Court ruling again stops anthrax shots for US soldiers

first_img See also: US District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of Washington, DC, ruled yesterday that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) failed to follow proper procedures in approving use of the anthrax vaccine to prevent inhalational anthrax. According to a Washington Post report today, Mark Zaid, a lawyer for the six plaintiffs, said he would take steps to reverse all penalties inflicted on soldiers who refused to take the vaccine. He also promised to seek compensation for those who claim they were harmed by the vaccine. The judge said the FDA took no further action until December 2003, shortly after his initial ruling in the lawsuit. In confirming the vaccine’s license at that time, and saying it was effective for all forms of anthrax disease, the FDA relied partly on post-1986 research findings, on which the public never had a chance to comment, according to Sullivan. “By refusing to give the American public an opportunity to submit meaningful comments on the anthrax vaccine’s classification, the agency violated the Administrative Procedure Act,” Sullivan wrote in the conclusion of a 41-page opinion. In 1985, the expert panel recommended confirming the approval of the anthrax vaccine and certain other products, saying the vaccine was effective against cutaneous anthrax in at-risk workers. The FDA then proposed to issue the approval and called for public comments, Sullivan wrote. Only four comments were received by the 1986 deadline, none of them specific to the anthrax vaccine. In the latest ruling, Sullivan said the FDA failed to follow its own rules in approving use of the vaccine for inhalational anthrax. He explained that the agency took over licensing of drugs and vaccines from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1972. The FDA subsequently set up formal procedures for reviewing products that had been licensed by the NIH. The procedures included reviews by an expert panel and soliciting public comments before confirming the product approvals. Sullivan’s ruling came in a suit filed by six military members and civilian contractor employees. In an initial ruling in December 2003, the judge ordered DoD to stop requiring the shots on the ground that the FDA had never specifically approved the vaccine for inhalational anthrax, as distinguished from cutaneous anthrax. The FDA quickly responded with a statement, based on the findings of an expert panel in 1985 and on subsequent research, that the vaccine is safe and effective for all forms of anthrax. Sullivan then lifted his injunction in January 2004, little more then 2 weeks after he had issued it.center_img More than 1 million military personnel, mostly those serving in the Middle East, have had to receive anthrax shots since 1998. Because of worries about side effects, some troops have refused the shots and been punished or forced out of the military. Oct 28, 2004 (CIDRAP News) – The Department of Defense (DoD) has suspended its anthrax vaccination program in response to a federal court ruling that military personnel should not have to accept the shots against their will unless the president orders them to do so. “This court will not permit the government to circumvent this requirement,” the judge wrote. “The men and women of our armed forces deserve the assurance that the vaccines our government compels them to take into their bodies have been tested by the greatest scrutiny of all—public scrutiny. This is the process the FDA in its expert judgment has outlined, and this is the course this Court shall compel FDA to follow.” As in his previous ruling, Sullivan cited a 1998 law barring DoD from forcing its personnel to take investigational new drugs or drugs not approved for their intended use. Under the law, only the president can waive the requirement for informed consent. In response, DoD issued a statement yesterday saying it would “pause giving anthrax vaccinations until the legal situation is clarified.” The statement added, “DoD remains convinced that the anthrax immunization program complies with all the legal requirements and that the anthrax vaccine is safe.” Asserting that the vaccine amounts to “either a drug unapproved for its intended use or an investigational new drug,” Sullivan said the vaccination program is illegal unless the shots are voluntary or the president waives the requirement for informed consent. DoD news release read more

