Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Coating Versus Clear Bra Video

first_imgSource: Electric Vehicle News OCDetailing Tricks Out Three Tesla Model 3s – Videos So many choices these days…Which one is right for you? Or, rather, which should you apply to your car?More Obsessive Detailing Tesla Model 3 Gets Paint Correction, Wrap, Tints & More – Video There’s nothing unique on the paint side when it comes to the Tesla Model 3, so this would apply to any car then. However, Tesla enthusiasts seem particularly interested in protection. Paint protection, that is.So, what does one of the top detailers think about the ceramic coating versus clear paint film argument?Watch the short clip and you’ll soon find out. Hint…a bit of both makes for the best all-around protection for your Tesla, or any other car really.Video description:Tesla Model 3 – Ceramic Coatings vs. Clear BraOCDetail is what the name would suggest! Obsessive and compulsive about details. We strive for the best result and push to always exceed expectations on any service. We always do our best to make sure we are on top of the best practices and most current tech to meet our customers needs.Services:Paint CorrectionPaint ProtectionClear-Bra GuardWindow Polishing & CoatingOpti-Coat ProCQuartz Finest ReserveCQuartz Interior DetailXPEL Ultimate Paint Protection FilmSuntek Ultra PPF Clear Bra See A Blue Tesla Model 3 From Every Angle Imaginable – Video Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on February 21, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle Newslast_img

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