businesses and those across our borders would decline,” he remarked.He noted that although they secured the votes of the diplomatic community, the entire private sector, the labour movement, the religious organisations and almost every civil society organisation of worth the coalition government did not budge.“They refused to budge. They held the nation to ransom. At every meeting their political demands increased. They accused us of creating panic in the country. They claimed that we are crying wolf; that nothing will happen if the Bills are not passed.”He added that in the end the then opposition reduced this deep-seated national issue to that of a “political football”.“They voted down the required AML/CFT Bill twice in the Tenth Parliament. They caused CFATF to issue a series of adverse Public Statements against Guyana, informing the world that Guyana poses a threat to the global financial structures and warned countries to take the necessary steps to protect their financial landscape from the threat posed by Guyana’s financial sector,” he said, highlighting that Caricom and indeed the world took note and implemented countermeasures against Guyana.“It is now a nightmare to transact business with the local banking sectors. Businessmen can relate the ordeal which they endure daily to conduct simple business transactions. As a result, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) begun a review process of Guyana. Thus, Guyana is stained globally as a country that encourages money laundering and terrorism. A year after assuming the reins of Government, this very Joint Opposition, now in government with a controlling Parliament has been unable to extricate Guyana from the morass in which they have dumped us,” he criticised.He opined that Attorney General Basil Williams appears shockingly clueless on how to propel the nation out of this state of international delinquency: “As if he is on a trial and error mission, he piloted four Bills, thus far, through the National Assembly. Instead of advancing out of the process, we seem to be backsliding. The level of incompetence is remarkable. He still, clumsily, blames the PPP/C administration for the technical deficiencies which afflict our system. A few days ago, he boldly informs the nation that we shall soon exit the review process.”Nandlall questioned how is it possible to exit the review process and at the same time a huge bank, like Bank of America, cutting out.“Someone is lying through their teeth. We continue to reel from the consequences of being an AML/CFT delinquent nation,” he said, adding that he disclosed that FATF’s latest Public Statement on Guyana contradicts the impression conveyed by the Attorney General that the country was exiting the FATF review process.The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) quoted a November World Bank survey saying that about 75 per cent of international banks have experienced a reduction in correspondent banking services with the Caribbean being the worst affected.last_img read more


first_imgThe dialogue on harnessing the latent energy of young people towards a peaceful electoral process continues.Harnessing the latent energy of young people for the peaceful conduct on the next Presidential elections in Liberia is not merely a strategy, but the strategy for the peaceful conduct of the elections. Never again should young people be drawn into violent extremism and elections violence. The time has come for our politicians to harness the latent energy in young people for peace and for young people to unleash their potentials for peace.Latent energy among young people is huge and cannot only be harnessed but could be transformed for sustainable peace, security and development. The youth who has been made obtuse by violence will say he is not conscious of violence. Youths are gifted, creative, and innovative and have time on their side.Harnessing the latent energy of young people is a preventive measure as well as a precursor for sustainable peace. However, most governments, according to the United Nations, spend more resources responding to crises than preventing it. A case in point was the Ebola Epidemic in 2013/14 and the quest for Government to invest in human security.According to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, “Too many prevention opportunities have been lost because Member States mistrusted each other’s motives, and because of concerns over national sovereignty. Such concerns are understandable, in a world where power is unequal and principles have sometimes been applied selectively.” He went on to state, “Prevention is not merely a priority, but the priority. If we live up to our responsibilities, we will save lives, reduce suffering and give hope to millions.” Over the past years, we have observed that when a young person fails in their personal experience, it is always because he/she has never received anything or benefited from adequate human security. The only sign that young people opt for peace is because he/she has been sensitized in peace education and provided with the good things of life. We need to teach young people about self-awareness mediation, and compassion so as to harness their latent energy.When we are unaware of the impact of our negative or disruptive actions as young people, it affects our decision making process. Mediation teaches us to distinguish between useless rumination and constructive anguish. The challenges before us are grave and young people are at the receiving end. In order to harness the latent energy of young people for peace and security issues, we need to address issues of inequality, marginalization, exclusion, corruption, weak institutional support and poor governance. We also need to invest more in the social security of our youth and it is on this basis that we commend the Youth Opportunities Projects supported by the World Bank because of its very strong potential to contribute to peace, security, stability, economic growth and the wellbeing of the country. As part of our contribution to harnessing the latent energy of youths to peace, a sum of L$10,000 would be given monthly to each published article on peace and security issues. Interested youths ages 8-25 can submit their articles to The Liberian Daily Observer in Paynesville or Messengers of Peace-Liberia Inc (MOP) office, 2nd floor of Presbyterian Building on Broad Street, adjacent Lonestar Cell. Contact us via email: messengersofpeaceliberia@gmail.com or +231770125282, +231777661143, +2317770358383. Until next week when we come to you with Part 3 of “Harnessing the latent energy of youth for peaceful elections,” it is peace above all else, peace first, may peace prevail in our time!Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Parasnauth slams unbeaten 163

