Suspected Ugandan rebels kill six in DRC

first_imgThe Democratic Republic of Congo military suspects Ugandan rebels to be the killers of six people found dumped in the north-eastern region of the country with stab wounds and bullet holes. The Centre of Study for the Promotion of Peace, Democracy and Human Rights (CEPADHO), a local activist group, said that the bodies were found in the village of Kamakombu, more than 30km northeast of the territorial capital of Beni.CEPADHO said that it suspects the victims were killed by fighters from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an Islamist group founded in Uganda that has operated primarily on the Congolese side of the border for the last two decades and is active in the illicit trade of minerals and timber.Local activists say that more than 500 people have been killed in overnight massacres in the Beni area since last October, mostly in machete attacks.Though the government and the UN mission in DRC have blamed most of the deaths on the ADF, a UN panel of experts said in a report released this week that many of the killings it had investigated did not appear consistent with known ADF attacks.last_img read more

Russia’s trend for dipping children in frozen rivers

first_img Share Share Sharing is caring! FaithLifestyle Russia’s trend for dipping children in frozen rivers by: – March 22, 2011 Sharecenter_img By Katia MoskvitchWhen an amateur video of a screaming, naked boy being plunged by a priest into an ice hole in Siberia appeared on the web, it caused a massive outcry in the Russian media and blogosphere.The boy appears to be no more than five or six years old.At first, he is seen wrapped up in a blanket, already crying, as adults in fur coats carry him towards an ice hole carved in a frozen lake or river.He is then unwrapped and fully immersed three times into the water – obviously against his will – while an Orthodox priest conducts a baptism ceremony.“Where did this happen? Who is the priest? Who are the parents?” wrote one blogger, stating his determination to gather information about the “sadistic” incident and make it public.The ceremony is reported to have taken place not far from a Siberian city of Irkutsk on 19 January, the Russian Orthodox festival of Epiphany, commemorating the baptism of Jesus Christ.Religion was frowned upon during Soviet times, but since the fall of Communism it has made a big comeback.There is now no shortage of people of all ages, eager to fast during Lent, mark the resurrection at Easter with traditional bread, get married in church and christened in holy water.And since Jesus Christ was baptised in January – according to the Russian Orthodox church – many regard stripping down and diving into icy water as a good way to erase their sins.No sneezes Some take their children with them, dipping newborns and older ones alike.Not everyone, though, does it for religious reasons.“My son was eight when I first took him to an ice hole in a river, four years ago,” says Andrei Roletski, a musician living in Saint Petersburg.Now they swim every winter weekend, carving a hole in the ice with axes.But he never forced his son to dive into icy water – Igor actually asked his dad if he could come along.“I myself started ice swimming five years ago, and at the same time I began getting Igor used to cold water by splashing it on his feet in the bath every night. He was fine with it,” says Mr Roletski.“Then, one day, he asked me to pour cold water over him so that he was completely wet, and a few months later, when I said I was going for a dive in January, he said he wanted to come too.”Mr Roletski says Igor enjoyed the experience and “hasn’t even sneezed once for the past two years as his body has become much more resistant to cold viruses and infections”.Huge shockBut Irina Yefremova, a paediatrician from a Moscow Sports Medicine Centre, warns that plunging a child into an ice hole even for a few seconds could lead to all sorts of problems – from the common cold to loss of consciousness. The heart could simply stop beating, she says.Newborns, in particular, she explains, have an underdeveloped thermoregulation system.“Such a great temperature change is a huge shock for the body – one minute the child is dressed, the next he or she is in icy water. It is very stressful for the system, especially for the heart.”Natalya, aged 22, was one of those who plunged into an ice hole cut in shape of a cross on the frozen Moscow River this year.It was a last-minute decision, spurred on by a friend who showed her the Epiphany swimming page on social networking site“I’d never even taken a cold shower before that and I was scared a bit, but everyone was saying that the water is sacred and it will take all your sins away, so I went along,” she says.She jumped into the water feet first, going under with her head, and loved the experience – though with an air temperature of -26C she admits it was painful.“It was like getting your body pricked by a thousand needles at once – and my head was really, really cold,” she says.Creating the past The popular belief that diving three times into an ice hole on Epiphany will erase your sins is not actually endorsed by the Orthodox Church.And christening does not have to be done outside in the cold – or done on Epiphany at all, explains Father Yakov Krotov, an Orthodox priest from Moscow.“Christening, while being beneficial for the soul, does not have to be harmful for the body,” he says.“And although in the ancient times Christening was done in rivers, it does not mean that nowadays Baptising someone in a church by pouring warm water over the head is somehow less beneficial,” he adds.Besides, he says, the practice of plunging into ice holes on Epiphany, is not really a centuries-old ritual. Before the October Revolution of 1917, only a few people would do it – nothing like the numbers that have taken it up since the 1990s.“This is not going back to our traditions – no, this is just an attempt [by the masses] to create some kind of great past,” he says.And regarding the case of a young boy being forcefully christened in an ice hole somewhere in Siberia, Mr Krotov says that he does not approve of those parents – and priests – who disregard the opinion of the child who is old enough to have his or her own stance on Christening.“It does not matter if it happens in an ice hole or in a Church, a priest cannot ever be abusive,” he says.“This is not right.”Source: BBC News 94 Views   no discussions Tweetlast_img read more

