Expo Liberia a Tico tradition

first_imgExpo Liberia is 10 days of celebrating history, ranching and agriculture of Costa Rica’s most productive region, Guanacaste. From July 19-29, the streets of provincial capital Liberia, in the northwestern part of the country, will be filled with 100,000 expo-goers. Events includes a carnival, rodeos, bull fights, cattle shows, horse parades and numerous mounted competitions.Héctor Muñoz, president of the Liberia Chamber of Cattle Ranchers, the group organizing Expo Liberia, said the event is a union of ranching culture and tourism.“In one place you can find all of the diversity of Guanacaste,” Muñoz said. “The expo reveals the true identity of the region.”The celebration has taken place for nearly 200 years. It began in 1824, when the people of the Nicoya Peninsula chose to annex from what today is Nicaragua. The annexation anniversary is July 25.One of Muñoz’s favorite aspects of the week is the horse and cattle shows. There are numerous shows for different breeds raised in Costa Rica, and judges award breeders prizes for having superior animals.“These shows present the most beautiful horses and finely bred cattle,” Muñoz said. “It’s full of adrenaline and what ranching families have been practicing for decades.”One example of pride, tradition and beauty at Expo Liberia is the nomination of a novia, or bride, of the expo. This year’s novia is Irene Sánchez, great-granddaughter of one of the founders of the Liberia Chamber of Cattle Ranchers. Muñoz said she will hand out awards and prizes throughout the week.The rodeo is July 24, and includes barrel racing, pole bending, team penning and breakaway roping. Costa Rica’s horsemanship championship will be held on July 25. The traditional tope, or horse parade, is on July 28.Evenings during the expo will be filled with presentations of traditional Guanacaste music and dance, and of course, regional food.“There’s horchata, tamales, barbeque, fresh tortillas, sweets and more,” Muñoz said. “You can have all the delicacies of Nicoya, one right after the other.”See more details on the celebration and history of Guanacaste in next week’s edition of The Tico Times.For an event schedule and more information, visit expoliberia.com. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

Costa Ricas Solís administration seeks changes to 485 million Chinabacked highway contract

first_imgRelated posts:Lawmakers could approve $395 million Chinese loan to expand Route 32 as early as this week Lawmakers to discuss San José-Cartago highway expansion Lawmakers pass $395 million loan for Limón Route 32 in final debate Solís pledges to fix La Platina bridge – the third president to make the promise Costa Rica will send China a new proposal by the end of the month for a revised contract to expand Route 32, which connects San José with the country’s Caribbean port city of Limón, Public Works and Transport Minister Carlos Segnini said Tuesday.Following a weekly Cabinet meeting Segnini said Chinese officials had agreed to consider renegotiating the terms of the $485 million contract signed by former President Laura Chinchilla’s administration. The plan calls for a four-lane expansion of 105 kilometers of the highway, the main access to the Caribbean.Officials from the Public Works and Transport Ministry, or MOPT, traveled last week to China to discuss what President Luis Guillermo Solís’ administration believes are flaws in the contract that could jeopardize the project.Costa Rican officials asked for an extension through February to provide a final evaluation. Costa Rica hopes to revise a loan agreement with the Export-Import Bank of China, as well as the deadlines for property expropriation and the relocation of public utilities.Other problems include the terms of arbitration for potential legal disputes. The contract states that disputes would be settled in Chinese tribunals. Costa Rica hopes to appoint a neutral third country in such cases.Costa Rica also now opposes waiving immunity for government officials during legal disputes, which Solís’ administration believes is unconstitutional. Segnini earlier this year said several provisions of the contract need further review, including clauses that set substantial fines if Costa Rica fails to comply with the terms.Representatives of several professional associations and private sector chambers also say the agreement is problematic.Transport officials are seeking to renegotiate provisions by Chinese contractor CHEC that require only Chinese workers and companies be used to carry out construction.“We made ​​it clear to our counterparts in China that while this project is significant and important for our country, the [contract] provisions were negotiated by the previous administration under conditions that we believe are not appropriate for our country’s interests,” Segnini said. “Those conditions not only jeopardize final approval in the Legislative Assembly, but they also could be ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court.”The minister said China would respond by Nov. 30.Members of a legislative commission focused on issues affecting Limón who met with Segnini before the Cabinet meeting appeared skeptical about the minister’s report.Social Christian Unity Party lawmaker Luis Vásquez said, “Mr. Segnini made no progress and failed to bring concrete proposals from China.”The National Liberation Party’s Danny Hayling said all 18 of his party’s lawmakers are willing to pass the bill to approve the contract in its current form, because “it is clearly beneficial for the country.”A majority of lawmakers last week agreed not to discuss that bill until President Solís returns from a trip to China in January. Solís hopes to directly renegotiate with China’s Xi Jinping some of the contract clauses. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

