NPC spokesman Fu Ying the third party shall bear responsibility for food online shopping platform

[Fu Ying: the third party shall bear responsibility for food online shopping platform] how to ensure the safety of the tongue? Fu Ying said, this is the National People’s Congress is very concerned about the problem of "food safety law" amendment last year for the second review, the changes of great intensity, which specifically add new specification for the provision of online shopping, online shopping food problems, the third party platform must take responsibility.

The rural credit cooperatives financial Jingdong to snatch Ali can’t sleep.

text / spa correspondent Feng Wei

"now, every day I can not sleep, this is the thing." Enter the system of rural credit cooperatives in the past ten years, now deputy director of Sanjiang the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region County Rural Credit Cooperatives in Liuzhou City, Liang Subin really felt from the Jingdong Ali and other electricity providers giant challenge.

some time ago, Lin Xiang Mei Sanjiang several large plantations from ants by chanting a loan, these large is Sanjiang County Rural Credit Cooperative Union customers. Liang Subin himself took the door, as a few large computation cost of loans, the calculation results show that, the need to pay interest on loans is 2 times the Sanjiang County Rural Credit Cooperatives, the customers "grab" back. read more

The newspaper and the joint survey of 60% respondents no longer trust Chechan website


days before forced to cancel the order of events, combined with social science Shanghai Univer Shanghai Wen Wei Po Survey Center conducted a telephone survey. Data show that more than 60% of respondents believe that after the launch of promotional activities, but also because of technical reasons and other reasons to cancel the activities of the Department of dishonesty, the future will no longer believe that the site".

if you encounter "website withdrawn for various reasons, promotional activities, and mandatory refund", 49.02% of respondents indicated that they would "require reasonable compensation, compensate for their losses, 34.31% choose to quit, after all, the website in a strong party", and 16.67% of the respondents "ask the site to continue performing, refused to sue". For how to supervise such promotional activities, 34.31% said it should be in the business sector for the record in advance, once the implementation must be fulfilled". read more

Ambition the two profit model of B2C E-commerce

Hello, I am ambitious, what is the most popular on the Internet today?. Taobao store, Taobao mall, now, Taobao can be described as the people get rash and too much in haste. As Ma predicted, e-commerce is divided into three stages. The first stage is C2C (consumer to consumer); the second stage is B2C (i.e., business to consumer); the last stage is B2B (i.e., business to business). So, at what stage of e-commerce? The answer is: the second stage, B2C (business to consumer). November 1, 2010, with the Taobao platform announced the launch of Taobao mall independent domain name, e-commerce officially entered the B2C phase. read more

Dangdang response book discount order online bookstore when free pricing

January 8th, published jointly issued by the Chinese Publishers Association, China Books Industry Association, Chinese Xinhua Bookstore Association "rules" was promulgated in the book even bargain brewing after two years. According to the rules, a new book published within a year will have to be sold at the price of books, and online bookstores or membership sales can enjoy up to no more than 15% off discount.

minimum discount shall not be less than 15% off, which is not operational, we will be introduced after the introduction of the rules and other rules." The famous online bookstore, before the "rules" in the book even bargain on the publishing year book shall be not less than 15% off of the sale "responded. read more

Buy network expansion threatens the traditional electricity supplier eBay Amazon and other Jedi coun

eBay Amazon and other Jedi counterattack

[TechWeb] reported on August 3rd news, according to foreign media reports, along with the increase of – Groupon group purchase website transaction type is no longer confined to the restaurant and salon, eBay, Amazon threat is facing greater.

buy site offers transactions are covering more products, no longer just a discount consumer services, as well as a substantial discount of retail goods. Standard & Poor’s analysts believe that this brings great pressure to eBay, Amazon and so on. read more

Taobao entity shop get together in the office of a wide range of warehousing and distribution

in the Haitian garden, many shop rented villa business, a building used for storage of goods.

couriers riding a motorcycle shuttle in the district.

district residents complained of fire safety risk management department admitted the existence of regulatory gaps in the management of

TechWeb editor: the quiet district, suddenly out of the strange men and women, a lot more shuttle express car, the clothes and shoes of the pile up like a mountain hand; quiet night, often can hear the sound of singing as one falls, another rises QQ…… Who are they?. It seems that overnight, a large number of physical shop coincidentally occupied the major areas, whether it is a villa or villa, have their shadow. read more

Beautiful said Xu Yirong thanks to Taobao blocked appreciation Tencent strength


property as the media and Iqiyi jointly produced the "super talk show" is hit, the guests for the beautiful said CEO Xu Yirong.

founder Xu Yirong said beautiful from 2009 until now, beauty has gone through six years of time, in the view of Xu Yirong "do one thing, the process is difficult, the need for a long time, perhaps 8 to 10 years". Looking back, the beauty is not smooth.

first venture was not known, Xu Yirong appears in "the biggest hit is a psychological blow, when you start before, all people actually feel very cow, if you are a loser you will never go into business." So when zhuaxia failed, Xu Yirong took 1 years to choose the entrepreneurial direction again, and turned his mind. "You have to accept a grass root mentality, do you think you are grass root, what is not, then you can start." For Xu Yirong, the founder of the beautiful said after every day is earned. read more

Cross border electricity supplier how hurdle nternet economy

with the world economic integration process, more and more economies began to merge, especially in the Internet economy, breaking the boundaries of the international economy, followed by the development of cross-border electricity supplier, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the kinds of foreign goods, the purchase of various types through various forms of purchasing, sea Amoy, tourism etc. the foreign goods, which promote the development of the cross-border electricity supplier, more and more electricity providers began to focus on overseas capital operation, through various forms of cooperation and update overseas channels constantly enrich their own share of overseas markets and, in this war, more and more cross-border electricity began to hit the region’s electricity supplier brand and for the fierce market share, will enable the Internet economy towards a more prosperous direction. read more

New online money execution is more important than creativity

"new money online execution is more important than ideas", do not know how many people agree with me that last year, when fly to the "execution" has done this demonstration, aims to illustrate the importance of "executive power" for the new. After a lapse of one year to fly it again to talk about the executive power is another mood and understanding, today, combined with their own experience to discuss with you again, the implementation of the word for the new online money making charm and significance. read more