The first batch of farmers in our province to get rural land contract management warrants

6 30 July Shouzheng, the province’s rural land contract management right right issuing ceremony was held in the village of Huzhu Tu Autonomous County Chuan Zhen Dong tang.

vice governor Yan Jinhai attended the meeting and issued the province’s first "the right to contracted management of rural land" as Dong village three farmers cooperatives Wang Chengxing, marks the province has taken a key step to uphold and improve the basic rural operation system, into a new course of deepening the reform of rural collective property. read more

Three years before the province’s gross enrollment rate increased by up to 17.59 percentage points i

Prepare tuition, buy autumn…… September 6th, the city of Xining ushered in the fall of kindergarten school, parents and children are busy preparing for admission. According to the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the province’s pre-school education has been better development, three years before the school admission rate was 77.07%.

"back in late August, we went to the nursery for freshmen, starting in September 6th, with tuition only need to sign up on the line." People look at the scene of the new park admission parents manual, said, I asked a few parents, they said that the kindergarten is now ready for a new bedding, parents do not need to buy, so parents also easy. Let me see what else is needed in the parent handbook." Ms. Tian’s 3 year old daughter to kindergarten, to the nearest Park, Ms. Tian visited the nearby several kindergarten, and ultimately chose a nearest kindergarten, she said: "now the new residential or residential area has a kindergarten, so children in kindergarten is very convenient."

as Ms. Tian said, preschool education in our province has been a good development, preschool enrollment rate increased significantly. According to the analysis, the Provincial Bureau of statistics annual data in 2014, the province’s new construction and renovation and expansion of 174 kindergarten children in the garden, up to 175 thousand people, more than 41 thousand people in 2011, including 83 thousand girls, 20 thousand more than in 2011; three years of pre-school gross enrollment rate of 77.07%, 17.59 percentage points higher than in 2011; pre-school gross enrollment the rate was 116.8%, 18.88 percentage points higher than in 2011.   read more

Xining momentum into a clear food exhibition protagonist

From the A Museum of the National Day promotion activities to the B Museum special, from the advantages of resources, investment environment, halal industry launched a grand national folk customs interpretation, in May 16 Nissin food exhibition second days, with a generous package "in Xining City, the momentum away become the protagonist of the show, the rich heritage of the halal industry, a comprehensive reform of the investment environment, 40 industrial investment projects for domestic and foreign merchants themselves, they have attracted me," stop "halal industry economic and trade cooperation.

invited more than 20 customers currently has 375 thousand people of Xining Muslim Halal industry interest in Xining city and surrounding counties of about 600 thousand people, the city’s Muslim class of nearly 2000 enterprises, halal industry continues to expand the scale, continue to extend the industrial chain, Xining enterprises has been the major domestic and foreign enterprises to build strategic cooperation framework preliminary, strong competitive industrial system and competition ability. Unexpectedly, in the distant China northwest, there are so rich halal industry reserves ", in more than 20 influential will promote the halal food industry customers, urgent details to promote staff and enterprises.
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Xining city team organizations celebrate 61, welcome party red scarf to the party theme series of ac

To commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding, strengthen and improve the ideological and moral construction, guide the majority of city youth to deeply understand and fully understand the great course of founding 90 years and brilliant achievements, prospects for a better future, aspiring to serve the country, recently, the organization of the city with the team at all levels to celebrate "61" activities, to carry out a series of theme the form of new activities

to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding, strengthen and improve the ideological and moral construction, guide the majority of city youth to deeply understand and fully understand the great course of founding 90 years and brilliant achievements, prospects for a better future, aspiring to serve the country, recently, the city at all levels of the team organization according to celebrate "61" activities, carried out a series of theme, form of innovative activities. read more

The May Day holiday, Xining light

April 27th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau: 51 small holiday period, affected by the 28 day of the night to the precipitation process of 29 days, the weather in Xining to cloudy. Temperature at 17 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius, the wind is not large, more suitable for people to travel. April 29th, rain cloudy, temperature 3 to 17 degrees Celsius; April 30th, cloudy, temperature 4 to 19 degrees Celsius; May 1st, cloudy, temperature 1 to 20 degrees celsius. (author: Wei Jinyu) read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and Television Bureau of the Ministry of investigation of