England reports first H5N1 poultry outbreak

first_imgFeb 5, 2007 (CIDRAP News) – Government veterinarians confirmed an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza at a large turkey farm in Suffolk, England, 2 days ago, marking the country’s first poultry outbreak and Europe’s second in 2007.A World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) report posted the day before yesterday said the outbreak began Jan 27 and affected 2,500 turkeys that were being raised for meat production. The farm, about 70 miles northeast of London, is owned by Bernard Matthews Holdings, Ltd., Europe’s largest poultry producer, Bloomberg News reported today. The farm is the largest plant operated by the company; only 1 of 22 turkey sheds was affected by the outbreak, the Bloomberg report said.The H5N1 strain found on the farm is similar to an Asian one detected on a goose farm in southeastern Hungary in late January, England’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) said in a news release.Workers have been offered antiviral medications, Bloomberg reported, and all had been offered the seasonal flu vaccine last year.Authorities initially established a 3-km restricted zone and a 10-km surveillance zone around the farm but later widened the restricted zone after consulting with ornithologists, according to a DEFRA press release. The agency also banned all bird gatherings, including shows, markets, fairs, and pigeon races, until further notice.Agriculture authorities are culling 150,000 turkeys at the farm, Reuters reported today.The H5N1 outbreak is the first within English borders, though a series of avian flu events in the past few years have kept the country on high alert for the disease. In September 2005, H5N1 avian influenza was detected in a shipment of finches that was quarantined in Sussex upon import from Taiwan. In March 2006 a dead mute swan that tested positive for H5N1 washed up on a Scottish shore. In April 2006 a low pathogenic form of H7N3 avian influenza struck three English farms, which led to the culling of 50,000 poultry.Nigel Dimmock, a virologist at Warwick University, told Reuters today that the source of infection could be one of several possibilities. Though an infected wild bird seems likely, the turkeys struck by the outbreak were kept indoors and had limited contact with wild birds, he said. Dimmock told Reuters that other possibilities include human spread of the virus into Britain—for example, on footwear, or the birds may have been fed infected material that contained the virus.Europe may see more H5N1 outbreaks in poultry this year, but the situation is not as bad as in 2006, Bernard Vallat, head of the OIE, told Reuters today. “We’re not finding dead wild birds. The wild bird population may be infected, but in a way that is extremely different to last year,” he told the news service.In other avian flu news, Egypt’s health ministry announced today announced that a 17-year-old girl died of H5N1 avian influenza, Reuters reported today. The girl is from Fayyoum province about 60 miles south of Cairo, according to MENA, Egypt’s state news agency. Few details were available about the girl’s death. If her death is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), she will become Egypt’s 20th case and its 12th death. She is the country’s second avian flu case and death in 2007.Meanwhile, the WHO confirmed 2 days ago that a 22-year-old woman from Nigeria died of H5N1 avian flu. Her death from the disease, Nigeria’s first, had previously been confirmed by the Nigerian health ministry.The WHO said further investigations are under way to identify the source of her infection. Earlier reports said the woman, from Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, had helped slaughter infected poultry and died on Jan 17. Samples from the woman’s contacts were negative, the WHO said.In Japan, agriculture ministry officials the day before yesterday confirmed another poultry outbreak in Miyazaki prefecture, Reuters reported. The outbreak is western Japan’s fourth such outbreak in recent weeks. Two other outbreaks had previously been reported in Miyazaki prefecture, while the third occurred at a farm in Okayama prefecture.See also:Feb 3 OIE reportFeb 3 WHO statementlast_img read more