first_imgOntario Round-Arm Softball T20 cricket…Veteran Canada-based Guyanese softball player Bobby Parasnauth slammed a brilliant, unbeaten 163 for Shawson against Panthers on Sunday when action continued in the 2018 Ontario Round-Arm Softball Cricket Association 20-over competition began.Bobby ParasnauthPlaying at Fieldgate ground in Mississauga, the pugnacious right-handed Parasnauth hit 14 sixes and ten fours as his side piled up a massive 231-2 from the 20-overs. Panthers could respond with only 161 all out in the penultimate over.Parasnauth, who represented Demerara in softball inter-county matches over the past two decades ago, also shared an entertaining 168-run second-wicket stand with Mitch Bacchus, who contributed a cameo 67.Bishram Sancharran was the only batsman to offer any sort of resistance in the Panthers’ reply, with an even half-century. Jerome Choti grabbed two wickets for 21 runs from his four-over spell. He was supported by Arjune Harrichar and Bacchus with two scalps each.Meanwhile, still in the softball arena, former national youth batsman Rovendra Mandolall scored 107 not out for Carr Tec Sports Club to help beat Scarborough Angels the same day in the Ontario Softball Cricket League 20-over tournament.Imran Alli, who represented Sunshine in that competition, strokeed 105, while Ravi Bodo registered a hundred (102) for Restoration Warriors, also in the OSCL competition, to be among the top batsmen.The two competitions will resume this weekend with a series of matches across the Greater Toronto Area.last_img read more

Rodgers rules out January departures from Leicester

first_img0Shares0000Leicester City manager Brendan Rodgers (left) has masterminded eight straight Premier League victories © AFP/File / Ben STANSALLLONDON, United Kingdom, Dec 12 – Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers has ruled out any departures during the January transfer window as he attempts to keep pace with Liverpool at the top of the Premier League.The Foxes host struggling Norwich on Saturday aiming to stay within striking distance of leaders Liverpool, who are heading off for the FIFA Club World Cup in Qatar after their match against Watford. England pair Ben Chilwell and James Maddison, along with midfielder Wilfred Ndidi, have all been touted as potential targets for rival clubs in the transfer window but Rodgers insisted there would be no departures.“There will be nobody leaving in January, categorically,” he said at his pre-match press conference on Thursday saying he had the support of the club’s director of football Jon Rudkin and chairman Aiyawatt ‘Top’ Srivaddhanaprabha.“I am speaking regularly with Jon and Top,” Rodgers said.“It is really clear, we want to keep this squad together. It is an exciting team with growth and development in it, so we want to ensure they stay around beyond January.”Leicester have won a club-record eight straight top-flight games under Rodgers, who was last week rewarded with a new contact until 2025.The Leicester boss said the club’s run of victories had led to speculation about players such as Maddison, whose form he described as “absolutely brilliant”.The former Liverpool and Celtic manager added that Leicester, who won the Premier League under Claudio Ranieri in 2015/16, would attempt to strengthen the squad if the right opportunity presented itself.“We have got a top squad and want to continue to improve,” he said. “That is very important. But there has to be the availability and someone who is affordable for us.”0Shares0000(Visited 16 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more


first_imgSinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty has said the sale of Coillte’s harvesting rights “shouldn’t even be contemplated” following the recent publication of a report by economist Peter Bacon which found that the proposed sale “cannot be justified” and that the Government’s rationale “no longer stands up”.According to the report (see link below on this story) the State would remain liable for costs of up to €1.3 billion following a sale of harvesting rights.To cover these costs, Coillte would need to sell at €78 per square metre, which is “well above current or recent prices.” Deputy Doherty said: “This report completely shatters the government’s only rationale for the sell-off of Coillte’s harvesting rights. Sinn Féin has consistently called on the government not to sell off Coillte land and harvesting rights.“The government has refused to live up to its pre-election commitment not to sell Coillte.“However when an economist like Peter Bacon says that the sale ‘cannot be justified’ on economic grounds surely the government must listen.“These lands belong to the people of this country and are only held in trust by Coillte. It no longer remains just a moral imperative to resist the sale, it is also an economic imperative. “What this report says is quite simple: we cannot afford to sell these rights.”See report at: http://www.impact.ie/files/campaigns/saveourforests/ForestryFinalReport1.pdf SELL-OFF OF DONEGAL FORESTS MUST STOP, SAYS TD was last modified: January 29th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:SAYS TDSELL-OFF OF DONEGAL FORESTS MUST STOPlast_img read more