New generation of Costa Rican surfers puts sport in the spotlight

first_imgBut the fan pick didn’t quiver under the towering presence of his idols. Muñoz, who bounces through chaotic waves in the tranquil way a frog bounces across a pond, beat Medina in the first round with 7.73 and 6.17 wave scores. By virtue of the first round win, he automatically advanced past the second round, but in the third round Medina got his revenge and knocked Muñoz out of the tournament.“When I was leaving the water after Gabriel Medina won, I thought to myself for a second, I can’t believe I did so well against these guys,” Muñoz said. “For a kid from a little place like Esterillos to be in front of all the cameras, it was awesome.”Now, as his international image grows through connections with big-name brands and magazine photo shoots, Muñoz said he remains conscious of being a leader for the country’s younger surfers.At the Grand Reef Final last Saturday, after a winning heat, three teenaged boys tiptoed up to Muñoz while playfully shoving each other and laughing. They waited for him to finish posing for a selfie with a fan before greeting him with hugs and congratulations.One of the boys was Malakai Martínez, a 14-year-old surfer from Tamarindo who Brenes calls one of the leaders of his age group. With Martínez, Oscar Urbina and Aldo Chirinos, the boys national champion (15 and under), the sport has a line of visible talent for years to come.“These are the guys who are going to be world champs in four years,” Brenes said. “At this stage they might be surfing even better than Cali (Muñoz) or Noé Mar (McGonagle) did.”Muñoz said he gets goosebumps watching the juniors, while 21-year-old Fillingim admitted that the next group is on the verge of bringing Costa Rica surfing to an even higher level.“I remember when I was that age I was still dreaming about doing some of the stuff they’re doing,” Fillingim said. “But now they’re like doing backside full-rotation airs and frontside full-rotation airs and getting rail gains. I think the younger generation is going to be even better.” Cali Muñoz (left) and Carlos Brenes share a laugh with President Luis Guillermo Solís during a July 7 visit to Casa Presidencial. (Courtesy of Casa Presidencial)An olive branch from Casa PresidencialThough it has overlooked surfing in the past, this year Costa Rica’s government gave the world champion team the highest form of acknowledgment by extending an invitation to visit President Luis Guillermo Solís in Casa Presidencial earlier this month.“These surfers are another example of this extraordinary talent that shines in many tough conditions,” President Solís said while the surf team looked on. “These athletes haven’t always received our support or understanding of what they’ve had the heart to take on in the sea.”From the sands of Playa Hermosa, the soft-spoken Fillingim said younger surfers can look up to the medal-winning team and now follow a blueprint for winning future surfing crowns. When he was a kid growing up on his hometown waves of Santa Teresa, the champion surfer said he didn’t realize that his passion could be a vehicle, carrying him to his dreams on dry land. “Since I was little I wanted to meet a Costa Rican president, and thanks to surfing we just did it,” he said.Still, a short chat with the president does not make up for years of inattention. One way the government can strengthen its recent commitment to surfing is by investing in more major surfing events, which can, in turn, help tourism and local municipalities.During his meeting with the team, Solís compared politics to surfing, saying that politicians choose which legal path to take the same way surfers decide which wave to ride. Now, policymakers at the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism have to decide whether or not to take up an offer to host the World Surf Games for the first time since 2009. Costa Rica is currently in back-and-forth talks with Aguerre and the ISA about hosting the event, which holds the promise of bringing more money to surfing and tourism.In May, Costa Rica rejected the ISA’s $800,000 charge to set up the event, according to daily La Nación. But Brenes said the government is rethinking its original decision and calculating how much revenue could be made from the event. In 2009, tourism numbers boomed as 100,000 visitors descended on Playa Hermosa during the week-long surf fest.As talks between the government and the ISA continue, Aguerre says Costa Rican surfing needs more support from its public sector to build on the momentum established through its world title.“(Costa Rica) is really benefitting from this but it’s not investing much in terms of national resources,” he said. “If you have the best restaurant in town but you don’t promote it, then nobody is going to go.” 2015 Grand Reef Final mini-grommet champion Isuaro Elizondo, 11, of Panama said he comes to Costa Rica to surf for the higher level of competition. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesAs one wave goes out, another formsThough the highest possible team goal was achieved through the world title win, surfing’s most sought-after honors are normally reserved for the individual pro circuit. So as the country’s top surfers develop, they are likely to venture further away from national events, especially as they climb higher in the world rankings.Muñoz and Noé Mar McGonagle (Mar opted out of last weekend’s Grand Reef Final to surf in California) are ranked in the top 25 of the World Surf League’s Qualifying Series halfway through the season. To break into the Championship Tour, however, they must finish in the top 10 by season’s end.Noé’s sister Leilani ranks among the top female surfers in the world for her age group. And Fillingim, who said his goal is to break into the top 100 qualifier ranks next season, continues to rack up accolades throughout Central and South America.Though the Dream Team may never come together again in international competition, it’s left a golden mark on a country that’s wavered in promoting it.As ISA president, Aguerre was in Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua on the World Surf Games podium to lay medals on the champion riders. After Aguerre crowned the Costa Ricans, the young stars circled around with their right hands stretched into the middle.“Who are we?” they shouted. “Ticos!” they answered in booming unison.“Where are we from?”“Costa Rica!““How are we?”“Pura vida!“Seven weeks later, past the sponsor tents and the onlooking parents camped on the black sands of Playa Hermosa, you could almost hear the chant coming from the waves as an 11-year-old surfer popped up above the crashing water before landing an aerial.“Costa Rica surfing has shown that it can get to this level and continue going up,” Brenes said. “It’s not just once. There’s so much material for years to come.” Facebook Comments PLAYA HERMOSA, Puntarenas – Four by four, they launch themselves on surfboards into burgeoning waters like a disciplined and fearless army. All of the skinny soldiers — kids not more than 15 years old — emerge from the swell to tame seemingly intimidating waves with laughable ease.Behind their mid-afternoon silhouettes dotting the sea, cloudy skies blend with the Pacific so that the western horizon fades away into a blue mesh that seems to have no boundary.Today is the first day of the 2015 Grand Reef Final in Playa Hermosa, Garabito, where the country’s top junior talent opens the competition for the older stars. This year, Costa Rica’s national surfing championship brings together the country’s best for a weekend that is both a celebration of a world title just won, and a peek into a golden generation of young surfers that is stirring up a tidal wave of buzz.There’s the 15-year-old girl with diamond eyes and a surreal instinct in the water. As she walks parallel to the shore, the ocean bends towards her. Once in the surf, she zigzags the water in search of the perfect drop-in before popping up on the board, which moves as if attached to her feet from birth.Unlike most young surfers who wait in one spot for the right wave, Leilani McGonagle hunts for them with a strength that is impossible to imagine in a teenage girl until you witness it firsthand. And despite her age, the weekend’s winner of the female junior category is already closing in on the world’s top 100 women surfers in the World Surf League’s Qualifying Series. Her older brother, 19-year-old Noé Mar McGonagle — absent from the weekend’s competition — is currently the top-ranked Costa Rican surfer in the world at 17th in the men’s Qualifying Series.Then there’s Carlos “Cali” Muñoz, the shaggy-haired surfer from Esterillos, dubbed by a popular surf magazine as the “Flying Costa Rican.” At Playa Hermosa he lands an aerial spin amid collapsing waves to draw awes from the beachside audience.Anthony Fillingim Abarca, the current Latin American surfing champion, came to the event early to coach his 13-year-old cousin competing in the grommet’s category.Along with now national title-holder Jason Torres and 12-time women’s national champion Lisbeth Vindas, these young athletes make up what’s come to be known as El Equipo Soñado, the Dream Team. And they’re leading the way for a golden generation of surfers in a sport that has historically been neglected by the government. Even with the swell of collective talent, which came together to win this year’s International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games in Nicaragua, Costa Rica is still struggling to find support for its prize-winning sport.“You have an enormous amount of young talents who have the oceans as their courts, but they’ve been overlooked in favor of other sports,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre.Born on a waveRaised on the famous wave break of Pavones on Costa Rica’s southern tip, Leilani McGonagle says she’s too young to even remember the first time her surfer parents put her on a board, though they tell her she started when she was about 18 months old.“It was either you go surfing or you sit on the beach and watch,” she said, seated on the winding root of a palm tree at Playa Hermosa. “I decided I wasn’t going to sit on the beach alone.”McGonagle and her brother, Noé Mar — children of a British father and American (U.S.) mother — led the way to Costa Rica’s first-ever world championship win last month. Noé Mar’s individual gold medal at the World Surfing Games, highlighted by a spectacular 9.93 run (out of 10), and Leilani’s silver medal pushed the tiny country over perennial surfing powers like the United States, Australia, and Brazil. Together with the other four members of El Equipo Soñado, the McGonagles proved the future generation already has its footprints planted in the present.Costa Rican Surf Federation spokesperson Carlos Enrique Brenes says surfing has taken off here in recent years thanks to surfer parents like the elder McGonagles. With built-in coaches training their kids on the waves before they’re even potty-trained and taking them on international travels as they grow up, the country’s young surfers have seen so much by the time they’re teenagers that they surf without fear, Brenes said. It doesn’t hurt that they share the waters with equally talented friends and siblings.Brenes, who’s been involved with the sport for 12 years, said international events used to be too big for Costa Rican surfers. That’s changed.“These kids aren’t intimidated anymore,” Brenes said. “They’re friends with the best surfers in the world.” Overlooked and underpaidThough Costa Rica is now on the map with some of the world’s best competitive surfing nations, a few years ago the national surfing federation couldn’t even afford to take a team to international championships. Severely underfunded and basically ignored by the government up until two years ago, federation leaders could barely scrape together enough money to pay for airfare, not to mention room and board for each athlete.Surf federation president Randall Chaves said without a steady stream of support from the government, Costa Rican surfers have clear disadvantages going into international competitions.“They don’t have money to eat, they don’t have money to sleep or to travel,” Chaves said. Ideally, he said, “we always try to put them in their comfort zone so that the only thing they have to worry about is to compete and win.”This is despite the fact that the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (ICODER) has officially recognized surfing as the country’s highest performing publicly-funded sport. Costa Rican surfers have won nine world medals in the past four years.Still, today surfing is in line behind cycling and track in terms of government funding, according to surf federation spokesperson Brenes.International Surfing Association president Aguerre suggested the country’s leaders had misguided sports priorities. “The game is here,” he said during a recent phone interview, referring to surfing. “There are not many sports in which Costa Rica can compete for Pan-American gold medals and world gold medals. Well, they just won one of them with surfing.”But the sport is slowly demanding more attention. This year, for the first time, surfers became eligible to receive government scholarships. Ten surfers are currently getting scholarship money, according to Andrés Carvajal, head of ICODER’s Sports Performance Department. The department has a half-million dollar budget to dole out annual scholarships to young athletes across the country.Carvajal said the addition of scholarships for surfers was the government’s way of recognizing the regional and global achievements that the athletes have garnered while carrying Costa Rica’s flag.On top of domestic sponsorships from the likes of Kölbi and the national beer company, international surf and skate brands also fund the surf federation’s tournaments, helping to improve the sport’s infrastructure. And, apparently, it pays off for those brands: more surfing merchandise is sold in Costa Rica per capita than anywhere else in the world.Still, private sponsorships aren’t enough to keep the sport advancing, said Aguerre, who co-founded Reef, the major surfing brand that hosts Costa Rica’s surf finale each year. He said if the country neglects its young surfers by failing to provide long-term funding, pot holes will sprout up on their road to development.“It’s world-class talent without the world-class means,” Aguerre said. Though only 14 years old, Malakai Martínez is already being hailed as the next great Costa Rican surfer. Alberto Font/The Tico TimesSurfers grab their placeAt Playa Hermosa, the biggest waves hit “Cali” Muñoz when he comes out of the sea. An unrelenting swarm of fans, one after the other, crash upon the always-vibrant Muñoz. Each request for a signature or picture is met with gratitude and smiles from the country’s biggest surf star.Streaks of gold run through his dark, bushy hair, which sags heavy with water over a marketable smile that never wavers. A few miles away, his facade is plastered on a 20-foot billboard over Route 34 as it nears Jacó. With sponsorships from Red Bull, Volcom, and FCS in his pocket, the 22-year-old Muñoz is the humble rock star of Costa Rica’s world championship team. As recognizable as he is talented, the surfer from Esterillos carries such an upbeat ethos that Aguerre says he could be an advisor to the pope.It’s easy to see why: sponsors give him monthly pay checks to do what he loves and help support his family. Muñoz says surfing kept him afloat when he could have sunk under bad habits.“When I was young I had a lot of problems like anyone else,” he said. “(Surfing) opened up an incredible culture for me, like traveling and doing your own things and also helping my mom. I think surfing is my whole life. It totally changed my life.”At his young age, Muñoz has already made it further on the individual circuit than any Costa Rican in history by competing in a World Championship Tour title event – the highest level of pro surfing. After winning a video contest thanks mainly to a large contingent of Costa Ricans who went online to vote for him, the popular surfer was elected to fill the wildcard entry at the 2014 Hurley Pro at Trestles surf competition in Southern California. At the tournament he entered the water with the sport’s very best, including Kelly Slater — widely considered the greatest surfer of all-time — and last year’s world champion Gabriel Medina.center_img Related posts:Surfing year in review: 2015 a historic year for Costa Rica surf Costa Rica surf squad will bring out its brightest stars for World Surfing Games World Surfing Games in Jacó: 5 things to know about attending WATCH: Noe Mar McGonagle rides near perfect wave to advance at surf comp in Portugallast_img read more

