The trump card of social shopping guide — a comprehensive analysis of micro scouring

[core tips] in the beta of micro Amoy is what kind of product? Why does the author think it is likely to subvert the beautiful and products,


editor’s note: the author of this article is from a small group of companies (not Taobao). In this article, "we" refers to the team under which the author belongs.

The new "

Taobao wireless micro Amoy recently in the online, affects countless sellers’ attention, perhaps many people are looking forward to, want to know this heavyweight products in the end is what? Well, in the observation, interview and use after a period of time, I want to say, it is very likely that a beautiful and comprehensive subversion products. read more

The market positioning and market segmentation of classified information websites are very important

recently, I have done a list of web at the same time, the classification of information sites for some thinking, classification information, website publishing and query information, convenient and fast advantages are self-evident. Along with the rapid development of classified information websites, hidden risks, such as funds, teams, innovations and profits, are hidden. Since there are such and such hidden dangers, how can the classified information websites develop healthily?

from the angle of the life cycle of products, classified information website growth speed, consumers of online classified information demand trend is obvious, the classification of information website has a clear understanding of their competitors and technology, from the characteristics of various aspects of the market can be seen in the growth stage, from a marketing point of view it is still a can enter the market, just enter more difficult. Since there is still access, there must be a way to get in. Facing the present situation of classified information website II, in the capital is not sufficient, the advantage is not obvious, the list of network to enter the market only through good market positioning, find gaps in the market. Blindly imitate the now more successful classification of information websites, the consequences must be waiting to be eliminated. read more

These six aspects are not good, easy to scare visitors away

The purpose of

‘s website is to attract visitors and retain visitors. A website that wants to win visitors has a certain advantage in appearance, content, loading speed, and so on. The following six factors, is to scare off visitors, the culprit is very detrimental to the user experience of the site, you need to pay more attention to the webmaster.

1, site appearance

sites can have a wide variety of styles, but there is no unreasonable appearance. The irrational appearance here refers mainly to improper color collocation and confusion of plate layout. Together, these two elements are the first impressions of a website, which can often affect the mood of a person visiting a web site. Everyone likes a clean, beautiful and themed website. On the contrary, a strange color collocation plate information 00 odd sites will be hated. read more

Summary of eight months’ experience of new station

himself is an electronic lover, in fact, has long wanted to be an electronic technology station, has not been practical action. Because the Spring Festival to be on duty, think of nothing to do, the station was opened. Up to now, just 8 months, while taking advantage of the National Day holiday, do a summary.


program selects

spent a few days on the Internet under several popular programs to try on this machine, with a round down, and finally chose to move easily, and just in time to open source, host selection is much easier. read more

The site can also be dual core, you believe it

everyone is called dual core, CPU dual core now, browser also double nucleus, I also played a name, be called website double nucleus. The site’s dual core means the web site prepares two sets of templates for Internet, Explorer browser and Firefox, and calls different templates based on the client browser.

now, in order to solve the IE browser and Firefox browser compatibility problems, there are many ways, generally speaking, as long as a set of templates, a CSS file, a JS script will be able to solve. So why dual core? What’s the advantage of dual core read more

Sell Meng + products + data, nternet nut three squirrels how to do

Abstract: just 3 years, three squirrels from the establishment of the 5 people team, 1 million registered capital, development to now has 1700 employees, in 2014 the annual sales revenue of 1 billion 100 million yuan. Anyone who wants to dig in the Internet, the food industry, is asking how the three squirrels did it.

many people may not know, three squirrels Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "three squirrels"), the Internet nut brand, located in Anhui City, Wuhu province Yijiang district. read more

How long can the movie network last recently did the movie station to his deep feeling, if such a site does not search engine included, not to profit, for many webmaster may be ridiculous, so I’ll try a movie website virgin period how long can persist.

due to "Marx" free program, more and more rampant movie website on the Internet, most webmasters are very clear: the purpose of the search engines – Advertising – – profit – connected sale / vanish / garbage station. Almost no station will escape this cycle, this is also a lot of webmaster began to blind pursuit of Baidu included reasons. read more

Analysis of the current format of weight loss websites

now do slimming products, a lot of people, a conservative estimate of ten thousand people and more than 1000 teams to participate in the operation, and not many webmaster as can be imagined would like to, for Adsense reference, according to different types, as follows:


