The electronic commerce brand from the guest star road

on VANCL that something, we all know now, VANCL reputation but this is different from the past, it is from this course is on both sides of the Changjiang River, VANCL to get the results today, we have to learn about how to Eslite this e-commerce network brand take the star route.

first step: put the smoke bomb hanging enough appetite

from the beginning of April this year, have been revealed, VANCL will please star endorsement, and in the staff has been very mysterious, there are several on the network spokeswoman candidate at the time, micro-blog queen Chen Yao also in the list. For male endorsement is the winner of the young writer Han Han. read more

Electricity supplier treasure double 12 pit bit registration starts today

    2015, 11, 18, organized by the organization of the twelve business treasure sellers Carnival officially kicked off, landing start! This event will face 2 million sellers. Here, thank you very much "clearly treasure business street", "Amoy dream" and "crazy Taobao" the depth of cooperation and support, "51 pack", "barley electricity" and "cloud business software" portrait of joining, also thank you very much for this conference has also received numerous network media support and sustained attention: the state power, sent on behalf of the network, the seller journal, A5 webmaster, electric network, interactive, empty sofa etc.. read more

Suning Transformation the integration and restructuring of super dianqihua facelift

the day before yesterday, Suning Appliance Limited by Share Ltd announced officially renamed Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd. Subsequently, yesterday morning, Suning held in Nanjing, 2013 new models, new organizations, new image briefing, the meeting announced a new organizational structure and VI system adjustment. This means that Suning revolutionized, super electrical strategy will be fully implemented this year.

Suning renamed to enable the new VI system

Suning renamed the day before yesterday morning, yesterday announced the organization and the new VI system, yesterday critics of Suning renamed criticism will by four. In January last year, Taobao mall was renamed "Tmall mall" situation is basically no one was visible before the eyes, think of the name "Tmall" into the media ridicule ridicule Tmall’s topic but Taobao mall will eventually emerge in an endless stream, renamed Tmall mall, and media crying is used, today is basically no one in the name of Tmall objection. read more

Look at the nternet from Baidu e-commerce training

recalls e-commerce products in Baidu training day, felt relieved, think of it is the experience of 2013, electronic commerce, education and training that Baidu is also the first time I participated in the Baidu products good products.

here is simple to share training about the content: Baidu intimate four areas (health, education, tourism and games), excavated by Baidu search large data engine three (brand marketing mode of the starting line, ask marketing and enterprise), web promotion and optimization, one-stop mobile e-commerce the effect of monitoring platform and Internet users are very familiar with the mobile search and other 5 content, the overall feeling let me enrich the brain a lot, a lot of attention to understand the Baidu concept and products. read more

Jingdong second tier cities test convenience store O2O sample or a special case

text / Tracy

in the electricity supplier industry are actively layout O2O, there has been nothing of the Jingdong yesterday also announced their O2O pilot: in Shanxi, Tang Long convenience store to do online shopping". In fact, the O2O project is more like a Jingdong to help Tang Long convenience store O2O, the Jingdong want to take is to flow, sales rebate and two or three line market.

said Jingdong to do before the O2O mode, first introduced the Tang Long convenience store. Tang Long is the flagship of the local enterprises in Taiyuan, as a regional retail store has more than and 600 stores, the basic 50-100 meters will be able to see a. They have Tang long storage, local procurement, all temperature distribution system (including -18 of frozen goods and commodities, the temperature 25 degrees) central kitchen system (vegetable processing and distribution), utilities in Taiyuan city has more than 50% in the Tang Long convenience store, and the store itself, users phone order delivery door-to-door service. read more

Shopex’s my shop upgrade unlimited space all free

recently, with the largest number of domestic users of B2C independent online shop platform "I shop" (,  ); a new platform for this setting together a number of developers and operations staff once again to upgrade successfully. From the application point of view, "I shop" removal of the previous auction, wholesale, marketing and other functions, the new increase of exchange points and a series of new features, users want what kind of function, the direct use of points you can. From the service point of view, the removal of the previous help center, the new increase in online video training courses, equivalent to teach the user to open an independent hand shop, greatly reducing the threshold to open an independent shop. From a marketing perspective, the upgrade, added a new marketing service package, will not only allow users to open independent shop, but also to help the user to open the independent shop, the greater significance is to improve the industry environment through continuous upgrading, so that a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, a large number of individuals feel the direct benefits from electronic commerce. In addition, my shop has also with Taobao, pat, Google, and many other Internet industry, the boss reached a strategic partnership for future development into a strong vitality. read more

Strategic analysis of e-commerce development

strategic model:

1, resource expansion

2, the cost of capital

3, staff training

4, marketing means

5, what goods to sell?

6, online customer procurement model

resource expansion

this is the income of goods and services online sales, the main target to offset operating costs, if so, how much revenue the company expects? These strategic issues, will allow the company to assess how much money will go to the business activities. If the company is close to the electricity supplier as a cover is not only the production and dissemination of the development cost of goods and services products as the focus, but hopes to expand its revenue base to support other project costs, then it may want to develop a business platform and the strategy to attract customers. The company may have close to the electricity supplier as a resource expansion activities, the use of business strategies and a complete marketing approach. This will lead to the question of whether this applies to the development of the company and the position of the Charity Company. Will the electricity supplier activities distort the tax exempt status of the development of the company, the company is responsible for the situation in the conflict of law, most of the development companies have faced these problems. read more

Detailed analysis of eight nursery sites in 2009

1, ya ya

Ya net is early website, focus on parent-child industry, is committed to the young parents’ favorite parenting website. The website mainly provides three services: Ya Ya community, and love pregnant baby home network. Due to start early, so accumulated a lot of experience in online and offline activities, a huge amount of users, while working with the major domestic and foreign media have close cooperation, to establish a leading position in the industry. However, the interface and operating mode is too old, the main user base has grown up, no longer belongs to the scope of the child, the site must be transformed or looking for new profit points. read more

Taobao suffered a crisis of credibility crisis rampant proliferation of counterfeit foreign users

has been selling pushed Taobao in the teeth of the storm, not only in the country, the United States Taobao also suffered a fake incident. This week, the American Apparel and Footwear Association, Taobao will be on the court, on the grounds that too many fake Taobao platform, and there are many users complain about Taobao. Taobao suffered a credibility crisis abroad, whether through the audit of foreign related departments, now estimated to be a problem. Taobao fakes in the clothing category is the worst, it is no exaggeration to say that, in addition to those brands flagship store, the vast majority of clothing store goods are fake. Or simply spread the goods. read more

Domain name – 163, 126, 188 of the origin

In 1993, after graduating from college, Ding Lei returned to his hometown of Ningbo, was assigned to the Ningbo telecommunications bureau. Whenever the telecommunications sector is a very enviable work unit, but two years later, Ding Lei in order to pursue the ideal but decided to leave the telecommunications bureau. But this is not a long experience to Ding Lei and NetEase, the development of the company has brought a lot of inspiration, the most classic is the domain name registration story.


, when Ding Lei from the hands of others to buy, the NetEase has launched a free homepage, free domain name, free e-mail, virtual community services, Ding Lei through real efforts to make Chinese Internet easier, " NetEase (NetEase) " is worthy of the name. read more