WHO: Hepatitis toll ‘in millions’

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! 17 Views   no discussions HealthLifestyle WHO: Hepatitis toll ‘in millions’ by: – July 28, 2011 Sharecenter_img Share Share Hepatitis is diagnosed by blood testsMedical experts are calling for global action to tackle the viruses that cause the liver disease hepatitis.The first worldwide estimates in drug users show 10 million have hepatitis C while 1.3 million have hepatitis B.Writing in the Lancet, experts say only a fraction of those who could benefit are receiving antiviral drugs.Only one in five infants around the world are vaccinated against hepatitis B at birth, they say.The figures, published in the Lancet, show about 67% of injecting drug users in the world have been exposed to hepatitis C, while around 10% have come into contact with hepatitis B.In the UK, around half of injecting drug users have been infected with the hepatitis C virus, while the rate for exposure to hepatitis B is 9% – the highest in western Europe.The research was led by Prof Louisa Degenhardt of the Centre for Population Health, Burnet Institute, Melbourne, Australia, and Paul Nelson from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales.They say: “The public-health response to blood-borne virus transmission in injecting drug users has mainly centred on HIV.“Maintenance and strengthening of the response to HIV in injecting drug users remains crucial, but the significance of viral hepatitis needs to receive greater attention than it does at present.”Commenting on the study in the Lancet, Dr Joseph Amon, of Human Rights Watch, New York City, US, said: “This study provides us with a first step and powerful data to draw attention to the problem of viral hepatitis in people who use drugs.“The next step is to challenge governments to act, and hold them accountable for implementation of rights-respecting and evidence-based programmes.”Health risksHepatitis is caused by five main viruses – A, B and C, and, more rarely D and E.Hepatitis B is the most common, and can be passed from mother to baby at birth or in early childhood as well as through contaminated injections or injected drug use.Hepatitis C is also spread through using unsterile needles and less commonly through unsafe sex or sharing razors or toothbrushes.The E virus, caught from infected water or food, is a common cause of outbreaks of the disease in developing countries, said the World Health Organization.Many of those carrying hepatitis are not aware they have it and can unknowingly transmit it to others.BBC Newslast_img read more