1, slimming products website. This kind of web interface is very clear, the main page is a weight loss product guide area (currently more common is Herbalife, Kang Meike, Sibutramine slimming products), product pictures, slimming effect pictures visible before the eyes who want to lose weight, the crowd was very tempting, accounting for all the weight loss website 45%. Profit model: selling weight loss products profits. Promotion methods: mainly advertising, search engine optimization as a supplement. read more

From micro mission, Sina, micro-blog platform future trends

one, Sina, micro-blog, platform

Sina micro-blog micro-blog should be in the service in China is currently in the forefront, believe that sina micro-blog is also considering the future of how to carry out the platform of development at this stage, and it is also in a variety of


recently, Sina micro-blog launched two Sina based micro-blog products, one micro territory (, one micro group ( Personally think that the two is based on the application of sina micro-blog, micro groups value will be greater, the LBS service may be a need for a longer period of time can be a harvest service, LBS service more line, need time cost will be higher, and I think the similarity of LBS and the group purchase higher (all need strong line marketing ability). read more

Analysis arrogant everyone why become spectators, as a focus on youth social products, in the past few years is indeed ushered in its golden period, either the user viscosity or market appeal, Chen Yizhou everyone is the most representative of the product. Not only that, everyone, everyone group material derivative products also dominate in various fields. But the Internet products are always changing fast, this second you are king, but the next second you will become what kind of, no one can say. Along with other domestic social networking products, such as WeChat, easecredit, all rely on the client population began to shake, turn to the mobile platform is more fresh, content creation, resource depletion, decline in activity, the problem of profit leads to biased operation and so on, all the beautiful blueprint has been gradually away from. read more

Experience tells you that in the short run, it is not reliable to put DSR scores above industry valu

    in a March meeting of the company on how to improve the three dynamic score, the shop we also put forward some though each one airs his own views, suggestions, but to put these three dynamic score higher than the industry average do, in fact, is a systematic project, only to understand the impact of the logic behind and environment, analysis of the buyer psychology, will it be possible to simplify complex things.

, first of all, tell us about our store.

Before we go

shop sales model, every time through low-cost way to do promotional activities, 1 yuan limit seckill 10 dress or coat, and then put some money for goods and 90 percent off sales sold hundreds of pieces, it increased to 80 percent off. Through the car drainage is also through 1 yuan spike of money to do, so that a short period of time to collect a lot of popularity and traffic. Although each activity can achieve good results, but 15 days after the pre-sale can not be shipped on time, and some even almost a month before delivery. The speed of delivery was 4.6 points, through these activities, not on time delivery, customer service often one day will face more than 200 buyers expediting, but buyers have to wait so long time to receive the goods, even if the quality is good, also because of the influence of emotion to the poor, so the speed of delivery when the lowest down to 4.4 points, if less than this value will be suspended promotion through train. Other descriptions, scores, and service attitude scores remained at around 4.7. read more

Don’t miss the opportunity to always have higher

these days, A5 BBS "webmaster net second" I and domain name story "prize essay contest" is voting, a total of 1500 yuan RMB cash reward, very attractive. It’s a pity to see some of my friends ready for the big prize. I knew I was also writing an article, and I was sure I could still win the prize. At that time, I saw the essay contest and didn’t care. Now, my friends are full of confidence and want to harvest fruits. Besides envy, I am sorry, and I have no heart to move. read more

Little brother from the blog included summary, let Baidu included in a week program

Baidu included, believe it to be an easy job to do things, but for the novice webmaster may still relatively confused, sometimes one or two months are not included. Today, little brother took his blog to do a case study, analysis and summary, how to let Baidu included in a week.

black brother website blog from the blog to make money today just 5 days time, today just to catch up with Baidu update, has also been included, although only included the home page, which shows that the investigation of Xinzhan Baidu, later as long as the continued increase in the chain and the original content, the inside pages will slowly be included. Google included relatively easy, open 12 hours have been included. read more

A few small contrasts between DeDeCms and KingCms

in several tools with the establishment of the CMS, the most easy to grasp is dedecms and KingCMS, are very similar between them, all with their own independent label, my personal understanding of the two kinds of tools for the dedecms website has a lot of advantages than kingcms.

first of all, for beginners, people who don’t change templates feel good about dedecms, because there are so many templates on the dedecms, and KingCMS is a lot less.

secondly, that is, dedecms plug-in many, you can achieve more functions, but also simple. Dedecms has many modules to choose from, such as voting module, circle module, message sheet module and so on, you can choose to install. read more

From the main character of advertising, how should the webmaster do the station

a few days ago to buy my mother Ali advertising, suddenly got a little experience.