Effect of

on Teenagers "vulgar audiovisual products, audio-visual products clean-up vulgar to purify the cultural market environment to a certain extent." August 19th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and Television Publishing Office staff said.

in July 15th to the end of August, Xining pornography Office of the organization and coordination of the press and publishing, culture, industry and commerce, public security and other departments jointly carry out clean-up vulgar audio-visual products special action, a comprehensive examination of three counties and four districts of the sale of audio and video, reproduction and distribution unit. As of now, many departments dispatched personnel 16 people, focus on the settlement of illegal audio-visual products is not conducive to social stability, the collection of 150 pieces of all kinds of illegal audio-visual products, including violence, vulgar, obscene, CD 120. Law enforcement officers require part of the wholesale, sales of audio-visual products businesses and stores shelves 23 kinds of more than 3000 disk (Zhang) vulgar audio and video products, warning criticized the 3 stores. read more

Xining held in 2014 to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival national cultural activities

in the 2014 Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, in order to celebrate the 65 anniversary of the founding of the PRC, meet the Mid Autumn Festival, lively festive atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of the festival, Xining will carry out the "mid 2014 · mass cultural activities to celebrate the National Day".

it is reported that this event in Xining city with the spirit of the party’s eighteen as a guide to the Chinese traditional festival "Mid Autumn Festival" and major festivals "National Day" as an opportunity to promote the construction of socialist core value system, actively practice the party’s mass line educational practice, to carry out extensive and diverse folk small masses activities, cultural and recreational activities, special performances and the Chinese classics reading activities, and guide the people to love the traditional festivals, traditional festivals, to enhance patriotic emotion, inspire the national spirit, carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture, to create a warm, festive celebration of civilized and harmonious cultural atmosphere of the 65 anniversary of the founding of new China. read more

The virtues of youth stars shine in the middle

  civilized star of the most beautiful style officious little Yi Jun really sensible West Street Primary School the fifth grade there was a little girl named Liu Yijun, despite her young age, in the "nosy" that can really bile. Never say dirty words, she is the most annoying classmates say dirty words, who want to say bad words in front of her, once, two times she will give people "on the ideological and political lesson", if there are third, she was angry with others…… Not to mention, she changed a lot of this trick to talk about the bad smell of bad habits. More people admire, she dares to "bad habits in public places each see a roar", people jump the queue, the red light, stop on the spot she dared to let the other do not hang on the face, she didn’t even let parents, once a guy will be chewing gum spit in the bus compartment, her on the spot the guy said "uncivilized", small shame hate cannot find a way to crack into. But Xiao Yi Jun is very polite, such as home to the seven or eight elders, she will take the trouble to greet one by one, if the parents are not, she is like a small master will take care of the guests Zhou zhou. As for the seat in public places, to help others is a commonplace for her. The 10 virtue of youth civilization Star: West Street Primary School, Liu Yijun primary school, high Yujie Nanchuan road – North Street Primary School Teacher Yong Hao (male), South Street Primary School Hu Xianjun (male), Nanshan Road Primary School – MA Yu Xin (male), Datong Street Primary School – Yang Shuwen, 71 Zhang Yuying, Hongxing Road Primary School Primary School – Zhao Yuanrui (male), Hua Luogeng experimental school, Wang Binbao primary school – Jing Zi Qi Yang Zhaojun self-reliance star of the most beautiful love style to the difficult challenges of the little man 71 the fifth grade primary school has a famous young man Li Mengchi, his life motto is: "never give up, meet difficult to do their own thing". The fact that Meng Chi is not an overstatement: from the beginning of the third grade, mother to wash his face and clothes, wash the clothes, he gave her mother pulled my face;
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Student train ticket booking

according to the unified arrangement of the Ministry of railways, the winter college students group ticket reservation before the start for. Qinghai Tibet railway company has arranged for the person responsible for this work, to take the group booking, the combination of personal purchase to provide convenience for students.