Croatia is still not sufficiently recognizable in health tourism

first_imgHotel “Omorika” in Crikvenica on Thursday, November 16, 2017, was a meeting place of health, tourism and knowledge. The reason for this was the fifth CIHT (Crikvenica International Health Tourism) conference, held in the organization of the Tourist Board of the City of Crikvenica and the co-organization of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster and Thalassotherapy Crikvenica.This year’s international conference gathered an enviable and record number of participants, about 150 of them, from Croatia, the USA, China, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Slovenia. In the introductory speech, the director of the Crikvenica Tourist Board, Marijana Biondić, introduced the audience to the Crikvenica Riviera, the best health destination in Croatia in 2017. Interesting and educational presentations by lecturers from Croatia, USA, China, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Germany presented current trends in the business world and medicine and provided answers to various questions. Many of them reiterated the importance of connecting everyone whose activities are related to health tourism as quickly, efficiently and with quality as possible, as well as the necessity of constant investment in human resources and promotion.There was talk about patients’ expectations, experiences from different world markets, concrete examples for new opportunities for cooperation in the field of health tourism (for example, cooperation between Croatia and Russia), but also successful international cooperation, such as between the Chinese Houliping TCM Hospital Group and Croatian. How to increase your profits by knowing your clients, what are the possible methods of financing health tourism, how does a satisfied client become an ambassador, what is a virtual 360 and Healing Hotels of the World?The central part of the conference was a round table on “Health tourism – yesterday, today, tomorrow”, which was attended by Kristjan Staničić, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, Denis Kovačić, Deputy Minister of Health, Vladimir Mozetič, President of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster, Nevenka Kovač , director of the Polyclinic “Medico” and Vlasta Brozičević, head of the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Polyclinic “Terme Selce”. A short introduction was made by Alfred Franković, manager of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster, and then a dynamic discussion began. Among other things, issues related to the proposal of the new Law on Health Care are open, primarily the position of health tourism and the need for compliance with the Law on the provision of tourism services. Assistant Minister of Health Denis Kovačić said that more intensive cooperation between the two key ministries – tourism and health – has finally begun, legislation is being harmonized and preconditions are being created so that entities can operate normally and offer their services on the market.Director of the Croatian Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić emphasized that the intensive development of health tourism is finally supported and, after the long-awaited legal framework, its strengthening and expansion is expected, as well as Croatia’s positioning on the world health tourism map. Emphasizing that Kvarner is the flagship of health tourism in our country, Director Staničić praised the successful work and initiative of private clinics, such as Terme Selce. It was said several times during the discussion that Croatia is still not sufficiently recognizable in health tourism, regardless of the comparative advantages and rich tradition, and that more should be invested in the promotion and intensification of the presentation of health tourism. The participants also agreed that the strengthening of health tourism in Croatia can have a significant impact on the decline of seasonality and increase income, and that in the development and promotion of this selective type of tourism, other segments are extremely important, such as outdoor, sports, gastronomy, cultural and historical sights… In the concluding part, it was repeated that positive changes are visible, that health tourism has finally started to gain in importance in terms of legislation that is a necessary prerequisite for further development and growth.Also, it is especially important to efficiently and quickly connect, network and cooperate all those involved in the “chain” of health tourism – from the creators of the service, who must constantly invest in quality, while maintaining authenticity and introducing modern world trends, through the legislator who must provide adequate financial and logistical support to those whose main role is the intensive promotion of Croatian health tourism.

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Open applications for DHT on Hvar, as well as the program of events

first_imgThe October meeting of tourist workers as part of the Croatian Tourism Day will be held on the sunniest Croatian island, Hvar, in the town of Hvar from October 24 to 25, 2018, which this year marks 150 years of tourist tradition.DHT gathers over 1000 people every year, and this year the participants can expect numerous lectures, workshops, gatherings and additional events in which world-famous foreign and domestic tourism experts, opinion makers and  influencers from business and social life. This year we will talk about the relationship between the film industry and tourism, the construction of Croatia as a national brand, Croatia as a new gastronomic icon in Europe, the visibility and promotional importance of tourism bloggers, etc.Among the world-renowned experts, the arrival at DHT was confirmed by Al Merschen, President and Founder of MMGY Global, one of the most important marketing and PR companies in the United States, who will talk about the state and potential of Croatia in the US market. who will participate in the panel “Film Industry and Tourism”. At the Days of Croatian Tourism, among other things, a research will be presented: “What kind of tourism do we want – a study of the sustainability of the Split-Dalmatia County”, and  There will also be a traditional round table of representatives of the Government of the Republic of Croatia with tourism workers and the Croatian Tourism Forum organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. As the culmination of this event, recognitions will be given and awards will be given to tourist workers, ie destinations and tourist offers that make Croatian tourism more and more successful from year to year.ONLINE LOGIN DHT HvarDHT Program 2018 HvarFor all those who want to plan for the long term, next year the Days of Croatian Tourism will be held in Slavonia, more precisely in Osijek.last_img read more

