Foreign lead market analysis is still a big cake

Hello everyone I am little, before the A5 to share a lot of knowledge about foreign Wangzhuan, some friends from childhood fly blog understand and learn foreign Wangzhuan, some people have earned a lot of dollars formally entered the foreign Wangzhuan industry. To bring such a big harvest is really little pleasure, today I give you analysis of foreign Wangzhuan prospects.

when we do Wangzhuan abroad mainly do is foreign lead, a foreign lead article before the boats had many of the analysis, we can also go to your blog to learn foreign boats. read more

Net red is not a panacea to eat big cake fans economy

with the "Internet plus" era, especially with the emergence of short video, broadcast and other new forms of communication, bearing style of fans economy is undergoing changes in turn the world upside down. The traditional TV, film and other media as the main carrier of the star economy, began to move to the short video, live broadcast and other media as the main carrier of the transfer of the red economy.

The traditional

star economy, became a star often requires a company to create a full range of packaging and can be accepted by the majority of fans, the star became the top of the "Pyramid" of the industrial chain, large occupation categories and appear because of stars. "Internet plus" era, this situation began to change, the drawbacks of traditional star economy also began to be exposed. read more

More beautiful APP Liu Di have ideas to resign Grassroots entrepreneurship to cold start!

entrepreneur Liu Di believes that for grassroots entrepreneurs, in addition to full of passion, the most needed is a calm mind and a good control of the entrepreneurial gene. "Everyone had thought first with low cost small range of trial and error, if recognized by the market, there are some basic data to do so in full time, financing and recruitment of a big plus."  

if you are grassroots cold start is very important

for grassroots entrepreneurs, I would like to share with you is that cold start is very important. When you have a business idea in mind, do not rush to resign, because the idea is to use action to verify. I’ve seen too many people interested in working together on a full-time basis, but things do fast, die fast, had to go back to big companies to work. read more