first_imgA special night of greyhound racing will be held in Lifford tonight in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care.The evening promises a night of top class racing, featuring 11 open races over 350, 525, 550 and 750 yards.The first race is at 6.00pm and the runners are: Race 1 East Donegal CC Novice Open (350 yards): 1, Fridays Hondo; 2, Peads Tango; 3, Amys Apple; 4, Hather Eve; 5, Corrakelly Bang; 6, Headware Sal.Race 2 Droopys Stud & Whitehouse Veterinary 350 (350 yards): 1, Gizmo’s Bluebell; 2, Tyrgal Charlie; 3, Imperial Falcon; 4, Kilnacloy Prince; 5, Fridays Mike; 6, Moyola Yahoo.Race 3 Doire Construction 600 (600 yards): 1, Headman Chris; 2, Fifo; 3, Westward Bound; 4, Barnish Panther; 5, Gizmo Classic; 6, Burnpark Lee.Race 4 Dandelion Bar & Club 525 (525 yards): 1, Colarhouse Lady; 2, Paradise Madrid; 3, Shale Bob; 4, Budders Luck; 5, Blenheim Tricks; 6, Farloe Pixie. Race 5 Paul’s Butchers 525 (525 yards): 1, Nalps Crash; 2, Tahina Kadyn; 3, Farloe Nutter; 4, Farloe Quest; 5, Daylens Diamond; 6, Work Me Lord.Race 6 Hather Kennels & Sandy Close 575 (575 yards): 1, Lazy Jess; 2, Paddock Paula; 3, Mongys Girl; 4, Kingsmill Aguero; 5, Lotus Paddy; 6, Do It Kim.Race 7 MacMillan & Marie Curie 550 (550 yards): 1, Shes a Terror; 2, Atitboy; 3, Tanhina Kyle; 4, Ulster Idea; 5, Mind the Net; 6, Skywalker Farloe.Race 8 Frightful Flash Stud 525 (525 yards): 1, Trinity Forest; 2, Titanic Bound; 3, Barnish Lane; 4, Free Faling; 5, Fridays Maybe; 6, Castleroggy Rust.Race 9 Malone Lodge Hotel 350 (350 yards): 1, Crown Champ; 2, My Head; 3, Darfin Dancer; 4, Mucky Zebo; 5, Drumsna Major; 6, Dragoon Doon. Race 10 Fridays Kennel & Messan Kennel 525 (525 yards): 1, Smurfing Manx; 2, Culture Bob; 3, Tahina Sonya; 4, Drusna Canyon; 5, Total Motion; 6, Curley Luke.Race 11 Hamilton Architects 550 (550 yards): 1, Wayseeit; 2, Graysfield Dell; 3, Budders Reward; 4, Dynamo Millar; 5, Hather Ma Man; 6, Storm Warrior.GREYHOUND RACING: CHARITY MEETING AT LIFFORD TONIGHT was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by johngerardShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:cancercharitygreyhoundLiffordRacinglast_img read more


first_imgColaiste Ailigh in Letterkenny are to host their first official schools game on their new pitch today against Finn Valley College.Rory Kavanagh wil throw in the ball at today’s game at Colaiste Ailigh.The school moved from Spackburn House to their new school in Knock Na Mona at Autumn time last year.Ever since they moved to Knock Na Mona it has been a long wait for the grass to grow on the pitch. The pitch is finally in playing condition and Colaite Ailigh are set to take on Finn Valley college at mens senior level.The game is scheduled for 11am with Donegal All-Ireland medallist Rory Kavanagh throwing the ball in.Many thanks to Finn Valley College and their manager Rory White for travelling to Letterkenny for this historic event.#theresnothinglikebeingthere COLAISTE AILIGH GET LEVEL PLAYING FIELD AT LAST! was last modified: September 25th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Colaiste Ailighletterkennyplaying fieldRory Kavanaghlast_img read more


first_imgOne shows a wedding scene and another shows a romantic walk on a sandy beach.These photos are obviously on immense personal value to whoever lost them.They were found in the new Dunnes Stores in Letterkenny yesterday. If anybody knows anybody in the pictures or may know who owns them, contact us at info@donegaldaily.com  and we will put you in touch with who found them.DID YOU LOSE SOME VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHS IN LETTERKENNY? was last modified: October 23rd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Dunnes Storesletterkennyphotoslast_img read more