New edition of ADAC Camping Guide 2019

first_imgNa temelju standardiziranih kriterija, ADAC inspektori svake godine provode neovisnu, objektivnu i rigoroznu procjenu više od 5.500 kampova i kampova u Njemačkoj i diljem Europe. I zato je ADAC dobio status “biblije” kada pričamo o kampiranju u Europi.The ADAC Camping Guide is published in over 100.000 copies, this year the 30% larger edition consists of two books: Njemacka / Northern Europe i Istočna Europa ( Albania, Andorra, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland ) .More information about ADAC Camping Guide 2019Croatia and Slovenia in a special edition 2019 ADAC family camping guideThe news is that Croatia and Slovenia will be in a special edition 2019 ADAC family camping guide, which edition is planned for April 2019.Tako je izabrano 99 kampova  u Hrvatskoj i Sloveniji,a koji imaju najviše za ponuditi obitelji s djecom. Niz preporučenih kampova iz Hrvatske i Slovenije počinje u alpskoj Sloveniji i završavaju na otočnim područjima dalmatinske obale. Za svaki kamp ne postoje samo korisne informacije, već i razne savjete za slobodno vrijeme u odgovarajućem području za odmor.The ADAC campsite guide, in addition to being of general importance to the German-speaking area, is also very important in that it uses a special campsite rating system that is generally accepted as the most important European campsite quality rating system.RELATED NEWS:THE PROBLEM OF TOURIST LAND AND MARITIME PROPERTY ARE THE BIGGEST “WEIGHTS” THAT TORTURE CROATIAN CAMP OWNERSTHE BEST CROATIAN CAMPS FOR THE 2018 SEASON ANNOUNCEDlast_img read more

An Interpretation Center dedicated to the character and work of Petar Preradović opened in Pitomača

first_imgThe whole last year in the municipality of Pitomača was the year of Preradović, in which a series of activities marked the 200th anniversary of P. Preradović, and as a crown of everything, in the municipality of Pitomača, in Grabrovnica, the renovated house of Petar Preradović was opened to the public. is in the service of the interpretation center.  In the entrance part of the renovated House there is a multimedia exhibition “Virtual Reality” where you can see a 3D reconstruction of the birth house of Petar Preradović, which can be passed through as well as a large one multitouch display information on the tourist offer of the municipality of Pitomača, but also the surrounding area.  “What we offer is a different approach based on animation with multimedia content with expert guidance to meet all the requirements of visitors”Points out Danijela Rešetar from the Interpretation Center House of Petar Preradović. Thanks to the European Union and the funds of the Interreg Cross-border Cooperation Program Hungary – Croatia, within the project “Preradović & Csokonai”, the Municipality of Pitomača renovated and adapted the birth house of Petar Preradović in Grabrovnica, which was arranged as a modern interpretation center.  The second room of the exhibition brings visitors closer to Petar Preradović’s “military paths”, which are imbued with constant “slips” into the written word, exploration of language and poetic expression due to meeting and socializing with revivalists.  The third room of the exhibition is completely creative because it is dedicated to Preradović’s poetry. Flowers, Plants and Transplants (as the poet himself shared his poems in the Pervenci collection) is the basis for the interpretation of his work. Each of these three segments gives the characteristics of his poetic motives (romantic love, homeland, language, national pride koji) that arise from his attitude and thinking about life and the world.  The first room of the exhibition gives an insight into the earliest days, childhood and early school days by providing information about the characteristics of life in the homeland (which they will leave). The aim of this room is to give the characteristics of the homeland of the era in which Preradović lived in it with an emphasis on what marked life at that time on the political and linguistic border (border of military reservations and everyday rural life, border of multiethnic Slavic and monarchical Austrian, border between Croatian and German language). Preradović as a poet begins to “open up” to visitors (and writing with a thicker pen as an interactive element in the line-up, scents and sounds achieves engagement and multisensory). The attic is a place where the content of others about Preradović is presented, ie art, music, theoretical and other written works that talk about or present Preradović and his work, Preradović’s family and heirs and a homage to the first museum exhibition from 1968 and the people who does it work. It is a space where the visitor can view audio-visual records of Grabrovnica and the poet, listen to compositions based on Preradović’s poems, browse through his poetry collections.  The basement area is a meeting place between visitors and Petar Preradović in holographic form, but perhaps also the visitor with his consciousness, attitudes that are the same or different from the poet’s.   Photo: Kristijan Toplak, Virovitica-Podravina County You can visit the Petar Preradović House Interpretation Center from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 to 17.00, and the visit is also possible outside working hours, but with mandatory prior notice, which is very important information for travel agencies.  You can see more about the Petar Preradović Interpretation Center on the website:  Preradović’s house was built in 1775 and has been renovated several times so far. The last major renovation was in 1968, when one of the first museums dedicated to a writer was arranged in it. After 50 years, the time has come for a new thorough renovation, but also the design of a new contemporary cultural and tourist attraction inspired by the poet’s life and work.last_img read more