for the convenience of the student ticket, the Qinghai Tibet railway company dedicated to open the student ticket window, to provide specialized services. Colleges and universities can also apply for student group tickets, buy team tickets, to be organized by the school student ticket registration, statistics to buy the station. To get back to the students, it is best to determine the purchase plan in advance, in time to the school registration, as far as possible in the pre-sale date to buy student tickets. Students who need to buy student group tickets, please contact the Qinghai Tibet railway company, the Xining Railway Station will try to provide students with the seat of the originating train student ticket. In addition, students in line with the conditions of the purchase of student tickets, tickets must take a good student card and discount card (card). read more

Xining motor vehicle exhaust emission has a magic spell

"Xining motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and management approach (Revised Draft)" will be introduced recently, in order to effectively curb motor vehicle exhaust pollution.

in Xining city in 2009 promulgated the "Xining vehicle exhaust pollution prevention management measures", the introduction of this approach has a positive effect on the prevention and control of the exhaust pollution of motor vehicles to play, but because of motor vehicles in Xining city in recent years the population continues to rise, vehicle exhaust pollution has become the main pollution source of urban atmospheric environment, for the protection of the public healthy, must take more stringent measures to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution, improve the city atmospheric environment, therefore, the city of Xining in the foundation to solicit community suggestions on the forthcoming "Xining vehicle exhaust pollution prevention management measures (Revised Draft)". read more

Provincial organs and institutions of staff pension system reform orderly

  at present, the provincial organs and institutions of staff pension insurance system reform is being carried out in full swing. According to the provincial government issued the "provincial institutions endowment insurance system and perfect salary system reform work plan", the provincial departments in accordance with the work plan of the provincial government and relevant requirements, pay close attention to the situation of the comprehensive and thorough investigation of related data with measurement work, study and formulate and Implementation Opinions and related reform in our province supporting policies and measures in an orderly manner, and strive to complete the reform work in our province as soon as possible. read more

Strengthen exchanges and learn from the experience of building

– Datong County held a "military enterprises build a model village" activities to observe and will promote the work of

July 4th, Datong county organized 20 township party secretary, Township Mayor and housing construction, urban management, environmental protection, development and reform, finance, environmental protection and other departments responsible comrades to learn from the town of Changning riverside village 33 village project "military enterprises build a model village" activities and progress of Shuo Bei Xiang Bian Ma Gou Cun village appearance renovation the situation. The tour activity aims to exchange and contrast, draw lessons from experience, find out the shortcomings, to further promote the demonstration village construction, and to influence and drive to other towns and relevant departments to learn from the experience, early implementation of village planning, improve the village appearance, to lay the foundation for promoting the construction of new socialist countryside in our county. read more

Xining shopping mall 3 – 15 workstation extraordinary skill

Xining City Consumers Association Based on consumer rights protection "while two station" to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, since 2007 in the city’s major shopping malls, supermarkets to set up the "3· 15" in the workstation to resolve consumer disputes ", many daily display skills to the full" disputes nipped in the bud, the effective maintenance of social harmony.

for the protection of the rights of consumers and enterprises, 2007 Xining City Consumers Association in the city’s major shopping malls, supermarkets set up a "3· 15 workstations at the service desk set up the" reception ", published telephone complaints, by the person responsible for receiving consumer complaints. "3· 15 workstation;" after the debut, the major shopping malls, supermarkets more strict pre-sale of commodity quality, strictly regulate food into the sales system, certificate and invoice and purchase ledger system, strengthen the quality inspection and sale service for customer service, the quality of cooked food daily to ensure fresh taste and taste test. The return to the responsibility system, in addition to involving personal health products, high-tech products and precious goods, within 1 months from the date of the sale of other goods, if the customer on the specifications of the goods, color is not satisfied, as long as the goods and keep the original packaging intact, does not affect the re sale, by shopping all vouchers, according to customer requirements to return. At the same time, to further standardize the consumer complaints procedures, strengthen personnel training, improve the quality of personnel, in dealing with consumer complaints, adhere to the "three, three" principle, namely: the general problem is not a problem, counter complex problems, not out of the mall stores; on the exchange does not change in exchange, retreat can be back to back, I don’t know the main responsibility. Reporters on February 23rd in Wangfujing supermarket learned that in 2008, the supermarket received a total of 187 consumer complaints, all smooth solution. read more

