Province, City Hall react to budget announcements on infrastructure

first_imgMeantime, Mayor Ackerman says the City doesn’t have any specific project construction plan which right at the moment jumps out as a beneficiary of the change, but she did focus on widening 100 Street as a possibility.Back to Fassbender for a moment, he’s also among those voicing concern about the rising federal deficit, which is now pegged at $30-billion.He says while BC remains committed to budget surpluses, the Trudeau government is willing to go into the red, which we note is something the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is calling a reckless dive into unnecessary deficits and increased public debt. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The Province’s Community and Sport Minister Peter Fassbender says the first federal budget from the new Liberal government is ‘a step forward,’ in the cost-sharing arrangement featuring the three levels of government for communities across the country with infrastructure project construction plans.It promises to pay up to 50 per cent for large infrastructure projects, a hike from the one-third cost sharing split set by the former Conservative government.However, the devil could be in the details, and they could vary from province to province.- Advertisement -Fassender has indicated here in B.C. it is likely to be a small benefit.He notes the B.C. government will not budge on its pledge to pay its one-third share, meaning while their share has been reduced, municipalities will still be on the hook for 17 per cent of overall costs.The Minister also says the requirement for a referendum on any new funding initiative also stands.Advertisementlast_img

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