Edvin Jurin: Croatian Tourism Development Strategy – Yes, of course, but what kind?

first_imgYou have heard me well – external and internal relations at the level of Croatia as well as individual municipalities, cities, counties or tourist regions.Talking and visiting many individual tourist destinations, tourist representatives often complained to me about the lack of understanding of their tourist councils. And the final question of all questions: What can be done to make the strategy come to life? What we need now and in the future is such an up-to-date and effective interdepartmental body, but also regular four-month analyzes and discussions at all levels of how far we have come and how we will solve, I deliberately repeat, what has not been resolved so far. And so persistently, persistently further to – fulfillment. In this area, not only in the field of tourism but also in other economic areas, we have not celebrated, although there are praiseworthy issues in tourism itself, at least as far as, say, the realization of the strategic marketing plan is concerned. After the rumors about the launch of the initiative itself and after the heated discussions and obligatory lamentations of respected tourist opinion makers, everything usually falls silent. Otherwise, if we get bogged down in the swamp of our local or regional destination maneuvers, insatiable spatial appetites and resentment, we can immediately sing about the new strategy: “In vain your efforts, musicians!” Therefore, in the end, a sincere and well-intentioned recommendation to the Minister of Tourism and Sports and the Government of the Republic of Croatia – New strategy for domestic tourism development until year X with a set of accompanying operational documents for individual years will make sense if it determines and offers frameworks pave the way for a new understanding of tourism in the whole society and innovative and year-round tourism products and projects with built-in added value under the denominator: “Happiness helps the brave!”(Good luck to you!) Concise, short and clear. Let’s start with the first: What kind of strategy do we really need? Therefore, the new strategy should clearly and unambiguously set first of all the key and achievable principles and criteria of the approach to tourism development – globally at the country level and locally in various selected segments. We don’t necessarily have to do it all – everything. We have no time or people for that, much less money. Let’s be brave and decide what and why we work somewhere, learn to cooperate with neighboring destinations, be cooperative and exchange ideas, projects and ultimately the guests themselves so that if they stay in one – visit another destination and thus complete their experience as a product of common and advance projected cooperation of several destinations or administrative units. It is questionable to ask whether such a document, given the dynamics and intensity of disruptive world changes, should be worked on until 2040 or limited to 5 years or until the end of 2025. I support a shorter period. I also wish that the strategy as a supporting document does not have more than thirty pages, and that every year for the next year, until the end of, say, July of the current year, more precise action plans for the next year are adopted. Let’s learn to save our own and others ’time, let’s concentrate on what matters. Honor to those who have moved away from what I will say, but I had the impression that a significant number of previous offices of tourist boards have turned into, allow me that freedom, the PR departments of their presidents – mayors, mayors and prefects. With dynamic and interactive cooperation of all government departments. It would not be exclusively related to the aegis of “sustainable tourism” because sustainable tourism is only a starting and important prerequisite for the mix of selected selective and more complex types of tourism with an emphasis on year-round business and tailor-made products with added value. the needs of the guests whose soul we need to empathize with. As much as possible. Author: Edvin Jurin The previous one, adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia on April 26, 4 under the full title “Strategy for the Development of Croatian Tourism until 2013” was valid as the name suggests until 2020. Therefore, the need for a new one becomes an urgent need. Focus on internal and external relations The answer is clear: short, concise and clearly guiding. Let us not be slaves to quantity (read the number of pages) but to quality. This way of thinking is the hardest thing to get rid of. I remember