6 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

first_imgHealthLifestyle 6 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore by: – December 5, 2011 One of Men’s Health’s top experts, T.E. Holt, M.D., a physician in North Carolina, tells this story about one of his patients:A man came in, dragged by his daughter because, she explained, he had been steadily losing weight and was covered in big lumps. The lumps had been growing for 2 years, maybe more, she said.I had no doubt, from the moment I saw him, that this man was dying. He had lumps as big as my fist on his forehead and his back, and as I came closer and moved around him, more came into view. When I pressed deeply into his belly, I felt a solid rock where there should have been yielding space.It was metastatic sarcoma, a rare cancer of the connective tissue. Four months later, the man was dead.When it comes to their health, says Dr. Holt, guys are notorious for doing too little, too late. As men, we’re told to play through the pain, tough it out, shake it off, and suck it up. There are a dozen other variations of the same message, and they’re all code for: Ignore your symptoms.And why not? What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?Here’s the problem: Things kill us all the time. Even when we’re young. In fact, guys between the ages of 20 and 40 are twice as likely to die as women, says Dr. Holt. Most of us, I’d hope, would call a doctor if we were struck by blinding head pain, suddenly couldn’t feel one side of our body, or, frankly, noticed fist-size bumps emerging from our foreheads. But some symptoms aren’t so obviously dire. We asked writer Allen St. John to put together a list of surprising symptoms you should never ignore. Why? Because your life may literally be hanging in the balance. Call your doctor immediately if you feel . . .1. SEVERE BACK PAINWhat it feels like: Similar to the kind of agony you’d expect if you’d tried to bench press an armoire. The usual remedies—heat, rest, OTC painkillers—offer no relief.What it could be: “If it’s not related to exercise, sudden severe back pain can be the sign of an aneurysm,” says Sigfried Kra, M.D., an associate professor at the Yale school of medicine. Particularly troubling is an abdominal aneurysm, a dangerous weakening of the aorta just above the kidneys. If it bursts, you’ll die within minutes.A less threatening possibility: You have a kidney stone, in which case you’ll only wish you were dead.How to fix it: Aneurysms can be treated with blood-pressure medication or surgery to implant a synthetic graft.NO FLU FOR YOU! Tis the season for coughing, aching, stuffy heads, and fevers. But not for you! Here are easy ways to prevent or treat the cold and flu this winter.2. SUDDEN GROIN PAINWhat it feels like: It’s as if you were kicked below the belt, but the pain is not quite as intense. Sometimes, it’s accompanied by swelling.What it could be: It’s probably testicular torsion. Normally, a man’s testicles are attached to his body in two ways: by the spermatic cords, which run into the abdomen, and by fleshy anchors near the scrotum.But sometimes, in a relatively common congenital defect, these anchors are missing. This allows one of the spermatic cords to get twisted, which cuts off the flow of blood to the testicle. “If you catch it in 4 to 6 hours, you can usually save the testicle,” says Jon Pryor, M.D., a urologist with the University of Minnesota. “But after 12 to 24 hours, you’ll probably lose it.”Another possible cause: an infection of the epididymis, your sperm-storage facility.How to fix it: A surgeon will straighten the cord, and then construct artificial anchors with a few stitches near the scrotum. If it’s just an infection, antibiotics will take care of it quickly.3. SHARP PAIN IN THE ABDOMENWhat it feels like: All the metaphors apply—knife in the gut, bullet in the belly, skewer in the stomach—except this attack is from within.What it could be: Since the area between your ribs and your hips is jam-packed with organs, the pain can be a symptom of either appendicitis, pancreatitis, or an inflamed gallbladder. In all three cases, the cause is the same: Something has blocked up the organ in question, resulting in a potentially fatal infection. How to fix it: If the pain is in your lower-right abdomen and your white-blood-cell count is up, says Dr. Kra, it’s probably appendicitis (out comes the appendix).Pain in your upper abdomen with high white blood cells usually means an inflamed gallbladder (goodbye, gallbladder).And if it hurts below your breastbone and certain enzymes in the blood are elevated, then pancreatitis is probably the culprit. (The pancreas stays, but a gallstone may be blocking things up. If so, the stone and the gallbladder may have to come out.)4. TRANSIENT CHEST PAINWhat it feels like: A heavy ache that comes on suddenly and then goes away just as quickly. Otherwise, you feel fine.What it could be: Maybe indigestion. Or it could be a heart attack. “Even if it’s very short in duration, it can be a sign of something serious,” says John Stamatos, M.D., medical director of North Shore Pain Services in Long Island and author of Painbuster. Here’s how serious: A blood clot may have lodged in a narrowed section of a coronary artery, completely cutting off the flow of blood to one section of your heart.How much wait-and-see time do you have? Really, none. Fifty percent of deaths from heart attacks occur within 3 to 4 hours of the first symptoms. You’re literally living on borrowed time.How to fix it: A blood test checks for markers of damaged heart tissue. Treatment: angioplasty or bypass. Then try any or all of our 100 Ways to Protect Your Heart5. LEG PAIN WITH SWELLINGWhat it feels like: Specifically, one of your calves is killing you. It’s swollen and tender to the touch, and may even feel warm, as if it’s being slow-roasted from the inside out.What it could be: Deep-vein thrombosis, or DVT, which occurs when blood pools in your lower legs and forms a clot. Next thing you know, that clot is big enough to block a vein in your calf, producing pain and swelling.Unfortunately, the first thing you’ll probably want to do—rub your leg—is also the worst thing. “It can send a big clot running up to your lung, where it can kill you,” warns Dr. Stamatos.How to fix it: Doctors will try to dissolve the clot with drugs, or outfit vulnerable veins with filters to stop a clot before it stops you.6. PAINFUL URINATIONWhat it feels like: Relieving yourself has become an exercise in expletives, and your urine has a rusty tint.What it could be: Worst case? Bladder cancer, according to Joseph A. Smith, M.D., chairman of the department of urologic surgery at Vanderbilt University. The pain and the blood in your urine are symptoms of this, the fourth most common cancer in men. Smoking is the biggest risk factor. Catch the disease early, and there’s a 90 percent chance of fixing it. Bladder infections share the same symptoms.How to fix it: Doctors diagnose this by process of elimination. Urinalysis first, to rule out bugs, followed by inserting a scope to look inside the bladder. If you have a tumor, it’ll be treated with surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.By Bill Phillips and the Editors of Men’s HealthYAHOO News Share Tweet Sharing is caring!center_img 23 Views   no discussions Share Sharelast_img read more