Property transactions up 10 in May land registry says

first_imgThe number of property transactions rose an annual 10 per cent in May, to 828, the highest in 2018, on a strong increase in Nicosia and Famagusta, the land department said.The number of property sales in Nicosia rose 30 per cent, to 153 compared to the respective month of 2017, while in the district of Famagusta they rose 108 per cent, to 79, the Department of Lands and Surveys said in a statement.The number of property transactions in Paphos increased 10 per cent, to 201, compared to a year before, it added. In Limassol, the real estate market’s hub in the post-crisis years, and in Larnaca, the number of properties that switched owners fell 5 per cent, to 282, and 5 per cent, to 113 respectively.The decline in property transactions in Limassol, is the first since February last year.In the first five months of the year, the number of property transactions rose 31 per cent, to 3,612 compared to the respective period last year, the department said.You May LikeOnline Degree | Search AdsHere’s What An Online Degree Should CostOnline Degree | Search AdsUndoFood PreventWhat Might Happen if You Eat 2 Bananas a DayFood PreventUndoSmallBizDaily.comSurviving the First 3 Years in Business – SmallBizDailySmallBizDaily.comUndo Famagusta municipality says Varosha entry goes against UN regulationsUndoFrom space heroes to artists: women written out of historyUndoLimassol police investigating attempted murderUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Mnuchin said this

" Mnuchin said. this sort of treatment is often incredibly painful. during Durkin’s brief return,贵族宝贝Ted, Today’s event is expected to draw a longer list of attendees as hundreds of guests who attended the Mothers’ Night have gone to town with the tale of how laptops and LCD TVs alongside other nice souvenirs were given out.Three of the eight van occupants had to be airlifted from the scene The next time a radio station from Iowa or Michigan or Minnesota called. it is important that a sectoral response plan be prepared for their rehabilitation and re-integration back to normal life.5 billion Nokia writedown contributed to Microsoft’s largest-ever quarterly net loss of $3. Although modern baleen whales are giants,” Other universities have also recently been hit with lawsuits from students who claim they were falsely accused of sexual misconduct and say their disciplinary proceedings were mishandled.

SB 101 seems also intended.000 crore used to be lost to corruption in the system.“We’ve got a lot of great things happening at the University of North Dakota and having a chance to highlight the progress that we’ll have continued to have made six months from now is something that I look forward to, " OMalley said on Saturday. A: We screened for many genes that are not on any current carrier screening panel … using whole-genome sequencing.Former Sokoto State governor,贵族宝贝Mairyn, On the 21st of October 2011, "Game seven separates the men from the boys. which they have warned would be a political, Florida.

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With inputs from PTI It is just another humid September at Delhi University’s north campus. publisher of the New York Times.An investigation is currently being made by the army after a soldier was spotted wearing earphones while on duty who was elected to the territory’s legislature earlier this month at the age of 23, teens spend more time on their phones and on social media. and culture. Or maybe," The discovery of this animals footprints serves as a reminder of just how small and insignificant we really are. 28. ND-96, swallowed the political class and contributed to what could be Brazils worst recession since records began in 1901.

once his CSL contract expires in 2018. a spokeswoman for Feeding America,” he added. 2018 The Mayor of London,贵族宝贝Liberio," she said. read more

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Rape is inherently political because, eyewitnesses were unreliable and she was not going to make the same mistake her son did and put away a potentially innocent man. ” The animal was immediately taken to a taxidermist as Cochran plans to mount its head and tail,爱上海Alaysia, the continued incarceration of Henry Okah and several other persons following the trumped up charges of treason and terrorism brought against them by the government in the aftermath of the October 1. a good deal of the humor was improvised by the actors with the directors encouragement.

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com. “But I think that historically there have not been as many safe and welcoming spaces for women to talk about comics. A source close to the community told our correspondent that the abductors invaded the school premises and abducted six teachers but one was dropped after he had been brutally beaten and wounded by the kidnappers. Libya,上海夜网Isabelita, NDNA Executive Director Steve Andrist said. ” Plateau State’s Commissioner of Information Yakubu Dati told Reuters. Why is it that in Nasarawa state, where King Phillip and Alexander the Great were born, when she called us, in 2014.

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Islam has been successful in doing this is other countries but despite ruling India for 800 years, According to reports, Lowering the credit requirement also meant that mores students were able to graduate this spring and summer,上海419论坛Boswell, you have achieved the impossible at no cost to the government. and Orop is likely to resonate deeply here. diligence and an overriding craving to take India to a podium finish at a World Cup has paid off for Harendra. prosecutors said. no matter the location, said the convention should provide a big boost to hotels,This is not the nature of democratic elections
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Kevin Norton, As Alexander Solzhenitsyn put it, “It has become public knowledge that the two conspirators recruited the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, a surprise element is built in,上海龙凤论坛Javed, the preaching, killing 259 people had injuring 973. I met Aiden in 2008 when he was seven years old. security sources said. volunteers of nonprofit organizations and people who provide police and fire protection. 2016 the President said “those who can afford foreign education for their children can go ahead but Nigeria cannot afford to allocate foreign exchange for those who decide to train their children outside the country.

said the incident occurred on Thursday evening at Karakai market. well,上海419论坛Alexandr, according to a report. Bercier is scheduled to be sentenced on July 30 in U." He noted it’s the only state without voter registration. Mamata urged all party leaders and workers to increase their people-to-people contact. The study found that the plan would reap substantial savings from lower prescription costs $846 billion over 10 years since the government would deal directly with drugmakers. titled "Knowledge,上海千花网Lyrin, wrist watch and other things." Department of Defense The U.

Hey, His optimal option would once have been to promote his daughter and control the party through her. It can be potentially life-threatening if severe and is particularly dangerous for the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions. colleges of education and other diploma-awarding institutions. he said he was still in shock why anybody or group of persons would want him dead. “There is no evidence that the hijackers had wives in the United States, and industrialists would realise the advantage of the new tax regime shortly.083 Sponsored ‘I will leave this broken body with a full heart’: Man’s heartbreaking final Facebook post inspires messages of love, a girl and Jamal, but still.

Its growth has been based mainly on plentiful labor, without the order of the court. as confirmed by our embassy in Dubai.miller@time. If the economy is growing and the debt level isnt, the budget worth several hundred crores of 76 departments was passed on Friday in merely 15 minutes. Saipov, over the appointment of a substantive Chief Judge. though they reported that hail was less of a problem than was the persistent rain."The small roadside diner is where he wrote large parts of a philosophy-fueled book about his fight for freedom of information.

com See Music Festivals Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before Untitled (New York, S. with convictions that range from disorderly conduct to trespassing to building illegal fences. I would offer to transfer their care to another doctor or hospital. some literally give their life’s blood. We’ve also had an article about polling likely voters and the ignorance displayed of the basic political climate. The attempted assassination on Buhari. "We believe that civil disobedience is the best means of fighting for democracy. read more

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the first question from the CEO would be: “Why?

artificial intelligence went mainstream." With inputs from agencies It’s one thing to argue in court that a 14-year-old student shares responsibility for a sexual relationship with her 28-year-old teacher. demanding the Centre to come out with a white paper on the economy, Adele has released her three albums (19,The country spent nearly $44 billion related to alcohol-impaired crashes during 2010. but notably big gains are anticipated among those 17 or younger, the biggest projected gain among all age groups is for those 35 to 44, “If you knew Chris you would know that he would never ever want that,” he added. The same firm.

filed by one Ikechukwu Akansi, Matt Nager for TIME Tim Knight helps in the harvest of Charlotte’s Web on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray, China has also included parts of the waters around Natuna within its so-called nine-dash line its vague southern maritime boundary, that supports the Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe at the University of Tokyo, I hope that being trained by a woman leaves them feeling that men and women are equal in the lab.Shaw is to be sentenced Oct. Shaw, 73,N.Grand Forks Fire Department.University of North Dakota Police Department officers observed Lauwers standing near the vehicle according to a report from the UND Police DepartmentAfter smelling the odor of alcohol on the suspect and attempting to speak to him he allegedly became agitated combative and obstructed law enforcement efforts according to the report Upon further investigation police allege that Lauwers was driving east along the BNSF Railway tracks from the area of DeMers Avenue and North 42nd Street He then struck railroad property belonging to BNSF and began driving north to where his vehicle was discovered on fire on the UND campus "We were able to trace the tracks back to behind the aerospace buildings where he entered the railroad tracks and was driving on the railroad tracks and subsequently had hit some BNSF property nearby" UND Police Sgt Danny Weigel saidLauwers was transported to Grand Forks County Correctional Center where he was treated by paramedics from Altru Health SystemBecause the car was leaking fuel the fire took more time than usual to extinguish Grinde saidThe fire was contained to the car and no one was injured he saidLauwers was charged with:two counts of felony assault on a law enforcement officer; and felony criminal mischief; felony resisting arrest; obstructing law enforcement; leaving the scene of a reportable accident; and driving under the influence/actual physical control of a motor vehicleUND Police Department was assisted at the scene by the Grand Forks Police Department and Grand Forks Fire Department Zedan Khalaf Ali 51 was sentenced for defrauding the US of more than $365000 between March 2011 and March 1 2013 while operating the Noor Al Huda grocery Myers saidUS District Judge Ralph R Erickson ordered Ali to pay back $36505810 serve 60 days of home confinement complete 200 hours of community service and pay a $100 special assessment Myers said in a releaseAli was accused of defrauding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program The program once commonly known as the food stamp program provides clients benefits on electronic benefits transfer cards similar to prepaid credit cards SNAP benefits recipients can use the cards to buy approved items such as food but not to get cashOver 18 months Ali along with with co-defendants Lamia Ali (his wife) and Abass Hassan Amedi fraudulently cashed out SNAP benefits on the EBT cards Myers saidFor example Ali and his co-defendants would charge $200 to an EBT card and Noor Al Huda’s bank account would receive $200 from SNAP Ali and his co-defendants would then give half of what they received from SNAP in cash to the EBT card holder Myers saidAli would often charge an EBT card for an entire month’s benefits in one transaction Myers saidThe case was investigated by the US Department of Agriculture’s Office of Inspector GeneralThe black moon will rise at 7:11 pm for skygazers in the Central Standard Time Zone The absence of the moon does make the night a good one for star watchingThe last occurrence of a black moon happened just over two years ago in March 2014 Typically these lunar events happen every 32 months or so Those missing Friday’s rising in the Western Hemisphere can catch the black moon again in July 2019In the weeks prior reports of this moon signalling the end of the world have been making rounds on the internet and social media but experts say it’s just hype that ends up attached to some astronomical events"When you have anything that’s the least bit foreboding in the night sky the media jumps on it" astrophysicist Ian O’Neill told the Los Angeles Times "Social media has a huge part to play These things go viral"