I released virtual items, so first I chose the Internet, and then I picked a Baidu station.

from my point of view to the Enlightenment of changmen.

first of all, when publishing ad positions, should correctly establish the positioning of their website. What kind of advertising do you fit yourself into?. Show or click?.

I’m the advertiser now. A and B are website owners,

first I’ll see who’s IP and PV first. Then click on his website to see if the style is suitable for the people I advertised. Then, when you look at the price, will the lion speak?. Remember someone in the home, mom released advertising position, 1001 weeks, day ip50.. Ask which advertisers will release read more

Eight steps to successful online trading


] here are eight effective steps to attract visitors to your website and get them to buy. Roy web as a professional web marketing guide site, a lot of people asked me how to establish and carry out online business. I told them: you can follow a series of effective steps to ensure your success. How do I know? I’ve seen thousands of people follow the same precise process of establishing and conducting online transactions.

first step: find the requirement and satisfy it.

most marketers do the wrong thing first looking for the product and then looking for the market. But unless people are actively looking for your online product, your product will never sell out. The trick is to find common problems that people are trying to solve, and then you can work it out. read more

Are you playing micro-blog or playing micro-blog Dry sharing how to run a micro-blog

first, talk about how micro-blog operates.

play with micro-blog, who will play. But the operation of micro-blog, but not everyone dares to say that he will. Are you running micro-blog or playing micro-blog or playing by micro-blog?

, for a few cases,

1. story marketing

"wild animal Florist" micro-blog account began operating in December 2012, the first eight months without Taobao stores, there is no official website, but only a micro-blog number, achieved sales of over one million, fans over 200 thousand. How do they do it? In fact it is very simple, is the flower photos plus 140 words with the customer about the story (marriage, birthday, health etc.) written into micro-blog, in addition to the day-to-day work of the team is also written into micro-blog and fans. The traditional flower shop sells flowers. It sells stories. This new approach has made micro-blog’s operations a great success, and the reputation of flower shops has gradually started. This success model is called story marketing, read more

mprove the website activity, the user experience reply visible

believe it is our webmaster or ordinary users will find this problem, search for content and information they want in Baidu, when users search time to such content, click to enter your website and found the content only partially visible, and the user really content requires the user to reply is visible for many! The user can register your website, but reply to this post, for the content they want. But there are many webmaster for website activity point of view, thus setting up the website, but many owners ignore one thing, in order to stop the waste and garbage into the post forum user registration and a set of sites, users must register over a long time to reply. This is my Yibin city network shortly before it was set, later a and many friends to chat, I asked my friend to go to my website to increase about the popularity, my friend said not registered post, want to see the content to see, then I realized this setting may will use a lot of churn, so far only the set fire to. read more

A successful blog takes time to accumulate and appropriate publicity

is talking about people again. It’s a bad thing to talk about other people, but I prefer the people I talk to to see what they lack in my words. Statement, I am not necessarily right, I hope we can discuss it together.

doesn’t necessarily insist on updating

every day

probably has more than ordinary bloggers have such a misunderstanding: in order to allow friends to pay attention to my blog every day, so every day will update. In fact, this logic is completely wrong, don’t think Baidu is updated every day for you, you will come to your blog every day. First you have to consider why you every day to your blog, what do they want? First, they focus on the event, you can update; two, they want the technology, you can summarize the published; three, pure is your friend. read more

Analyze a few popular projects that you know and talk about

Of course,

understand is very talented, and can have the achievement of today rely on talent is not enough, we must insist on, he insisted for eight years every day to write, if someone can persist for eight years to do one thing, I believe what is not bad.

so a lot of time, how to do their own business, with little relationship with the project, with little relationship between talent, and opportunities are not related, look at who can adhere to the longest, laugh in the end, the winner is king. read more