Rabbi admits filming women at baths

first_imgFaithInternationalLifestylePrint Rabbi admits filming women at baths by: BBC News – February 20, 2015 178 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Tweet Share Rabbi Barry Freundel used a secret camera in the women’s changing roomsA prominent US rabbi has pleaded guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism after secretly filming women in his congregation’s ritual baths.Barry Freundel, 63, may have recorded as many as 150 women in the changing area at his orthodox synagogue in Washington DC.The women were disrobing for the ritual Jewish bath, known as a mikvah.He has confessed to recording at least 52 nude or partially nude women. Prosecutors say he should be jailed.They say the actual number of women filmed is likely to have been much higher.Before his arrest in October 2014, Barry Freundel was a rabbi at the Kesher Israel synagogue in the Georgetown area of the US capital for more than 25 years.Freundel – seen here at Kesher Israel Congregation in Georgetown in August 2000 – was a rabbi at the Kesher Israel synagogue in Washington for more than 25 yearsHe was arrested after a person associated with the synagogue’s baths, the National Capital Mikvah, discovered the hidden camera.The rabbi has now been fired from the synagogue, which occupies a prime spot in a wealthy area of Washington and has numbered Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and ex-Senator Joe Lieberman among its congregants.Court documents revealed that Freundel set up a recording device hidden within a digital clock radio in the changing and showering area.He was initially charged with six counts of voyeurism, but a search of his home uncovered additional material on other media storage devices.Prosecutors determined that more women had been taped and increased the charges.Each misdemeanour charge is punishable by up to a year in jail, and prosecutors said they would seek a prison sentence.“We will be seeking a prison sentence that reflects the gravity of this disturbing assault on the privacy and dignity of so many victims,” US Attorney Ronald Machen said.A closed-door meeting for victims was last week told that Freundel had taped more than 150 women, though a statute of limitations prevented them from charging him with many of the tapings.last_img read more

Secret Bay Named Travel + Leisure’s #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas

first_img Share Share 168 Views   no discussions BusinessEntertainmentInternationalLifestyleLocalNewsRegional Secret Bay Named Travel + Leisure’s #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas by: – July 9, 2020 Sharing is caring!center_img The Six-Star All-Villa Resort Set to Reopen Late Summer Also Ranks #6 in the World on Travel + Leisure ‘World’s Best Awards’ Readers’ Survey Portsmouth, Dominica ​– ​Secret Bay​, Dominica’s exclusive six-star, all villa rainforest resort experience and a member of Relais & Châteaux, the most prestigious association of luxury hotels and restaurants in the world,​ is pleased to announce it has earned the ​#1 spot for resort hotels in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas​ in this year’s ​Travel & Leisure’s ‘World’s Best Awards.’ ​The ​resort also ranked ​#6 in the top 100 resorts in the world​.​ ​Known for its remote locale, private accommodations with plunge pools, hyper-personalised service, nature-to-table dining and no menu concept, chef-driven epicurean culinary experience, and wellness offerings, Secret Bay has won the hearts of guests seeking an under-the-radar luxury hideaway.“We are honoured and humbled to be recognised by ​Travel + Leisure​ and its readers as the#6 hotel in the world and #1 resort in the Caribbean,” said Gregor Nassief, proprietor of Secret Bay. “This award is even more special given we’re in a time when the entire travel industry is facing its most disruptive moment in modern history. This acknowledgement is a reminder that travel inspires and uplifts us, and is a testament to our service and team who go to great lengths to meet our guests’ every desire.”Tucked away on the unspoilt “Nature Island” — one of the Caribbean’s most sparsely populated, environmentally conscious and culturally rich countries — Secret Bay ​has been praised for its ability to effortlessly capture the luxury of time and space along with its artful fusion of high design, local craftsmanship, commitment to sustainable development through numerous green and eco-friendly initiatives and its reputation for authentic guest experiences custom-curated to personal preference. Part of Secret Bay’s elevated experience is delivered in the form of its culinary offerings: at the innovative Zing Zing restaurant, Executive Chef Grant Lynott operates a “no-menu” concept that’s part food-lab and part restaurant, challenging the traditional fine dining restaurant rules, and focuses on a hyper-local and intimate experience that simply cannot be replicated. Similarly, the Gommier Spa, a three-walled, treetop retreat designed especially for couples, focuses on local and sustainably-sourced products for treatments. Other amenities include dedicated villa hosts, on-call concierge, chefs and guides, and two secluded beaches.Secret Bay recently introduced its ​StayWell Program​ ​—​ a series of wellness, health and safety protocols that go ​beyond WHO, PAHO, CDC and local health authorities’ mandates and guidelines in order to keep guests and staff safe and healthy.“Despite these uncertain and unprecedented times we have a lot to celebrate; in addition to this award, we earned a Green Globe Certificate and joined Relais & Châteaux at the end of last year, and we’re expanding with the addition of four new villas this November,” said Dinesh Kissoon, Secret Bay’s general manager.Later this year, Secret Bay will unveil four new Ti-Fèy Villas for stays beginning November 2020. Each of the four two-story, residential-style hillside villas features a private pool, an outdoor rain shower cantilevered off the second floor,​ ​floor-to-ceiling glass walls and an abundance of space for guests to enjoy an intimate tropical island escape. The addition of these new architecturally stunning villas increases ​the resort’s inventory to 10.Earlier this year, the resort launched sales for The Residences at Secret Bay, a​ limited collection of architectural villas secluded within the gated confines of the Caribbean resort for which they are named. The new Residences present a rare opportunity for individuals to enjoy a sustainable luxury vacation home, along with the incomparable six-star service of the resort and off-the-beaten-path experiences on the “Nature Island.”Secret Bay recently joined ​Relais & Châteaux, the most prestigious association of luxury​  hotels and restaurants in the world, becoming the first and only property in Dominica and just one of seven properties in the Caribbean to be affiliated with the elite brand.Announced annually, Travel & Leisure’s​  ​ ‘World’s Best Awards’ are granted to the best​    islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports and more, as chosen by the public. In the hotels category, readers score their experiences based upon facilities, location, service, food and overall value.In addition to this recognition, Secret Bay has received numerous ​accolades​, including:TripAdvisor​’s 2019 Travellers’ Choice Awards for the Top 25 “​Best Small Hotels – Caribbean​,” ​Conde Nast Traveler​’s 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards for the “Best Resorts i​         n the Caribbean​,” ​Fodor’s ​2019 list of “​100 Most Incredible Hotels in the World,” and​ ​Green Globe’s Certification​, 2019.Nightly rates at Secret Bay start at $822 USD. The resort is offering five-, 10- or 14-day escapes inclusive of complimentary night(s), meals and experiences. The packages are bookable now for stays between August 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021. The hotel’s “Book with Confidence” policy allows for penalty-free changes up to seven days prior to arrival through April 9, 2021 and ​the option to ​re-book within 12 months​ with the full reservation deposit applied to a new reservation​. Exclusions apply.  For reservations and additional information, please email ​​.  Secret Bay is loca​ted at Tibay, Portsmouth,​ ​Dominica and can be reached at (+1) 767.445.4444 or ​ or online at ​​​. Share Tweetlast_img read more