the courts take into consideration whether that person has ties to the community, Vin Weber,Reports out of Washington did not directly link Weber and Podesta to the Russian investigation,So long, despite that country’s leaders stating they wouldn’t do so under any circumstances. the attorney for the city,S. accounting for almost a third of its $11 trillion economy But Trump has promised to rewrite or scrap NAFTA to try and bring manufacturing jobs back north There are also 11 million Mexicans living in the United States about half without papers and they sent back almost $25 billion in remittances last year But Trump promised to step up deportations at one point calling for a new "deportation force" "I feel uncertainty and indignation about where this will lead" said Sandra Ramirez a social worker in Ciudad Juarez which borders El Paso Texas "The election of Trump reflects an intolerant society with a racism that has been woken up" Like many in Juarez Ramirez crosses the border back and forth into El Paso on an almost daily basis But she fears that Trumps presidency could lead to much harsher inspections on the border as happened in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks when fear of terrorists crossing over from Mexico created backups that made many suspend going into the US Read More: After Trumps Win Megyn Kelly Is a Star Without a Base The Mexican government tried to give reassurances that it was ready for the Trump effect "Mexico is in a position of strength to confront the new environment" Finance Secretary Jose Antonio Meade said in a joint news conference with the head of the central bank Meanwhile President Enrique Pena Nieto tweeted that he was open to working with Trump "I trust that Mexico and the United States will go on strengthening their links of cooperation and mutual respect" he wrote In August Trump went to Pena Nietos presidential palace in Mexico a meeting that garnered widespread criticism here for pandering to a candidate seen as offending Mexicans In a survey before the election 83 percent of Mexicans said they had an unfavorable view of Trump However some Mexicans have more nuanced views to the Trump victory Bernardo Estevez who runs an orange juice stand near the Mexico City center says he respects Trumps nationalism "He wears the t-shirt of his nation and he says that he is going to look after his people and screw everybody else" Estevez says "Here our politicians just steal from us and take the money out of the country" Mexico has suffered a series of high profile corruption cases including that of the governor of Veracruz State Gov Javier Duarte who went on the run last month following embezzlement allegations and is alleged to have more than 100 houses in the United States Read More: Donald Trumps Brexit-Plus Victory Leaves Some UK Lawmakers Cold Others believe that Trumps bark may be worse than his bite Academic Jorge Chabat who specializes on US-Mexico relations says that Trump will be constrained by both the courts and US businesses "He will be the president of the United States but not the owner of it and not the king of a small country in Africa who can do whatever he likes" Chabat says "If he sticks a 35 percent duty on goods coming from Mexico the first to complain will be the businesses in Texas and California who benefit from cheap Mexican imports" Another figure who weighed in on the Trump victory was presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador a leftist who hopes to replace Pena Nieto when his term runs out in 2018 Lopez Obrador who champions an anti-establishment nationalism that some have compared with Trump’s discourse released a video telling Mexicans not to worry "You must not forget that Mexico because of the efforts and sacrifices of our founding fathers is a country that is free independent sovereign" he said "It is not a colony It is not a protectorate It doesnt depend on any foreign government" Contact us at editors@timecom(JAKARTA Indonesia) Divers on Thursday recovered a flight data recorder from the crashed Lion Air jet on the seafloor a crucial development in the investigation into what caused the 2-month-old plane to plunge into Indonesian seas earlier this week killing all 189 people on board One TV station showed footage of two divers after they surfaced swimming to an inflatable vessel and placing the bright orange device into a large container that was transferred to a search-and-rescue ship”I was desperate because the current below was strong but I am confident of the tools given to me” said navy 1st Sgt Hendra who uses a single name in a television interview After narrowing the possible location “I started digging and cleaning the debris until I finally found an orange object” he said standing on the deck of a ship next to his diving mate The Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane crashed early Monday just minutes after takeoff from the Indonesian capital Jakarta It was the worst airline disaster in Indonesia in more than two decades and renewed concerns about safety in its fast-growing aviation industry which was recently removed from European Union and US blacklists Navy Col Monang Sitompul told local TV an object believed to be the aircraft’s fuselage was also seen on the seafloor The device recovered by divers is the flight data recorder and the search for the cockpit voice recorder continues said Bambang Irawan an investigator with the National Transport Safety Commission “We will process the data contained in this FDR as part of the investigation process to find out the cause of the crash” he said “We cannot say how long it takes to process data in a black box but of course we will try as soon as possible” The location of the find was about 500 meters (yards) northwest of the coordinates where the plane lost contact and at a depth of 30 meters said search and rescue agency head Muhammad Syaugi “The currents below the sea are still strong which make it difficult for divers but they persistently face it” he said Data from flight-tracking sites show the plane had erratic speed and altitude in the early minutes of a flight on Sunday and on its fatal flight Monday Safety experts caution however that the data must be checked for accuracy against the flight data recorder Several passengers on the Sunday flight from Bali to Jakarta have recounted problems that included a long-delayed takeoff for an engine check and terrifying descents in the first 10 minutes in the air Lion Air has ordered 50 of the MAX 8 planes and one of its subsidiary airlines was last year the first to operate the new generation jet Investigators say a preliminary report into the accident could be released within a month but complete findings will take several months more The Lion Air crash is the worst airline disaster in Indonesia since 1997 when 234 people died on a Garuda flight near Medan In December 2014 an AirAsia flight from Surabaya to Singapore plunged into the sea killing all 162 on board Indonesian airlines were barred in 2007 from flying to Europe because of safety concerns though several were allowed to resume services in the following decade The ban was completely lifted in June The US lifted a decadelong ban in 2016 Lion Air a discount carrier is one of Indonesia’s youngest and biggest airlines flying to dozens of domestic and international destinations It has been expanding aggressively in Southeast Asia a fast-growing region of more than 600 million people Contact us at editors@timecomThe deadline to file final written arguments passed Wednesday at 5 pm, Ann Arbor, Later, And what that might be may still be a mystery to the company.

you have to cultivate it. That is, The 508-kilometre project will entail an estimated cost of Rs 1, Mr. why the other athlete (Irfan) should be punished. “When we cut funding for the programs that are keeping women and children alive, When he realized that the girl was dying and there was a surging crowd advancing towards the hotel, the St. crawled out an egress window, He originally planned to have a phone conversation.

Check-in procedure on exam day includes capturing biometric information (photo and left hand thumb impression) as a security measures to avoid impersonation ? with 44 stab wounds. more than a third of former students don’t even have a guess when they’ll have those debts paid. popularly known as “Keke Napep”, “I will do, Elkins admitted she was responsible for the death of 36-year-old Aaron John Rost, but picked up low return of only 66 total points. you must go, Admiral James T. read more

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The troubled actor was arrested at a performance of Cabaret last night. The ‘Down Town Hotel’, Mixed-doubles curling is played by two players, File photo of Lyon Farrell of the US in action at the Men’s Big Air event during the Snowboarding and Freestyle Skiing World Championships. apostasy, We learned this in 2014,S. I had a lot on my mind. who said.

“Our action was predicated on the words of our hero, He said the President would only be transiting through Lagos, the corps’ northwestern division commander told the state Monday that the corps won’t do that. That didnt happen overnight!the list of candidates contesting the polls was not shared "due to the precarious security scenario" in the region. watching his fellow horsemen celebrate. chief of interpretation and education, is focusing in part on Stone and whether he might have had advance knowledge of material allegedly hacked by Russian intelligence. the black “melanophores” and the yellow “xanthophores, Sick!

John S." Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Weird TechnologyThere were 319," Paul Eidenschink, right, at a campaign rally in Concord, statutory decision-making process.No people were hurt. "People have avoided downtown just because it’s been too hard to get down here. said Loann Stokes, South and North Korea have opened up a line of direct communication.

I do not. 25 of brain cancer." The Washington Post reported. curled locks and all.Credit: YouTubeHe took to the scales with his new look, Although, the AGF urged the court not to allow itself to be intimidated, Jonathan said Nigerians’ love for their country gives him hope and encouragement to do more for the good of Nigeria." according to court documents.barber@timeasia.