an “inspired” response from a client of one of the public sector strategies to my question why he insisted that the document, which had been worked on for a really long and thorough time, be a book in print, and not, say, a CD. The answer was literally: “There should be a book, and the thicker it is, so that when someone comes and asks me what we did, I can throw that heavy book on his chest. So let him think then what he will ask me’. ” Therefore, such documents often end up in drawers, are not used and become literally an artifact of one moment of one time of one client. The US version called “National Travel & Tourism Strategy” from 2012, with defined targets of 100 million tourists and spending of $ 250 billion by 2021, then signed by John Bryson, Secretary of Economy and Ken Salazar, the Secretary of the Interior has barely forty pages with all the introductions. For that, it is necessary to pay attention to the structure and potential of members of tourist councils at all levels, which means their most careful choice, but also ongoing education. Especially at the local level. Tourism has become too complex and interactive for key decisions on its development and implementation of certain specific activities to be made at a flat rate or by “breaking over the knee”. Like when the desert wind in Clint Eastwood’s western films, with the unsurpassed music of the recently deceased Ennio Morricone, dusts the deserted street, which is then covered by oblivion. As if nothing had ever been agreed. What was missing in the public and in the field was a systematic and real comparative presentation of what was achieved from the planned strategic and what was not. With mandatory inquiries: “If not – why not? Was it unrealistically planned? If not unrealistically planned, what obstacles have hindered the realization? What needs to be done to make the unfulfilled come true?” First: What kind of strategy do we really need?Second: What should take precedence in that strategy?Third: What can be done to make the strategy really and fully come to life? As far as external relations, ie interaction with a specific market, are concerned, I often used to ask people in tourism in certain destinations: “Can you tell me what audience you work for? Describe to me the profile of your current or desired guest? By age, social and cultural and other preferences and needs?”The answer was almost as a rule – silence.Instead of just talking about the types of tourism, we are talking about people – guests. Let’s study generational and interest profiles and create scenarios for different situations. Because, trends are created by consumers. The thread adorns the work Preference in such documents should be given to a balanced mix or ratio of internal and external relations or action policies to be achieved. I am a supporter, like everyone else, who loves tourism and who likes to think about tourism, for a document like this to be drafted. But I am an even more ardent advocate that such a document be applied. And not to work on an alibi strategy – and then to adhere to these key determinants little or not at all. According to the principle: “Let it be in our drawer.” Instead, hymns about the transfer of tourist arrivals and overnight stays were offered and are being offered. And we all knew that a lot of things more creative and innovative or environmentally sustainable in the destinations themselves did not come to life. We have not seen or at least perceptively seen that an intergovernmental body for cross-sectoral monitoring of the implementation of the previous strategy has come to life, ie the Inter-Ministerial Expert Council for Tourism according to the previous strategy (p.60). Here, tourism failed to impose itself on the older ministerial brothers in the Croatian government, especially in the areas of finance, labor, urbanism, construction and spatial planning, and environmental protection, as expected by the profession. Happiness helps the brave Under certain conditions of course, Not wanting to prejudge things, I ask three possible questions for this occasion. And three possible answers. Even the sparrows on the branch sing that Croatia needs a new strategy for tourism development, as one of its more dominant economic branches. I want to believe that there will be needs for that – there won’t be. They are no longer just times for that. This has led many to spend their resources on a “copy paste” basis: “We do this because it is done by the municipality, city or county next to us”. And not because of what we do, market and business necessary and more importantly – economically justified.last_img read more