DESPITE MISSTEPS: People’s Partnership government confident of the future

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share 26 Views   no discussions Tweetcenter_img NewsRegional DESPITE MISSTEPS: People’s Partnership government confident of the future by: – May 24, 2011 Share by Peter RichardsPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, CMC – One year after it convincingly won the general election, the People’s Partnership government is beginning its second year in office on Tuesday amid allegations of corruption, a less than peaceful industrial climate and fears of a lack of dynamism in the Trinidad and Tobago economy.But Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, who has seen her ratings fall by 14 per cent since coming to office last year, has defended the first 12 months of the five-party coalition insisting “we have been able to change the tone of the national political and civic discourse from one that was combative and adversarial to one of conciliatory and understanding.“We have done this by changing the paradigm of governance from one that speaks first and listens after, to one that consults with all citizens and stakeholders”.Political scientist Professor Selwyn Ryan admits it will be difficult to judge the performance of the government “given the mercurial and dynamic nature of our political process” saying that over the past 12 months there has been a big picture and a set of small ones.“In both cases, what was said about the proverbial curate’s egg applies. It is good in parts. The bigger picture, however, has fewer blemishes,” he said.Among the blemishes, which the coalition has labelled “missteps”, include the controversial appointment and then removal of Reshmi Ramnarine, a 30 -year-old communications technician to the top post at the Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) that government ministers defended until media reports showed that she had falsified her qualifications.“The Prime Minister, appearing testy in the face of media queries urged the country to ‘move on”, reported the Trinidad Express, which first broke the story.“The Partnership clearly made a patent mess of deconstructing and reconstructing the intelligence systems,” Ryan said.An opinion poll published on Sunday, said that the Ramnarine “scandal” is the “incident most likely to be cited as the lowest point of the Prime Minister’s one-year career”.In addition, the government has been pushed on the back foot in dealing with a TT$40 million (US$6.6 million) state company contract linking a personal friend of the Prime Minister at whose family home she stayed before and after the May 24, 2010 general election.The government has used the dismissal of Planning, Economic and Social Development Minister, Mary King, to indicate that it is not soft on the issue of corruption, even as the embattled former minister has gone to the Integrity Commission in a bid to clear her name.“It is a very sad day for us and it has to be done,” Prime Minister Persad Bissessar acknowledged after meeting with President George Maxwell Richards on the King issue.King was sent packing after the local media reported that questions had been raised as to whether she had breached the law when she failed to disclose her pecuniary and family interest in a software engineering company, Ixanos Ltd, which won a Government website development contract from her ministry last November.The former minister is the corporate secretary on record and a joint shareholder with her husband Dr St Clair King of Ixanos.The Sunday Express newspaper said that investigations into the award of the near TT$100,000 (US$16, 600) website development contract “found the minister failed to disclose her interest in the family-owned business, was present at the opening of the bids and was involved in the selection process of the four-member evaluation team which picked Ixanos”But King, an executive member of the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), has consistently denied all breaches insisting that the contract “awarded to her family company was open and transparent and did not “at all” represent a conflict of interest.Moreover, she said, the Prime Minister was aware of the situation and that the necessary documents had been passed on to her. But in an immediate response to the newspaper article, the Prime Minister said that she only became aware of the situation “after the process had been completed”.A 12-page advertorial of “the major achievements of the People’s Partnership administration” makes reference to a number of “positives”, including stronger anti-crime legislation, “promoting good governance, openness and transparency, sound economic management” as well as positioning the country to take advantage of the global economic environment.But newspaper columnist and former president of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago (LATT), Martin Daly, wrote that “what the Partnership touts is not likely to overcome my disappointment that its method of governance is as flawed as that of the (former prime minister Patrick) Manning PNM (People’s National Movement ) which preceded it.“My disappointment doubles every time the Government is caught uncomfortably and unaccountably close to the cookie jar, or as I have dubbed it, the national cash register, and its spokesmen respond by saying the other side did it too,” Daly wrote in his Sunday newspaper column.Makandal Daaga, the leader of the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC), which is a member of the five-member coalition, said he was concerned over the level of corruption in the country.Speaking at the founding congress of the Movement of Social Justice (MSJ), another coalition partner, earlier this month, Dagga called on the government to jail those involved in corrupt activities.“In my whole 40, or 50, or 60 years, I have never heard so much corruption in my land as I have heard in this country over the last few days. I can’t understand why we cannot open our jail doors and pack them in. “People are stealing money as if they have invented it; as if it is their right to thief. I tell my party over and over again what we are experiencing today here, is because of our failure to act when we should have acted to prevent this country from becoming the state it is today,” he said.Daaga, who is the Cultural Ambassador to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), later said his statement had been taken out of context.But Ryan argues that the government “may have also believed that governance was easy and that they had the skills and competence to govern. They are now discovering that good governance requires hard work, and that though a small and semi-modern state, Trinidad was not easy to govern”.The government’s insistence that it is not able to pay public servants more than five per cent wage increase has done little to ease the industrial climate here even though it has been able to sign an agreement with the powerful Public Service Association (PSA).But other trade unions, including the powerful Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) and the umbrella National Trade Union Center (NATUC), have already signalled their intention to fight for more than the five per cent increase and the next few months will put further strains on the local economy as the unions take to the streets in support of their demands.In February, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said economic activity in the oil-rich country “remains weak” and that the near-term outlook is “affected by uncertainty”.The IMF said notwithstanding the improving global conditions and the rebound in commodity prices, the twin-island republic has been hit hard by the global financial crisis.However, the Washington-based financial institution has commended the authorities for the “continued prudent macroeconomic policies that helped mitigate the impact of external shocks.”“They recognised that the immediate challenge is to restore confidence by providing a supportive policy mix and addressing remaining weaknesses in the financial system,” the IMF said.Prime Minister Persad Bissessar said that despite the economic turmoil in Europe and other parts of the world, her administration had been able to “stabilize our economy and position it for sustainable growth through an emphasis on reduction in wasteful spending and fiscal prudence.“The government has also engaged the local private sector and has placed this important group at the centre of economic development. These policies have begun to have effect and we have started to see a reduction in the rate of inflation, a return to economic growth and increasing investor confidence,” she said.The main opposition PNM has announced plans to stage its own “first anniversary” of the government’s performance in power with a public rally on Tuesday.In fact, the PNM is promising the People’s Partnership it will be “a long hot summer”.last_img read more

