Dashlane wants to automate passwords in 2018

first_imgDashlane wants to automate passwords in 2018 by Martin Brinkmann on January 06, 2018 in Internet – Last Update: May 22, 2018 – 7 commentsPasswords are everywhere. You use them to sign in to operating systems and devices, web services, email accounts, computer games, audio and video chat services, or websites that you have user accounts at.If you are tech savvy, you know that it is important to use unique secure passwords for accounts. This is best done with the help of a password manager unless you only use a single account on the Internet.Password managers of today assist users in multiple ways. They store passwords, come with sure password generation options, and allow you to sync between devices often for that extra bit of comfort.What most don’t do is make the managing of passwords easier. Dashlane, makers of the popular Dashlane password manager, wants to change that.Tip: Check out our review of Dashlane 5 here.The company announced Project Mirror the other day. Project Mirror is Dashlane’s attempt at giving “you back control of your digital identity” so that the “logins and all other digital identification data are safe,” “accessed only by you” and “entirely automated.”While you could say that most password managers ensure the first two goals, it is different when it comes to the third. Sure, LastPass, Dashlane and some other password managers support the automatic changing of passwords for select services, but only for a limited number of supported sites. Dashlane introduced inbox scan in 2015 to improve automation further.Project Mirror is an evolution of earlier automation technologies according to Dashlane. The company wants to release a feature it calls Critical Account Protection as the first step towards that ambitious goal.What does it do?In a single click, this feature will import and secure your most important passwords in Dashlane, identifying any high-risk accounts and automatically resetting and securing those credentials.From your iPhone or Android device, you will be able to effortlessly identify, secure, and store your entire portfolio of passwords.The feature imports and identifies important passwords from email accounts you connect to the service. It runs a risk analysis of all accounts then and highlights accounts that have a high-risk assessment.The most interesting bit of the process is that users will be able to use Dashlane to automatically reset and secure the credentials (by updating them from within the application with minimal effort on the user’s side).In seconds, Critical Account Protection will allow you to link your email accounts, scan and view a detailed Critical Account report, and lock down any accounts you want completely protected.Dashlane published a video that demonstrates the functionality.Closing WordsThe information is scarce at this point in time. It seems however that Dashlane will use information about data breaches and hacks in the account analysis. This closes the information gap somewhat that exists and assists users who don’t follow IT news in securing their accounts after breaches.It is unclear right now if Dashlane will support only select accounts with the automation functionality — resetting and setting new passwords — or if automation covers the bulk of services out there.Now You: What’s your take on Dashlane’s initiative?SummaryArticle NameDashlane wants to automate passwords in 2018DescriptionDashlane announced Project Mirror recently; Project Mirror is Dashlane’s attempt at giving “you back control of your digital identity” so that the “logins and all other digital identification data are safe,” “accessed only by you” and “entirely automated.”Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img

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