2011 top ten list of the world’s top industry

for every entrepreneur, the direction of choice is bound to be the most popular industry, so that not only to make money, but also to the future development of security. And this hot industry is only in the current market after careful analysis and summary to understand. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce one of the world’s top ten hottest industry in 2011.

3G game
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Do not make kites in rural areas do not fly

universal entrepreneurship, of course, not only refers to the urban residents, but also the majority of rural masses. At present, Jingdong, Alibaba have announced the presence of the rural market, many young people to this heart, to comply with the call of the government to choose to return home business, hoping to achieve success in the home business.

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Give you a new feeling of fresh elements of entrepreneurship

drinks to join the small series feel that this fresh fruit element drink is a brand that you can not miss. Although there are a lot of high-tech out of poverty, but also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs eyes. But in fact, many traditional projects also have great potential for development. Just like the fresh fruit we are introducing to you today. So if you have a fancy to this market, then do not worry about their own shops do not make money. Fresh fruit element drinks to join, make money good project! read more

Custom wallpaper to join the era of a gold mine

now what is personalized, home decoration is particularly true. Owners prefer to use custom means to their own home with personal color. Open a custom wallpaper stores have unlimited business opportunities.

custom wallpaper industry has been rapid development. This market has also promoted the development of the investment market, custom wallpaper industry market is very large. In the open custom wallpaper stores, entrepreneurs want to get a good development, then in the actual shop should be able to grasp some of the shop skills. For these problems, there are some entrepreneurs do not quite understand, today Xiaobian for entrepreneurs to explain how to open the custom wallpaper store market winning operation. read more

College students kiss strangers

city people have brought a new way of playing, college students kiss strangers, advocate the use of healthy behavior to get psychological satisfaction, but after reading a little small series shocked! What do you think, what do you think?

4 3, a college student kissing a stranger’s video on the social network of heat, warm the hearts of countless people. It is reported that college students to kiss a stranger to the activities initiated by a student at Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, the participants blindfolded and strangers kiss, build trust between people. In the activities of college students kiss strangers, there are boys kissed the girls, there are boys and boys, girls and girls kissing, participants said, hoping to always remember this beautiful moment. read more

Community shops to follow the rules of investment

relative to some of the bustling shops expensive prices, as well as fierce competition in the market, and now community shops began to be more and more people are sure. After all, the rapid development of the electricity supplier, the large market survival ability of traditional cliff style decline, and community shops because a stable customer base, rapid development and delivery service, became the new rapid development of commercial brands. The number of investment targets, the quality of community shops has always been the eyes of investors "xiangbobo", but how to choose a way of "money" shops in the community is very important, should follow some rules. read more

About 100 thousand of the small business venture to recommend money

      which included in the whole network of around 100 thousand economic projects, in a variety of clothing brands to join the project most entrepreneurs favor. The reasons for this, first of all, China’s consumer market demand for brand production in recent years showed an upward trend; brand apparel project profit is very high, the following example.

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Flexible marketing strategy analysis

entrepreneurship, investment, shop the most important is the marketing method, flexible marketing as a marketing strategy, how to do a good job of flexible marketing? Many private enterprises, the company hopes to enter the track, a few strategies, hoping to quickly open the market. Flexible marketing, quickly open the market.

The price elasticity of


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Yu Ting university graduates entrepreneurship charity

if you are a university graduate, you can find a stable job, or you can become a successful entrepreneur, then, you are willing to adopt a child at a young age? She is only 25 years old, not married, but has a child, the children are from the same place, Sichuan, Liangshan. Who is she, why are there so many children?

she is outstanding graduates, Wuchang Institute of Yu Shouyi Ting, general manager of Wuhan Zimo Arts Education Investment Co. ltd.. Last year, she from Sichuan Liangshan and 64 Yi orphans, learning, living in her charity school. read more