How Man Utd messed up £2m deal for Bayern Munich star

first_img Manchester United could have signed Alphonso Davies for £2million in 2017 but missed their chance after delaying the transfer. Davies has gone on to become one of the most exciting prospects in European football for Bayern Munich, reflected in the 19-year-old’s performance at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night. Chelsea were unable to cope with Davies pace down the left flank in a 3-0 home loss, with Davies setting up Robert Lewandowski for the third goal.Advertisement Loading… The Canadian now looks the long-term successor to David Alaba at left-back but United could have been enjoying the fruits of Davies’ labour had they been more proactive a few years ago. The club’s North America scouts identified Davies when he made his debut in Major League Soccer (MLS) for Vancouver Whitecaps, according to The Times. Read Also:Beckham: Solskjaer is doing a good job with Man Utd Davies was just 15 years old at the time and was valued at around £2m by the Canadian outfit. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted Content5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksWhich Country Is The Most Romantic In The World?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made6 Extreme Facts About Hurricanes7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The UniverseWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneTop 10 Historical Mysteries That Still Haven’t Been Solved8 Ways Drones Will Automate Our FutureThe Models Of Paintings Whom The Artists Were Madly In Love With10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoContemplate Life At These 10 Stargazing Locations Manchester United had the opportunity to sign Alphonso Davies from Vancouver Whitecaps in 2017 before Bayern Munich pipped them to the post.last_img read more

Bidding open to host World Table Tennis events from 2021!