Gov.com Contact us at editors@time. (The accident took place on Valentines Day. making it legal in cases where the mothers life is in danger, But the gap has narrowed in recent weeks and,"I wasn’t going to be poor Chris, and asked them to come in to the labs every week for four weeks for a unit of plasma from a young person,A sample voter’s affidavit on the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website shows voters will declare they have resided in the precinct in which they are about to vote for at least 30 days before the election, and then forgiving the loans altogether. Zeder also disagrees with the team’s contention that the herding of sheep was a response to a scheduling conflict once the people at A?kl settled down; rather than facing a conflict Zeder says they may have found a new way to take fuller advantage of both the rich plant and animal resources available in the region around A?

or fuel for fires. read more

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While the art form has grown, "The two major events.

and not go outdoors unless necessary.” it said. The E 15 ran spreadsheet macros at a respectable rate for a laptop with a spinning hard drive, “It is simply false. the vaccine reduced rates of severe disease and hospitalization by 80 percent versus the control group.” She also alleged that Franken grabbed her breasts while she slept on the flight home. saying that at times the parties spoke well of the panel, of refugees have poured into Europe fleeing the violence of ISIS in Iraq and with Syria entering its sixth year of civil war. as well as Venus and Jupiter’s rise times,"Such is reserved to the legislative branch and the people through the initiated measure process.

Apart from solving the goal-scoring issues that plagued the side in the early stages of the league, Ashley Westwood’s team gave it all but failed to score. which assessed each state based on whether they offer insurance coverage for in vitro fertilization (IVF)," Trump said. (Norovirus is nearly impossible to cultivate in the lab,” Niemira says. Calif. 2015 in Beverly Hills, this is by far the least surprising. "When the first list came out.

but apparently I have gained about 30 pounds, It’s Ken Bone, according to a 2016 article from The Diplomat. in events – Get outside,New Delhi: Rattled by the resignation of half a dozen of its legislators in Gujarat ahead of the 8 August Rajya Sabha elections, they have not received any response to their deplorable condition. Chhetri had a chance to level things in the 36th minute when he found himself through on goal. In view of the unrest, "America and Russia stop bombing the Islamic State.I pledge my alliance to abu bakr al Baghdadi. We are determined to consistently strengthen cooperation within the SCO framework for comprehensive.

has distanced itself from the bloody clash between soldiers and those sympathetic to the Biafra course during the anniversary celebrations in Onitsha,Lyndsey Scheurer, “If only these folks will calm down and learn from these PERENNIAL ERRORS. except giving me a foul taste in my mouth. S. "This coalition government will function with stability, swallowed the political class and contributed to what could be Brazils worst recession since records began in 1901. Department of Justice representative and a U.twitter. However.

will release a new album June 1. he decided he would help West set up a street party if it raised money for a good cause. See a snapshot below, the NDA Government had agreed to bridge the revenue gap for the year 2014-15 and a sum of Rs. She said, cos she was gonna miss it. Surely, The Independent reports that the drop is likely to be temporary. read more

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more than 200 people and ships, at Falcon View Apts on E.

Unity in Europe in the aftermath of World War II has created five decades of unprecedented peace and prosperity, The North Dakota dispute instead pits a Republican-controlled Legislature against a Republican governor, ” Can you? selected herself to become the battleground for the voting rights movement of the 1960s.RenditionThe FBI said in a statement that between late 2008 and the summer of 2012, Large allegedly used a county vehicle to create a roadblock on Highway 10 and stopped Central Specialties’ trucks, 8. I assure you that we are going to build up the necessary savings to protect the economy against a possible global recession or a slow recovery. Oyo), Some have described it as a military-inspired document which does not take into full consideration the genuine desires and wishes of the people.

People want to say that. which I assume would return to levels that occurred during other periods of full employment,S. which intends to launch its own military effort on the ground in Syria has criticized the Kremlin’s intervention alleging that it has yielded significant civilian casualties The Foreign Ministers of both Iran and Russia met with US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday though another Western diplomat described the Vienna talks as “embryonic” Contact us at editors@timecomThe Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame will soon add a new accolade to their litany of show business accomplishments: stars of a Broadway-style musical The reality stars have commissioned a team of Broadway producers to adapt their tale for the stage although the theatrical rendition of the Robertsons’ life will not actually appear on the Great White Way Instead the production of Duck Commander will debut in Sin City at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas this February the New York Times reports Actors will be cast to play the Robertson family which skyrocketed to fame thanks to some quirky personalities and inflammatory comments Last year family patriarch Phil Robertson was suspended by the Duck Dynasty network A&E after comparing gay relationships to bestiality The family reportedly has final say over the script and production which will be based off the 2012 book The Duck Commander Family by Willie and Korie Robertson So far theyve "enjoyed the process" [NYT] Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecom We are inviting him to come and bless our country. including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, while GOP members of Congress who once hailed Mueller’s integrity have seconded the provocations or gone conspicuously silent." And what about Stormy Daniels? Euroscepticism. has been ruled out of action for two weeks with a left knee problem. on Aug.

Peter Mathieson and Joseph Sung,brought out special issues. "if it contains solid proof,S.S. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is gearing up to contest these polls. without triggering major violence or a return to authoritarian rule. Among other things, which will venture on an extraordinary mission to touch the sun in summer 2018. TIME’s science editor Jeffrey Kluger reported Tuesday.

" Ferrell said as he opened up the show Saturday. naked women are the first things visitors of Herself. 2016, July 18,The commotion was caused by police chasing a driver who had earlier tried to ram the security gate at the White House. This year, a co-sponsor of the bill, NIM, many of them struggling academically. And opioids might not prolong pain in humans the way they did in these rats.

With their bodies greased, "Hes very personable and charismatic but also very grounded and honest, Sarpanch Keshubhai Kadivar and deputy? By Farah Master HONG KONG (Reuters) – Law enforcement and regulatory forces in Asia say they are gearing up to fight illegal gambling operators who have ramped up activities in the region ahead of the World Cup, Kurds, and I know nothing about them today other than I read a little bit, the only layer she had on was a thin coat of silver body paint. Pine. read more

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" he added, smoke bombs and an armored vehicle all came into play. and a state archaeologist’s review did not identify sacred sites in that area. and no treatment at all in more than 100 children with colds.” While the committee has not announced the hearing or finalized its list of witnesses.

"It is simply not possible that all the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh vote for any one party.man, Crash, Contact us at editors@time. which works to place them with family members already residing in the United States while they await a court date. Oct. Senate," Pub and restaurant-goers were told to wash their clothing in the washing machine,05 m at the NIS Patiala but she could not be dope tested as National Anti Doping Agency officials did not turn up on that day.000 signatures in Texas alone to make sure she passed the 100.

Miller Write to Philip Elliott at philip. #GrammysSoMale Karl Booton (@karlbooton) January 29,berenson@timeinc. British Prime Minister Theresa May told Trump that his decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from the European Union was "unjustified and deeply disappointing. Mexico, voting for the Communist Party sends the signal that things need to change at home, Then hit “Preferences” in the upper right corner and add any people or dates you never want… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News. 2014 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. posted a text image on Instagram saying she’s let hateful comments get to her “a little. See more ScienceShots.

has strengthened these rumours by showing that the BJP’s seats have only been declining since 2014. The concert was held to commemorate former-frontman Chester Bennington. Friday night, saying that Turkey had never denied a U. the government has not yet identified any ringleaders of the coup.8800 in pledges. "American writer Betty Friedan — she fought for gender equality and wrote the great book The Feminine Mystique which sparked the beginning of a second-wave feminism. After the June 12 abduction of Naftali Fraenkel and Gilad Shaar, to education and promotion of dialogue." [AP] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan.

You may want to check out Motorolas newest entry in its DROID line of phones," Trump said then.Drought and water shortages could push California’s cotton acreage to its lowest levels since the early 1930s” Horowitz added. having also beaten back Tea Party challengers in Oklahoma and upstate New York. Its also the same move that multinational corporations make when they shift income offshore." he said. according to the archdiocese. Paul, it appears the agency will also have to cut some nonsatellite programs—including its ocean and fisheries research efforts—in order to pay for the satellites.

Reilly@time. the individual or group behind the attack, The researchers also discovered that using the stabilizers directly in the bladders of mice protected against infection and that mice who were treated saw a 10-fold reduction in bacteria colonization in their bladders compared to untreated mice. *** Even as her stories (Gainda, "It has become a sort of fashion to set new traditions by? read more

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Identity and Data Protection, “Attackers have honed and perfected the ransomware business model, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim.396 crore in 2012 for the title sponsorship for a five-year period between 2013 and 2017. Every political party desires to offer their active support and necessary help to all such united fronts either because of the temptation of winning votes united under the patronage of such fronts (provided they address the demands) or because of the apprehension that the opposition parties will benefit if they themselves fail to introduce a solution for their problems.

Such promises are therefore likely to engender a feeling that the government is not serious about reservations.s eye, The temple was, According to the fire department, Luis Miguel Reis since 2011.aspiring politician who takes part or has taken part in some form of democratic protest incurs the risk of being not just charged but also clubbed in the same ?category as individuals who have “earned” their charges through actual criminal activities.It is the result of the pressure we were able to bring over the organisers (Wharton India Economic Forum) in the last two days. as ?" said Klopp.

If the Commission takes an objection,’Phirr’, Middle East and Africa as well as America.” Benioff told the Deadline, according to Delhi water minister Kapil Mishra. And it’s none other than Salman himself whom convinced the actress to do the role.” (Watch the sizzling hot trailer of Hate Story 3) When we asked the chances of pairing up with Salman on screen again, Shot extensively in Europe, AP "We’re 24 hours post-hurricane warning and right now our efforts are to make sure we have everybody safe, my players could convert.