Fear of killing 10 elderly nanny just to get the wages in January

a lot of elderly people living alone, many children do not have time to take care of their parents, they asked a full-time nanny to take care of. Recently, a case of the old man with the murder of a terrorist nanny exposure, the murderer in the name of the nanny murdered 10 elderly people, their behavior is appalling.

where granny daughter-in-law Leung through a Nansha nanny agency, an aunt what day brought to Nansha District to take care of 70 year old how old, please take time what day said, "if a few days old man died, also want to pay the salary of a month." She did not think that this sentence has hidden dangers. read more

Entrepreneurial rich six gun

entrepreneurship is also a skill, just like an arithmetic problem, there is a small breakthrough, as long as you see through this, everything will be solved. The following Xiaobian give you a few shots to try it.

the first shot: Entrepreneurship entrepreneurial awareness

According to the

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Dry cleaning shop to make money for you

there are residents, there is a demand for dry cleaning, dry cleaning industry in recent years more and more fire, we all want to dry cleaners. So, dry cleaners to make money? The most important thing about every startup project is whether it can make money. The most popular dry cleaners in modern society are no exception. So what about dry cleaners? I believe this issue is also a lot of attention to this entrepreneurial project is the most concerned about the issue. So many angles to analyze it. read more

6 projects for women

women are more and more important in social status, many women have joined the entrepreneurial team, to realize their value, so in the moment, the most suitable for women entrepreneurship project which, following quickly come to understand it!

refrigerators are now increasingly diverse, the refrigerator into the bedroom, private cars, refrigerators and cosmetics have emerged, also known as the cosmetics fresh-keeping box. Every woman has a different number of cosmetics, but the cosmetics after opening, biological activity of enzymes and trace elements which are susceptible to temperature, air, sunlight and other effects of the environment, to advance expired or spoiled, shelf life will be greatly shortened, and the cosmetics at low temperature in the active material life can be extended, cosmetics fresh-keeping box came into being. read more

What opportunities do not make Glutinous rice sesame balls delicacy stop

now, in our lives, the breakfast market has always been very hot. Entrepreneurial choice to enter the breakfast market, is a very wise choice. How about joining sesame ball? Food business opportunities!

Glutinous rice sesame balls called Fried Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame is a Han, a famous snack, belongs to a kind of fried pasta. Chinese New Year is also common in Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao Glutinous rice sesame balls.

food, "sesame rolled, bullion house. There are many ways to sesame ball, today we introduce some of the most simple way. read more

The seventy-two variable how digital production

has a unique brand, always very attractive to consumers. So, to choose the seventy-two agent to change the digital production projects, is a very powerful brand to join the project selection. Agent seventy-two change digital production? Worth joining!

seventy-two how to become a proxy for the change in the number of low investment cost, high profit, is a good agent project? Seventy-two. Seventy-two new digital production, personality, it can be made out of the ordinary, the baby’s photo crystal porcelain painting, accompanied on the table; can also be loved in the exquisite cups printed on photos, or the lover does India into the crystal pendant, heart collection. read more

Chongqing hot pot will join the dream of wealth

join Chongqing hot pot? With the promotion of Chongqing Hot pot these years, in the market has great development space, investment management skills need to shop, need to do a lot of preparation for, let us meet together.

The characteristics of the catering industry in the

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Snow ice cream money – Wei Le joined the whole

how about ice cream? Has always been a very delicious choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, joined the snow Lok Wei ice cream project, is the right choice! As we all know, to join the snow Wei Wei ice cream, open their own snow Lok Wei ice cream shop, all the year round is earned!

actually an ice cream shop is a fairy tale. Many of those who join the market is also very interested in the four seasons of the project. Ice cream can satisfy your taste buds and bring more creativity and beauty. read more

Do domestic first-line brand children’s clothing stores have to pay attention to five points

do not because it is a brand of children’s clothing, it is happy to forget everything, in fact, often the big brand business, the more difficult to do, but also have to pay attention to many factors. The following small series will be introduced on the domestic first-line brand children’s clothing stores have to pay attention to five points!

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