The happiness factor on the road in Xining

happiness in Xining, traffic ahead!

if the happiness of Xining is an organism, then the road traffic is an indispensable artery –

2016 planning and construction (renovation) 311 parking lot, berth 11387……

3 1, Xining airport bus will be officially settled in Xining passenger terminal……

the city’s new tourist passenger vehicles 380, since May 1st, have been put into use……

60 bay bus stop points, 298 new bus updates……

100 billion investment in highway construction projects, so that people travel more convenient…… read more

To ensure the safe and effective use of financial capital Xining thorough investigation of financial

March 15th to August 30th, Xining City, county (District) party and government organs, institutions, people’s organizations to carry out a special inspection of the 2013 annual financial fund management. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels will seriously deal with the interception, misappropriation, corruption and waste of law issues such as discipline and personnel, for discipline violations found together with the investigation, the circumstances are serious enough to constitute a crime will be transferred to judicial organs, to ensure the safe and effective use of financial funds. read more

Beichuan River Bridge Maintenance tomorrow traffic control

In November 11th, reporters from the Provincial Executive Bureau, November 13th, Beichuan River Bridge Arch maintenance construction, to ensure the smooth progress of construction and safety during construction, traffic order, the implementation of road traffic control, vehicle closed diversion measures of expressway. It is understood that the closed section of Chaoyang (Tongren Road Qilian Road overpass ramp Road (highway) to the entrance), including Chaoyang toll diversion measures: large vehicles (5 tons) shunt to Lake toll station, small vehicles to Chaoyang overpass ramp diversion to Qilian Road, Chaoyang North toll Tongren Road; station: large vehicles (5 tons) by Ning road crossing the West ramp flow to the sea, Lake Xigang disposition toll station, small vehicles diverted to the Qilian Road, bridge street; Qaidam Road: large vehicles (5 tons) to the Shanghai Road Interchange diverted to Lake Lake, West toll station, small vehicles diverted to Qilian Road, bridge street. Traffic control time was drawn at 8 -20 on November 13, 2014. For security reasons, the construction period, it is strictly prohibited to destroy the scene, mobile traffic signs signs and safety protection facilities; no free parking in the construction area should be controlled effectively; the vehicle speed, keep a safe distance between vehicles, in strict accordance with the highway construction site and set the traffic signs, road traffic, obey the traffic police command staff and on-site security maintenance personnel to guide the majority of passengers; please consciously abide by the laws and regulations of expressway.   read more

Carrying out the strategy of strengthening the province by talents and inspiring the innovation and

for the further implementation of talent strategy, give full play to the leading role of talents in science and technology innovation, industrial development, enterprise management, maximize stimulate innovation and creativity of talent, provide a solid talent support and intellectual protection, in August 5th for the construction of the harmonious beauty of Qinghai provincial Party committee, formally issued "on deepening reform of institutional mechanisms for the implementation of talent development opinions of Qinghai province" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). read more

Our province to promote the blue sky clean water action and home beautification action

"like the protection of the eyes to protect the ecological environment, like the treatment of life as the ecological environment, promote the formation of green development and lifestyle……" Even Japan, environmental protection departments of our province and firmly grasp the profound understanding of the major requirements of the general secretary Xi Jinping to promote the protection of the ecological environment ", in accordance with the overall arrangements of the provincial government, pay close attention to the implementation of new measures to promote the" blue sky action "and" home beautification action ", build a strong national ecological security barrier. read more

14 academicians for Qinghai science and technology innovation suggestions

Qinghai science and technology talent, or pay attention to the local cultivation, the use of Saline Lake mineral resources to develop the industrial chain is a good idea"…… September 10th, 14 academicians gathered in Xining, in order to enhance the scientific and technological innovation capacity of Qinghai, Qinghai green development suggestions.