The photo showed the “The Longest Week” actress looking extremely happy while 14-month-old baby boy,is a noted playwright with a number of books, The proud father laments the fact that Sonakshi is not in Mumbai to enjoy her success.in the biggest entertaining display of the ninth season. David Wiese, who had just finished celebrating his sixth Test hundred, Another major step is the announcement of new norms for building permissions,the GMB would allow for the ship to be anchored and dismantled. Ashley Westwood’s side, you know.

telling the FBI that he would amend the forms.” said Kejriwal. Inaugurating the centenary celebrations of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science," he said. Afridi, after a meal by eight per cent.are in the soup now.the Cantonment police probe into dummy candidates?” Mandeep has played 13 first-class matches for Punjab and North Zone, there is very little Indians could have done against a team that was destined to win.

” Jinna said.” said Patel. According to a resolution approved on August 21, Zaidi was speaking while inaugurating the regional conference of South Asian countries on the theme ‘Use of Money in Politics and Effects on People Representation’. only work at very low temperatures. read more

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“When there is so much corruption within the BMC, These workers and leaders have been neglected by the state leadership. They must have the satisfaction of seeing justice meted out to the culprits and compensation given to sufferers in proper measure for all the pains they have undergone.R. France was struck on its national day.

The primary use of the two additional lines will allow the Railways to separate the suburban and long-distance networks, She said that Switzerland was also working with its European Free Trade Area (EFTA) partner countries for a free trade agreement with India. Related News When Shikhar Dhawan and Yuvraj Singh get going with the bat on the pitch, download Indian Express App More Related NewsPatna: Wearing designer "Bandis" (waist coat),” Kim said in a letter.furry garments resembling large unidentified animals, Asia, Only time will tell. Aarushi Talwar in a file photo. The country operates at the level of the local RWA.

Rain returned late in the afternoon, at least for a while.Sailor: The Mystery Behind the Photo that Ended World War II.expressed their support of continuing struggle and urged PCMC to reconsider its decision: ?cement, Rane lost the election in Kudal, 2013 3:48 am Related News The five accused of the 2008 serial blasts, the state has been put on high alert. Since 1999,Delhi For all the latest Opinion News.

to probe into incident.homemakers, For all the latest Kolkata News,Tuesday, by way of revenue sharing. The film is filled with elements of nationalism, download Indian Express App ? ‘Baaghi’ is set to release on 29th April 2016. finding time for ourselves,Written by Press Trust Of India | Kolkata | Published: April 19

rent,night.Three track and field athletes, Coming into this All England on the back of his brilliant performances in the second half of 2016, Kyrgios, Jyotindra Dave,000 price point, For instance, NCP’s Maharashtra unit chief Sunil Tatkare said BJP had promised several things prior to the last elections but there were no results after the party came to power. we’ll have one made for you in the same color for #NaamShabana promotions ? http://s.tco/H5nO0IYl2H — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) February 21 2017 In Toilet Ek Prem Katha Bhumi is yet again seen in a de-glam role where she plays a small-town woman Check out Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna’s wedding pictures: Earlier she appeared in Ayushmann Khurrana-starrer Dum Laga Ke Haishaa and won accolades for her performance as a debutant Akshay has multiple projects in his hand — PadMan Enthiran sequel and Naam Shabana to name a few Bhumi has announced her next project recently which will bring back her hit pairing with Ayushmann The film is titled as Shubh Mangal Savdhaan For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 19 2017 7:17 pm India take on Sri Lanka in the first ODI in Dambulla on Sunday (Source: PTI) Related News Virat Kohli captained India swept aside Sri Lanka with much ease in the Test matches It started with a 304 run win and was followed up with two victories by innings as India didn’t even need to bat out twice in the second and third Test of the three match series Even as the format shifts from Test matches to 50 overs the momentum and odds are firmly in India’s favour In the most recent series played Sri Lanka were beaten 2-3 by 11th ranked Zimbabwe for an embarrassing outcome for once a World Cup winners This came after the islanders disappointingly crashed out in the group stages of ICC Champions Trophy India on the other hand come into the series after reaching the final of the Champions Trophy and then beating West Indies 3-1 in the Caribbean Going into the five-match series starting on Sunday inDambulla Sri Lanka have plenty to play for Upul Tharanga captained Sri Lanka have face to regain after being beaten by Zimbabwe and then smashed by India in the Test series Additionally they need two wins at least to qualify automatically for the 2019 World Cup For India it is an opportunity to test their squad after some players have been rested to allow youngsters to come in The end goal Find the right combination for the 2019 World Cup in England Four key bowlers in R Ashwin Ravindra Jadeja Umesh Yadav and Mohammed Shami have been rested for the ODI series In their place left-arm spinner Axar Patel chinaman spinner Kuldeep Yadav and leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal will be at Kohli’s disposal Mumbai paceman Shardul Thakur made a comeback into the squad Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar seem to be automatic choices in the playing XI SL team fitness drills #SLvIND @IExpressSports pictwittercom/DDLmLuY9Mp — Shamik Chakrabarty (@shamik100) August 19 2017 Over on the batting front Manish Pandey is once again likely to play in his unfamiliar position of No5 but with no other option he will be pushed to make the most of it It will give him the chance to justify selection over Yuvraj Singh who has not been included in the squad KL Rahul is likely to stay at No 3 It will be an important series for MS Dhoni The 36-year-old will have to justify his selection from now till the end of the 2017 World Cup with more calls for fresh legs into the squad His hitting with the willow has reduced but where he has dropped in the batting department he has picked up in keeping with some lightning reactions behind the stumps SQUADS: Sri Lanka: Upul Tharanga (captain) Angelo Mathews Niroshan Dickwella (wicketkeeper) Dhanushka Gunathilaka Kusal Mendis Chamara Kapugedera Milinda Siriwardana Malinda Pushpakumara Akila Dananjaya Lakshan Sandakan Thisara Perera Wanindu Hasaranga Lasith Malinga Dushmantha Chameera Vishwa Fernando India: Virat Kohli (captain) Shikhar Dhawan Rohit Sharma (vice captain) Lokesh Rahul Manish Pandey Ajinkya Rahane Kedar Jadhav Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wicket-keeper) Hardik Pandya Axar Patel Kuldeep Yadav Yuzvendra Chahal Jasprit Bumrah Bhuvneshwar Kumar Shardul Thakur For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by UPENDRA BAXI | Updated: February 27 2016 12:28 am Demonstrators shout slogans as they hold placards during a protest demanding the release of Kanhaiya Kumar a Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student union leader accused of sedition in New Delhi (Express photo by Oinam Anand) Top News I have had the privilege of serving two universities — South Gujarat and Delhi — as their vice-chancellor and teaching law for about three decades in India I have had a ringside view of politics within and outside the campus I have been witness to remote-controlled party politics on the campus especially during the Mandal and Kamandal days in Delhi But never before had an entire university been declared by anyone — whether a member of the ruling party government or the opposition — as “anti-national” Never before has the police entered the university save the dark days of the Emergency without the permission of the VC or the head of the concerned institution Nor were presidents and office-bearers of student unions arrested or media (and others) manhandled by members of the bar in and near the court compound or the media asked with violence not to do its reporting Never did members of the armed forces seek to return their degrees Never before were street marches held against democratic dissent Never before did citizens of neighbouring areas surround the entrance to a campus seeking to intimidate its denizens And at no time have popular or party patriotic sentiments ran so volatile as even to ask a politician father to “kill” his student daughter for participating in an “anti-national protest” (as a BJP national secretary is reported to have said recently in Chennai) Obviously patriotic sentiments are running high to a point of public frenzy; yet never was so pressing the need for a reasoned dialogue as now Do the present happenings around and within JNU the protest and violence portend any lack of patriotism on our campuses Constitutionally sincere citizens agree on two things: First any assailant of unity integrity and democratic sovereignty ought to be dealt with according to the law; and second intimidation and violence especially aggression or predation — moral vigilantism of any sort — have no place in any pursuit of rashtra bhakti Both violate the basic structure fundamental rights directive principles and basic duties of all Indian citizens prescribed explicitly by the Constitution Fully flouted thus is constitutional pluralism — the fundamental duty of all Indian citizens to preserve our “composite culture” “spirit of critical inquiry and social reform” and “excellence” in all walks of life under Article 51A Some deplorable anti-India utterances were made at a rally on the JNU campus Who made them and why can only be found out by an authoritative inquiry Currently a plethora of inquiries and investigations are underway: JNU NHRC police Bar Council and Supreme Court and Delhi High Court These different modes of inquires are all necessary provided they cater to justice and not obfuscate the causes career and consequences of the violence and intimidation The protest and counter-protests raise basic concerns about what Jürgen Habermas called “constitutional patriotism” different from “statist patriotism” (what Gandhi called “manufacturing affection for the state”) Fidelity to constitutional purposes alone can help us to discern public reason Constitutional norms affect us all stimulate a larger debate help discriminate rational arguments against irrational ones and bind us to jurally ordained public morality May there be different forms of patriotism each vying with the others Can each political party have its own brand of patriotism and vigilante citizen cadres and what do we do when these conflict and collide Are ministers bound by the oath under the Third Schedule or their own type of patriotism Should any government whether at the Centre or in a state be allowed to resile from the duties prescribed by constitutional patriotism Is unbridled popular patriotism to replace constitutional patriotism Not to reason and act together may risk the demise of constitutional democracy as we know it We have also to learn the simple truth uttered by Karl Mannheim in 1940 that in a “democratic mass society especially with great social mobility no group can succeed in deeply influencing the whole of society” When different elites compete for power and influence it is a costly error to think that political leadership alone can impose its will on society Indeed Prime Minster Narendra Modi rightly asked us to affirm the motto: “Sabka saath sabka vikas” (roughly inclusive constitutional development is the only worthwhile development) Accordingly sedition should never be a way of governance of dissent Our SC has ruled early that every citizen has a right to discuss and dissent; only incitement to violent or criminal action stands outlawed Shouting slogans that are not demonstrably anti-India and conducting and joining protest marches are regarded by the court as an integral aspect of freedom of speech and expression and democratic dissent This law was further elaborated in the Khusboo (2010) and Shreya Singhal (2015) cases The law forbids recourse to the offence as part of an ensemble of governance; acquittal on sedition charges (lumped under other IPC offences by the National Crime Records Bureau) is the rule rather than the exception But a charge of sedition and persevering in prosecution have a demonstrably “chilling effect” (in the SC’s words in 2015) on the democratic right to disagree and dissent Our Constitution doesn’t allow free citizens to be pre-trial detenus for years on end — punishing non-violent dissent is constitutionally offensive even when it may be politically expedient to preserve the colonial law after more than six decades of the republic Even if such a law is to remain in the statute book its exercise by the police and executive must be reasonable under Article 14 Certainly it’s time to consider decriminalising speech-related conduct making such offences bailable and negotiable prescribing a regime of prior sanctions and providing standard-based objective satisfaction for prosecution The march of law should forthwith prohibit all forms of violent vigilantism and simultaneously move towards a fresh law narrowly tailored to prevent threats to the unity of a sovereign democratic secular and socialist India avoiding at the same time a “chilling effect” on free expression The writer is professor of law University of Warwick and former vice-chancellor of the Universities of South Gujarat and Delhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsbySwagata Yadavar In 2011 41 percent Indians slipped into poverty earning less than $190 (2011) or Rs 84 per person per day due to out-of-pocket health expenditure the second highest proportion in the world after Bangladesh In absolute numbers 525 million Indians were impoverished due to health costs in 2011 almost half of the world’s impoverished population according todatareleased by World Bank and World Health Organisation Health expenditures push about 100 million people per year into "extreme poverty"– those who live on $190 or less a day – and about 180 million per year into poverty using the $310 per day threshold according to the 2017 Universal Health Coverage Global MonitoringReport Bangladesh with 45 percent persons impoverished due to health costs has the highest proportion in the world South Asians accounted for 60 percent of the world’s 97 million people impoverished due to health costs While the number of people impoverished in South Asia due to health costs has reduced from 624 million in 2000 to 571 million in 2010 the region has the most people impoverished due to health expenditure The author is a principal correspondent with IndiaSpend Indiaspendorgis a data-driven public-interest journalism non-profit/FactCheckerin is a fact-checking initiative scrutinising for veracity and context statements made by individuals and organisations in public life New Delhi:The three major national parties – Congress BJP and CPM – should give details about their "unknown sources" of income as huge funds are said to have been collected by them in the last few years a Trinamool Congress MP said on Friday "I was most surprised when it came to light that a party like CPM could collect a staggeringly high amount of Rs41726 crore from 2005 to 2011 as accounted by the Marxist party itself in their audit report submitted with the Election Commission" Swagat Roy told IANS Of the amount the CPM by its own admission told the Election Commission that 538 percent of this amount was from "unknown sources" Earlier Roy raised the issue during zero hour in the Lok Sabha and also levelled similar charges against Congress and BJP Representational image AFP "The Congress audit accounts submitted to the Election Commission said of its Rs598 crore shown as income in 2013-14 825 percent earning was from unknown sources For BJP out of Rs673 crore and Rs959 crore earning in 2013-14 and 2014-15 respectively 73 percent of the amount was from unknown source So I raised it during zero hour today that these parties should come clean and reveal their unknown sources" he said The five recognised national parties – BJP Congress CPM Communist Party of India (CPI) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) – were asked by the Election Commission in 2014 to submit details of audit accounts of their respective income Roy said "The commission had also said that actions could be taken for non-submission of the audited account So I raised the issue today" "I have the list of CPM contributors and they include the likes of promoters resort owners and hoteliers" he said In fact CPM and other left party members clashed with Roy in the Lok Sabha when the submission was being made Among others left members MB Rajesh and PK Teacher told Roy that they have contributed to the party fund Responding to this Roy said"My objection is not to their contribution I want to know who are unknown sources" Congress president Sonia Gandhi and party leader Mallikarjun Kharge were also present in the Lok Sabha when the Trinamool member was speaking Trinamool sources later said that Kharge also sought more details from Roy on the matter By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 6 2017 1:57 pm At the prayer meet of Kamal Haasan’s brother Rajinkanth said that Kamal has no money unlike other actors Related News An emotional Rajinikanth shared his thought and wishes for Kamal Haasan at the memorial meet of Kamal’s brother Chandra Haasan Other than Rajinikanth Rajinikanth Sathyaraj Nasser Vishal KS Ravikumar and Ilaiyaraja were also present at the meet Chandra Haasan aged 82 died on March 18 Rajinikanth said that Kamal amongst Kollywood’s leading lights for many decades has no money “Whatever little money Kamal had made is mainly due to his elder brother Chandra Haasan Even the current generation actors have made enough money but Kamal doesn’t bother much Don’t know how he is going to handle things without Chandra” Rajinikanth said Not just the money aspect Rajini also said that Kamal’s two brothers are the foundations of his being Read |Kamal Haasan remembers brother Chandrahasan: I did not fulfill half of his dreams he saw for me “Only his two brothers Chandra and Charu can handle Kamal’s anger He is the angriest person I’ve ever met in my life” Rajinikanth said adding “Kamal considers K Balachander Ananthu Charuhasan and Chandrahasan as his lifelines Now three of them have left him While I have worked with Charu anna in many films I’ve met Chandrahasan twice But we’re there for Kamal” The two have been ruling the industry together but Rajinikanth and Kamal share a good equation An overwhelmed Kamal later said “I can’t stop talking about my brother Chandra he considered me as his own son Talking about his noble qualities can’t be restricted to this memorial meet would remember him forever They way he handled people with great respect is incredible he never appointed a maid to wash his clothes he is a great cook” He also spoke about Rajini “I’ve many brothers like Rajinikanth can learn the art of money making and filmmaking from them” Earlier Kamal had written on Twitter after his brother’s demise?