Top price for Tretchi painting

first_imgThe striking Fruits of Bali sold for a recordR3.7-million at an auction in Cape Town.(Image: Stephan Welz & Co Auctioneers) The artist Vladimir Tretchikoff with someof his works.Janine ErasmusVladimir Tretchikoff’s Fruits of Bali sold for a whopping R3.7-million (about $463 000) – 10 times its pre-sale estimate – at an art auction in Cape Town. This figure surpassed the artist’s previous auction record of R440 000 ($54 000) reached at an auction in the city earlier in 2008.Auctioneers Stephan Welz & Co, in association with Sotheby’s, sold off R27-million ($3.3-million) worth of artworks at the May event, the second highest total ever reached at a Cape Town auction.The iconic self-taught Russian was one of several artists whose works went under the hammer. Buyers vied for pieces by other well-known South African such as Pierneef, Irma Stern and Gerard Sekoto, who had four previously unseen works from a European collection up for sale, including a small oil painting titled Girl Sewing, with a pre-sale estimate of R200 000 ($25 000). In total over 1 000 lots were available, of which 94% were sold.Bidding was reportedly enthusiastic, with six buyers on the phone, a number of offers from the floor and several absentee bidders showing interest. Applause broke out as the gavel came down on the sale. The winning bidder was present at the sale, but will remain anonymous.The bigger pictureVladimir Grigorievich Tretchikoff was born in 1913 into a wealthy family in Petropavlovsk, northern Kazakhstan. When the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917 the family fled to China. Tretchikoff took up painting, received his first commission at the age of 16, and had his first solo exhibition in Singapore at 20.Tretchikoff, who was known mostly by his last name, married in 1935 and had a daughter, Mimi. The family settled in Singapore soon after. However, when the Japanese invaded the island in 1941, the artist’s wife and daughter were forced to evacuate and he was taken prisoner. Years later he was released and tracked down his family in South Africa. In 1946 they reunited and settled in Cape Town.His first exhibition at the Maskew Miller gallery in 1948 was a huge success, if not a critical one, with 12 000 people passing through the doors in 11 days. There was no mediocre reaction to Tretchikoff’s works: his paintings of mysterious women and fallen flowers were either loved or reviled.Over the next 15 years Tretchikoff exhibited in the US, Canada and England, cementing his reputation as one of the best-selling artists. During his career he notched up 252 international exhibitions which were attended by almost 3 000 000 people in total. Today there are countless numbers of his paintings’ prints in circulation.Tretchikoff’s Chinese Girl (1950) is reported to be one of the top three best-selling art prints ever. The blue-skinned beauty depicted in the work was revealed to be a Cape Town teenager who was working in her uncle’s laundromat at the time.For reasons unknown, Trechikoff himself maintained that the Chinese girl was the daughter of a restaurant owner he met in San Francisco, until the real story was uncovered. According to Tretchikoff’s daughter, the original painting was bought by a woman from Chicago, and neither she nor the painting have been heard of since.Tretchikoff retired from selling and exhibiting in the 1970s but continued to paint until a stroke in 2002 left him progressively more frail and unable to work. He died on 26 August 2006 at the age of 92.Not everyone is a Tretchikoff fan. The artist was widely scorned among critics for his “kitsch” style but had massive public appeal nonetheless. Tretchikoff himself was known for his brimming self-confidence and tersely dismissed his critics, saying, “They are all failed artists anyway.”He worked in oil, watercolour, ink, charcoal and pencil and painted hundreds of portraits and still lifes, mainly of flowers and animals. His other notable works include Weeping Rose, Balinese Girl, Miss Wong, Blue Monday and The Dying Swan.Do you have queries or comments about this article? Email Janine Erasmus at janinee@mediaclubsouthafrica.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .Useful linksVladimir TretchikoffJohannesburg Art GalleryStephan Welz & Co Auctioneerslast_img read more