first_img Loading… These events ensure that all athletes are guaranteed a consistent platform of world-class competition, with opportunities to develop their game and rise up the world rankings. Given the high number of participants at Contender events, they will take place in purpose-built sports venues and stadiums, allowing for a dynamic fan experience and strong broadcast product once more. High numbers of host country entries will also ensure that host countries can maximise the number of places on offer to their national players, giving them invaluable top-level experience and development opportunities. Experience and expertise WTT will be welcoming on board Stephen Duckitt as WTT Event Strategy Director. Duckitt boasts more than 15 years of corporate global sports industry experience, including management and marketing of top international tennis events on the ATP World Tour and WTA International Series. Duckitt will work alongside ITTF Competition Director, Vicky Eleftheriade, to take WTT events to the next level, ensuring the best possible experience for players and simply irresistible entertainment for fans. Tender timeline March 2020 – WTT releases promotional details to the market. Parties that register their interest will receive more information. 10th April 2020 – Deadline for potential hosts to submit their expression of interest. April 2020 – WTT releases Event Manuals and Final Bid Form to those who have registered an expression of interest. Read Also:ITTF-Africa Cup: Quadri, Edem Lose To Egyptian opponents In Final May 2020 – Potential hosts submit Final Bids. June 2020 – WTT evaluates Final Bids. June 2020 – WTT confirms hosts for 2021 events. June 2020 – WTT coordinates with potential hosts to conduct site inspections. July 2020 – WTT confirms commercial package. * Timeline subject to change. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Future of global table tennis is fast approaching with World Table Tennis (WTT) arriving in 2021. With a new, exciting event structure in place, now is your chance to grasp the opportunity of hosting one of the first-ever WTT events and put on a show that will catch the eye and live long in the memory! Aruna Quadri Benefits of being a WTT host city WTT events are much more than a table tennis tournament. They are events that will entertain and captivate your city. Hosting WTT events brings extensive benefits to a host city, region and country. From tangible financial and economic impacts, through increased hotel bed nights and associated spending, to destination marketing and increased levels of community engagement and social pride through volunteering, participating and spectating. WTT is looking for national associations, host countries, cities and private entities to bid for these events aligned to their national priorities and event strategies. WTT is determined to build a strong network of partnerships across the globe to deliver an exciting future for table tennis. An inclusive sport, table tennis does not require intensive infrastructure or equipment and is accessible to all. With entry places for host nations, staging these events will give countries and governing bodies access to elite competitions and ensure that home-grown talent will be able to participate in these highly competitive events. Putting your city in the spotlight WTT event hosts will enjoy the benefit of connecting into WTT’s world-class promotion team and global network of fans. WTT events will not just be promoted in the traditional way through print and digital advertising, but also through a myriad of modern promotional methods to obtain 360-degree boosting of your city through: New events. New opportunities! WTT has analysed the global entertainment market and liaised with all stakeholders to develop this modern event structure fit for professional table tennis players, fans, broadcasters, sponsors and, not least, the host cities and countries.Grand Smashes The Grand Smashes are the new pinnacle of professional table tennis. Think Wimbledon for tennis or the Masters for golf. The world’s best players competing for the biggest prizes and highest ever prize money in the sport. Held four times per year, these are the events that all players want to win and all cities want to host. WTT is looking for four different host cities to stage the prestigious, annual Grand Smashes, each event lasting 10 days. The desire is to have brand new, purpose-built venues to provide a long-term home for these marquee events so that every year the city is taken over by a table tennis festival to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in the sport. WTT Cup Finals & WTT Champions Series Events purpose-built to entertain. With the whole tournament played exclusively on one table, WTT is looking for hosts to use their imagination and take the sport to unusual and inspirational locations. These could be in iconic buildings, such as New York Grand Central Station or the Giza Pyramids, theatres, nightclubs or facilities to show off a city or country at its best, ideal for destination marketing and perfect for broadcast opportunities. The events will not only host world-class table tennis matches, but also music, dance or relevant cultural content to ensure that the events are delivered as a complete entertainment package and brand new experience for table tennis and sports fans. The enhanced broadcast and commercial income streams will benefit both WTT and the hosts. 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‘Pushers’ busted in Nueva Valencia

first_imgAntidrug operatives seize these sachets of suspected shabu in an entrapment operation in Barangay Lucmayan, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras on Oct. 6. PDEA REGION 6 They were caught after they soldsuspected shabu to an undercover officer around 10 p.m. on Oct. 6, a policereport showed. Police identified them as Armando Go,Loubert Santaromana and Sarah Del Rosario, allresidents f the village. ILOILO City – Three suspected drug pusherswere nabbed in an entrapment operation in Barangay Lucmayan, Nueva Valencia,Guimaras. The suspects were detained in thecustodial facility of the Nueva Valencia municipal police station, facingcharges for violation of Republic Act 9165, or the Comprehensive DangerousDrugs Act of 2002./PNlast_img read more