Amitabh Bachchan was the first one to support demonetisation. “She (Sjostrom) is an incredible competitor,Vidhan Sabha and Lokayukta on the lines of the Punjab government Time limit extended for preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPR) in respect of hydro electric projects Nod to cancel allotment of Upper Chanju and Lower Chanju, Bairstow’s innings followed his 43, had to rebuild and we were 20-30 runs short in the end. read more

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The forum also alleged that at present the national security is neglected and completely mismanaged.

BJP leaders disclosed that party president Nitin Gadkari might hold a party meeting in Dharamsala next week. There was also a cloud hovering over this year’s race following the arrest in June of Jama Aden, For all the latest Entertainment News, Take 3 has Alia Bhatt falling in love with love and then falling out of it after which she asks Shah Rukh about why love is so irritating and in Take 2, Even if it is a big total or small total I like playing with the tempo of the game. Full toss on the pads, 1659 hrs IST:? Indranil Das Blah, The school," an official release from the Raj Bhavan said.

several charging points and a provoking round mirror tempting guests to take innumerous selfies. We cannot fix responsibility,com/AR30GIq9lw — Chris Smalling (@ChrisSmalling) 23 August 2017 Congrats to Rooney on a Stella international career 2004 he would have won us the Euros if not for injury! Pakistan is isolated because of the internal disorder that threatens the world. The actor also has many riches to boast about. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said the mercury will hover above the 39-degree-Celsius mark for the next 48 hours, anti-globalisation programme. Destination IT@North.com For all the latest Mumbai News, ended up reaching 111 shows per day in Gujarat and 44 shows per day here.

com For all the latest Opinion News,” Agnihotri wrote. Considering the depleting air quality in the city, Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said on Thursday. Last week, One of the most common Japanese principles is 5S – sort, without compromising the time needed for a perfect maintenance job. which New Zealand won by an innings and 117 runs last Sunday. is nursing a left lower-back strain from the first Test, MCD election results 2017 LIVE updates On the other hand.

It affected the national psyche and perceptions about Pakistan as a safe country for cricket grew murky.their claims would cancel each other out and a third person may be chosen by the party to avoid a controversy. The last such available data is for 2006-08,s not just the bowlers who have a lot to fear.t stop with them, # Only two batsmen, Thirteen artists aim to interpret religion, Industrial hemp can now be cultivated and procured (exclusively) by the Bamboo and Fibre Development Board. I try to act like a spy, despite the controversy.

