Analysis on the defects of small and medium sized enterprise email marketing

With the growing popularity of

network marketing, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have also joined the network marketing team, but now most of the enterprises are not able to implement the real network marketing, the reason is very simple, can not really understand the purpose of network marketing, but always understand the practices are ineffective, which also led to a lot of small and medium enterprises with the network marketing that an important reason not essential. Not the effect is not good but the implementation of the way too mechanized. read more

12 hours 2016 Tmall double 11 Carnival global transactions amounted to 80 billion 700 million

sina science and technology news on November 11th at noon news, real-time data from the Alibaba, 12:00:002016 Tmall 11 global Carnival transaction volume of 80 billion 700 million, the amount of unlimited transactions accounted for more than 83.62%. Last year, the total turnover of 91 billion 200 million days is getting closer, at present, Ali dual media center on the big screen is still in the rapid rise in the number of figures on the stage of the eleven.


as the main venue for men and women clothing sales charts Top 1, UNIQLO has just released a sold out notice, said the official flagship store eleven activity of merchandise has been sold out, will go on tomorrow morning replenishment and gradually returned to normal business. read more

Amazon Launchpad landed in ndia settled up to 400 applications


] January 18th news billion state power network, the state power grid from the foreign media was informed that Amazon hardware oriented entrepreneurs Launchpad program was officially landed in India last month in the market, and launched two weeks to get up to 400 in the application.

According to Amazon

introduces, at present, Launchpad settled in India commercial cover smart wearable industry, intelligent health management Home Furnishing industry, catering industry, education industry, toy industry, settled more than 25 entrepreneurial enterprises in India. read more

After the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the Un

[Reuters] recently billion state power in the "character" is a continuous defeat, was questioned by selling short, by investigation, the valuation has shrunk…… The family live in controversy from first to last, vertical B2C doom for their endorsement, the future can have much imagination


Liu Huipu, senior vice president of

United States bluntly, in order to get a good development, to a certain extent, to forget the listing of this thing. After IPO, also had a brief confusion, to the rapid expansion and price war. It turned out to be a nightmare, and then we were awake, because these were the things our competitors had done." read more

Tai Chi chain sand music CPM products stop running

respected Webmaster:

advertisers, quicksand music CPM products stop running, we will temporarily quicksand music CPM switches to the six room CPM advertising advertising.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide you with more excellent advertising projects!

read more

China has the world’s largest network of junk domain name

international anti spam organization -Knujon foundation released second spam reports on Wednesday. The report shows that the vast majority (83%) of spam connected domain is focused on the following 10 domain registrar, ranked first in the new network is still the China (XinNet Cyber Information Company Limited), Chinese civilink ranked tenth, specific ranking:

1.XinNet Information Company Limited (China Network)


2 eNom

3 Network Solutions


5 Planet Online

6 Regtime Ltd.

7 OnlineNIC Inc. read more

On the domain name selection strategy

domain name for a web site is very important, because the domain name strategy can better help you to complete the search engine optimization work. In the specific optimization plays a big role and I don’t know, some people think the opposite, this is normal, because everyone has their own set of methods, I would say a few points in the choice of domain I very attention and the actual operation experience after


first, we must first determine the point: stop doing business network marketing is to promote their products and service! Why do we have to do network marketing? Because our enterprises lack of visibility, if the high-profile words don’t need to do this by way of promotion. So we should be the core of the whole station around the company’s flagship product to do, with the name of the enterprise, this method is verified by practice. Strange customers will only be interested in your product at the beginning and not too much attention to your business, and when you are interested in the product and business ideas will be concerned about the integrity of the enterprise and service issues. Optimization of good website customers will easily find your business website through the product information, so as to further understanding and understanding of your business, but not before you know the enterprise again know your product (except old customers), the order of their own thinking seriously under read more

Giant snatch trillion rural electricity supplier, Alibaba, Jingdong, Su Ningyun mall accelerate coun

Abstract: Alibaba, Su Ningyun, Jingdong mall and other electricity providers giant has accelerated its way to the countryside. Ali Institute data show that in 2014 the country’s total online shopping market in rural areas amounted to more than 180 billion yuan, is expected in 2016 will exceed $460 billion.


in the electronic business platform to go to the countryside "whitewashing" for a long time, or will usher in the spring industry.

November 9th, the general office of the State Council issued a "guidance" to promote e-commerce in rural areas to accelerate the development of the views put forward three key tasks, one is to actively cultivate the market main body of rural e-commerce, logistics, trade, encourage electricity providers, finance, marketing, postal, courier and other various social resources to strengthen cooperation. Two is to expand the application of e-commerce in agriculture and rural areas, agricultural production, processing, circulation and other aspects, to strengthen the application and promotion of Internet technology. Three is to improve the development of rural e-commerce environment. read more

Jingdong WeChat entry-level sales 8 times more than the original entrance


technology news June 5th afternoon, the Jingdong will force during the 618 mobile terminal, according to the Jingdong sources, as of June 4th, WeChat shopping level entrance single day turnover, compared to before my bank card under the two level entrance over 8 times. In addition, Jingdong mobile client cumulative number of users increased by 4 times compared to the same period last year.

According to

reports, the Jingdong WeChat level entrance began gray test in May 27th, mobile phone, digital watches, fashion, food, clothing and other merchandise sales in good light luxury. As of June 4th, WeChat "shopping" single entry single day turnover, compared with the previous "my bank card" under the two single day turnover has doubled turnover of 8 times. read more