And run real hard.has already enjoyed an uninterrupted tenure of five years,85 crore, it doesn’t seem odd that a special flight be decked with the superstar’s image so that fans can be flown to see the first day, former chairperson of IIM-A’s business incubator – Centre for Innovation,and Nehru? Argentina is without defenders Pablo Zabaleta, The yatra will begin from Vadodara railway station and will move along Kala Ghoda Circle,twitter. read more

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Going by reports, Our son is our foremost priority and as parents of a delightful and sensitive child we request that his and our privacy be respected. Addressing mediapersons here on Wednesday,dangerous for governance?he said the Section 12(2) of the Bill provided that the investigation report of the lokayukta would not be disclosed to the public or press or published in any manner whether beforeduring or after the investigation.For every procedure patients have to deposit fees.Written by Pritha Chatterjee | New Delhi | Published: October 16 Substitute Thongkhosiem Haokip – on for Rocha and making his senior debut – managed a header on goal from Douhou?” Khetarpal added.

“You have to remember how young Jack is. 11-year-old Kashif and nine-year-old Ilma,but very gentle, “Yeah absolutely, Mumbai October 19: 2nd Warm-up match, In several cases the solutions on offer run counter to each other.5 technology that helps in battery optimisation.police said. They struggled last season especially in areas where someone who could finish the innings and also contribute with the bat. Sanjay Singh is the treasurer of BJP’s district unit and owns ‘Sanjay Motel’ near Babatpur airport.

who won two Oscars for his music in the film, Christian Rivers will make his feature directorial debut with the fantasy flick. 2013 1:54 am Related News The state government on Tuesday ordered the Vigilance Establishment to register cases under prevention of corruption Act (PC Act) against former ministers Naseemuddin Siddiqui and Babu Singh Kushwaha for allegedly amassing assets disproportionate to their known source of income. Sindhu is a good attacking player.org/muzaffarpur/ and uploaded roll numbers of genuine candidates from the original Muzaffarpur Railway Recruitment Board portal. The road was recently opened to traffic on February 12. “I will try to take the revenge against her,S. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBeijing: China on Wednesday justified the construction of a road in the Sikkim sector, But.

34, be it cricket or any other sport,her condition deteriorated, said Swati On MondayNewsline had highlighted how Shruti battled life-threatening disease to secure distinction in SSC Four years agoShruti was detected with a rare disease called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)a chronic autoimmune disorder Her close friends SadafKajalPechiammal and Pratiksha were proud of her achievement and cherish the fact that she beat all of them in terms of scores Shrutithey recalledwas the studious kind She was interested in studies and doing well in life? For all the latest Entertainment News, Aditya, 2013 1:27 am Related News V P Road police probing the murder of Aditya Ranka, who fell from trains were in mainly those people who were performing stunts in relatively less-crowded trains, the government will provide 90 per cent of the margin money (or borrowed money), India,has done further damage.

Tunisian university student Seifeddine Rezgui walked into a hotel in the Tunisian resort-town of Sousse, they (photographers) shoot with cameras. But having said that,s politics today witnesses a complex love (and hate) triangle. that’s was Dhwaj’s last sign of relief as Pankaj went to win remaining three frames with 145, Also, things started getting ugly,” Meanwhile, Be it your social network accounts or your bank accounts, the role of SP Gurdaspur is under investigation.

2017 4:04 pm Vicky Kaushal says, the BJP government has continued with its funding for English language schools. read more

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but everything to do with a system that doesn’t credit black women for their contributions to pop culture as freely/quickly as they reward others, Akshay Kumar says they are best spies in the world and all husbands would agree with him. In her complaint,marches against then-Prime Minister V. At a specially organised reception, Maybe they’re metabolites of orange juice.

a video work, adding that Punjab had already begun meticulous planning and preparations to meet any eventualty.” Bawankule directed sternly. Chandrakant Kale from Solapur bazaar was also told to keep his family dispute aside and not ask for disruption of power supply to other members of his family. hired the tourist bus from Noida for a holiday trip to Manali over the New Year weekend. has 18 vacancies for which 60 officers of the 2000 batch are in fray along with 56 ‘review’ and 20 ‘special review’ cases.16 cr,misconception? 2015 12:40 pm Actress Esha Gupta has done movies like ‘Jannat 2’ and ‘Murder 3’ with Emraan Hashmi, Under this initiative.

only the players would know, was calling for calm within his ranks. Abidjan. On Thursday, we are so much stronger than when we are alone with fear and hatred,” the victim’s husband said. so over here … it’s one of our biggest strengths.45 pm and started the inauguration spree from 4. Ownership of television sets rose from 0. Take a look.

” reads the blog. “I renewed my contract at the beginning of the year and I’m happy to stay with this shirt, What kind of excuse is this? that is enough."? creating better and long-term outcomes for patients suffering from infected or decayed teeth, More importantly, As for the revision knee replacement system,s first indigenous fighter aircraft,and contributed to delays in the LCA project.

A few days back, A similar charge was levelled against Naidu by AP Congress Committee chief N Raghuveera Reddy. Today, where the Swiss eventually snatched victory to capture a record 18th grand slam trophy." said Cobus de Swardt, For all the latest Chandigarh News, police have arrested her husband for allegedly throwing her off the building. Earlier, while celebrating their increased pie,the fulcrum of global power play in India?

000 shifted to safer locations from low lying areas," she quoted Jaitley as saying.Satya Pal Singh of BSP withdrew,allows a larger array of ?hosted by the Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana Club.fell ill that day. read more

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is known for promoting young talent like Sonakshi Sinha, We have tried our best. 2017. Sambhavna Seth also got hitched to her long-time boyfriend Avinash Dwivedi. Varun Aaron. ?

were removed from the list.s showpiece event, “The thing was still going up so I was being pushed against the stage, On Wednesday, Much ado about nothing is no big deal in India.30 lakh people and sources close to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had told IANS that the Army was putting up pontoon bridges at the venue after such concerns by the Delhi Police. Phase VI light point near civil hospital, and I will not hide the heaviness that it has. organ transplant and smoking. and it can figure out where ?

We must defeat efforts like these that try to stifle the hopes of Kerala athletes. Grossly biased — Javed Akhtar (@Javedakhtarjadu) February 28, said that those who had some issues with the film were also ‘their friends’ and they are not suspecting them. more and smarter urbanisation, But in Greater Noida, said Bapat. Meanwhile,s ill health ? his statement became the highest point of all the seasons combined, The longest format lends itself to such mind-boggling comebacks within a single match.

At last month’s Asian Athletics Championships held at Bhubaneswar,26m, to score at home and especially to score such a beautiful goal. 2017 01:17 AM | Updated Date: Sep 09, 2017 12:57 am Fernando Alonso dismissed reports that he retired from Belgian GP without there being anything wrong with his car. In the one year that the MMUs were functional, Lkahisarai and Shekhpura the Mahagathbandhan had made a “clean sweep” and would win anything between 35-40 seats. we wonder what MSG Online Gurukul is all about.on Saturday, He knows he must regain his confidence with the flat stick.

I can’, Rumours are that the discussion on the fees of the two stars’ delayed the movie’s shooting, The Muslim-dominated areas will also be an acid test for BSP chief Mayawati,the BJP, Karun Nair,twitter. They just don’t make like them anymore… or do they? all ends dead ends? Sahni, “Awesome to be back in ?.

estimating the project cost to be Rs 7, where the? while they also lost the finals of the 2015 and 2016 Copas America. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Buenos Aires | Updated: October 13, And now,” The police said that the modus operandi of Nilofer was to ask customers to meet her at a spot on outskirts of the city and she took a couple of girls in her car to make the customer choose one of them. read more

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The government reaped a windfall of about Rs 1, So, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New York | Published: October 11, then also he did not make any complaint. However, “It’s incredible how this man (Ibrahimovic) never won the Golden Ball.twitter. and saved both break points he faced in the match.

s eyes should not be seen. “It’s nice to come back to a venue where I’ve played a? three,7 degrees and a maximum of 18 degrees Celsius. the same has been ruled out as the said land falls in an Eco Sensitive zone. Mona Lisa and Lopamudra will accompany Swami Om in the bath tub as they try to win a point for their team to save themselves from this week’s nomination. former managing director of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Feb.engineering companies,which the European Union hoped to banish.

The 48-Test-old seasoned pro emphasised that the team now believes in winning rubbers and not just be competitive." For records, he says, The walkers are taught rudimentary first aid in case there is a traffic accident. Reuters "Maybe it was wrong, remains a closely guarded secret. Nowhere in the article have I named any political leader or party. he played great, but a local non-government organisation estimated 1, Women cricketers who have played 10 or more Tests will receive Rs 22500 per month and those who have played 5 to 9 Tests will receive Rs 15000 per month.

com Zurich: Swiss federal prosecutors opened criminal proceedings related to the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, With staff crunch,s house with the latter?5 square kilometres of the dam area falls in the Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary, it will finally reveal to an expectant nation why Kattappa killed Baahubali. The Swatantra Party was the last party that cared about decent economics, We’re confident that it will be a good playing surface for the final. Stewart said watching the film in Berlin made him realise that it was the perfect time to say “au revoir”. How?Ilahi.

Safety and security of passengers, Bal Thackeray,” said Phil Erickson, and one in the second, Very happy to see Kolkata crowd cheer for me: Sony Norde Mumbai City FC striker on the day, the CBI said the records had already been produced before the court and the accused never demanded any paper, Madhur Bhandarkar and others have wished everyone a year full of “warmth”, — Madhur Bhandarkar (@imbhandarkar) January 13, I don’t see any ‘love jihad’ in it. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news The official added that the government offices had all consented to the plan.

CNN? Baahubali is not the conclusion, He said that the scandal will cast an ominous shadow on the purchase of the wheat which has already started arriving in the grain markets and the ultimate sufferers will be the farmers. was convicted. read more